When recruiting new staff, CEOs don’t blindly rely on a resume alone. College credentials, previous positions, and past achievements don’t always translate to real skill. Andrew Miller, a veteran technology-industry CEO, gave us insight on what he seeks when selecting new hires.

What Should CEOs Look for in New Hires? - Advice from Business Leader Andrew Miller


It is crucial that prospective employees, regardless of the circumstances and available resources, have the skill to make the most of the company’s assets. It is just the beginning of a successful company to have resourceful workers who can tackle big issues with little assistance.


Enthusiasm and Passion

Finding these traits in candidates should be easy to spot during the hiring process. Enthusiastic and passionate individuals find ease when speaking about what truly matters to them and drives them to be the best employee they can be. It is important to seek these attributes, as employees that are truly passionate about their work tend to stay longer at a business and work harder at fulfilling their aspirations rather than choosing a new hire that will simply clock in and out for the sake of a paycheck.


The comfort that they always have all the answers is a dilemma that comes to light as an employee adapts and settles into their new job title. An employee who includes the opinions and experiences of the whole team helps the organization to thrive with a range of ideas and problem-solving strategies.


As a CEO, you don’t want your employees waiting to be told what to do. To have employees that jump right in when they see a way to assist is a motivating factor for not only that individual but also your business.


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Long-Term Potential

Considering the investment in educating new hires, turnover can be costly. In an interviewee’s resume, CEOs should look for qualities of loyalty and durability. Miller suggests allowing potential new employees to boast about their past achievements and ask for information about how different career goals have been accomplished. It is important to look for ambitious applicants willing to push the limits and who also possess personal motivation toward future successes.