Whatsapp Tricks & Secrets of 2015 which reveals all new hidden tricks of whatsapp messenger app which can easily blow up your mind after reading this awesome article of whitedust blog. So basically lets talk about whatsapp first for those who still un-kown with this grand mobile messaging app.So Whatsapp is the top famous and most commonly used instant messaging app on mobile phones. Today it has become an addiction to all most all the youth and adults more than they are addicted to any drug. We all know the very use of this social networking site. Whatsapp provides users many good features to have a safe,reliable and experience of real messaging. Bearing this in mind, following are the few tricks and tips to get more fun out of whatsapp.

WhatsApp tricks and secrets 2015

Whatsapp Spy Tool: Its a third party tool which can help you to  spy someones whatsapp account very easily within a seconds ,not only it will help you to spy someones whatsapp account but also it will help you to track you victim’s gps,facebook Id ,hike,wechat ,call records and etc. Its a very use-full software and totally genuine software which really help parents to spy their kids & relatives from their own mobiles. Whatspp spy tool is very easy to use and very easy to install also within few minutes. As we all know with some advantages of something there are some disadvantages too which move us to think little further. For this whatsapp spy tool there is also two disadvantage(cons) with these awesome advantages.The disadvantage of this tool is that its not a free software ,actually you need to purchase it which will cost you around 9$ or 560rs from the original website of the software.The other disadvantage of this spy tool is that if you want to spy someone then you need to install a key software on your victim’s phone or device then only it is possible to get all his data on your own device.We means to say that suppose i want to spy a guy whose name is Mr.Z then in order to spy his account i need to install a small downloadable key on his device then only i can able to spy his full data from my own phone or computer.Its a very easy thing if we get these easy situation to install this small downloadable key on my victim’s device. This whatsapp spy/hack software what ever you want to name it , It’s  totally can do impossible job in only 9$ of amount.

So we already talked so much of cons of this software so lets talks about some professional advantages of these software or you can say features of this software which can help you lots in all your way.

Features of this software:-

  • First you can easily spy someones whatsapp ,facebook,gps,wechat,phone messages and some other apps.
  • Not only you can spy but also you can apply some changes to your victim’s device from your device.
  • Also you can get all call records and message records of your victim’s device from your own device(Mobile/Computer).
  • With this tool you can also get voice call recording of both phone calls & Whatsapp Calls.
  • You can spy your own child or girlfriends from this software very easily .
  • In a matter of spying someones account you must remember this important line that you need to install this downloadable key on your victim’s device.
  • You can track your victim’s phone location.
  • Facebook Chat & Messages,Skype WhatsApp LINE Messages,Read Text Messages,Read Phone Address Book,Remotely Block Text Messages,Remotely Block Apps & Calls,View Apps & App Alerts,View Call & Web History,View Multi-Media Messages,Find Your Loved Ones,Identify Problem Behavior,Involved with Drugs or Alcohol,Recognize Bullies & Predators,Stop Bullies & Predators,Stop Using Adult Apps,Recognize Spyware,Stop Distracted Driving ,Stop Sexting
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Some Modern Problems Which Require This software To Resolve It:-

Many parents require to protect their children from social threats like pornography,sexting,sing Violent, Adult or Sexual Apps or Websites,Targeted by Spyware or Malicious Apps,Clues to Behavior,Distracted Driving,Sexting,Predators,Bullying,Signs of Depression,Drugs and Alcohol,Gambling,Excessive Phone Use

There are some exclusive use of this software too which can help you in various way.

Very help-Full For Couples :-

Many Boyfriends or girlfriends they didn’t know about their partners ,what they doing in social life ,from whom they talking all the time ,on which things they spends their time .So instead of hiring a spy agent for this purposes you can actually purchase this software very easily and secured.You can easily spy your partner from your device ,all you need to install this software on your partner device which can easily downloadable from any where by the given link which you will get after purchase.So simply you can easily have eye on your partner all the time ,it not matter where are they ,what they doing ,with whom they talking ,you will get every about your partner very easily.

whatsapp spy 2015

How It Works (Very Main &  Important Question):-

So basically this software run by the very advanced encoded applet which helps you to get all data and information on your own device .So lets talk about something very important which helps you before buying this software .Before getting start up with this software you need to download a software which you will get the short link after purchasing this software.After getting the download link then you need to install on your victim’s device and after installing the software ,the app automatically gets hide and your victim cannot uninstall it because he/she cannot able to locate it and do not get the option of uninstall ,only you can uninstall it from your own device.So these are the some important points which you guys should point out before purchasing.


It will help you in many ways in spying whatsapp ,line,facebook,call records & messages,etc .It depends on you how you utilize this golden software.

Whatsapp spy tricks

Where To Purchase this Spy Software:-

So to purchase this software you need to visit the original developer of this software who only have authority to sell this software er are just providing information about this software. WhiteDust is a blog which provides you hidden information but our guidelines do not permit us to sell anything ,so to buy this you need visit developer’s website from down button .If you think this software not helping you after your purchase then money can be refund back to you ,all you need to apply for refund.But from own experience of this software you don’t feel it to return it ,its a wonder full software and very help full software for both adults and couples.

Whatsapp Tricks 2015