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Why a Glass Façade System is Best for Commercial Buildings

Whether you are building a high rise tower or a smaller size commercial building, glass façades are often the best solution for them. They provide a modern and clean look, while letting in as much natural light as possible. Furthermore, they help to regulate the temperature inside. Here is why glass façade systems are best for commercial buildings.


What is a Glass Façade?

Anyone who has ever walked downtown in a major city has seen a glass façade system. Most of the skyscrapers have one. The glass that it uses is called performance glass. They protect the building against heavy winds and seismic shocks. At the same time, they also help to regulate the temperature being felt inside the building. They are also appreciated for their appearance. There is a certain beauty to a building completely made of glass, that never goes out of style. Also, it lets natural light enter into every room facing outside.

What are their main advantages

When a building is constructed with a glass façade system amdeof aluminium windows, it provides it with advantages that other types of building lack. Here are some of the most important ones.

Protection Against Natural Elements

The type of glass that is installed on glass façade systems has been prepared in such a way that it will protect the building against a variety of natural elements. One of the most important ones is an earthquake. As the ground shakes, other materials will find themselves disintegrating, and will end-up falling. That won’t be the case with these glass panes. It is the same with the wind. It can cause pieces to be removed from a façade when it uses other materials. On these glass panes, the wind will simply be deflected.

Increase in the Level of Natural Light coming In

Natural light is necessary inside buildings. It enables a reduction in the cost of energy, as people don’t need to switch on the lights, during day time. It also benefits the state of mental health of those working inside, as sunlight is a natural anti-depressive medicine.

Regulation of Temperature

When you install a glass façade system, the glass panes are treated in such a way that they work as thermal protection. It enables to help against both the cold during the winter months and the heat in summer. Since it regulates the temperature inside, the cost of heating is greatly reduced. This is an important advantage nowadays, as the cost of energy keeps rising without end.

Architectural Beauty

We can end the list of advantages on this one, as everyone agrees that buildings with glass façade systems are a sight to see. They are, in great part, the reason why people go “wow” when they fly over a city such as New York or Chicago. They are elegant and add to the fascination of downtowns.

Glass façade systems are there to stay. So, if you are planning to build a commercial structure, this is a solution that you need to keep in mind, when you think of the outside of the building.


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