One question that has been around since the dawn of business itself is the question of whether entrepreneurs are born or made. It doesn’t look like we’re going to get the answer to that particular question anytime soon. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t identify the characteristics right now that turn entrepreneurs into leaders. So what are they?

why some entrepreneurs are great leaders


  • They Seek Out Win-Win Solutions

Being an entrepreneur is all about finding ways to satisfy the needs of others. At heart, this is what the process is all about. But they’re not just interested in the needs of customers. Their desire to find win-win solutions is something that permeates the rest of their personality. It is something that is deeply embedded in all the entrepreneur does.

Because of this, they’re often some of the best people to get into an argument with. They’re always searching for a way that means that both parties win. And because of this, you always get the impression that they’re on your side. Or, if not, that they’re at least fair.

Great entrepreneurs will only ever look at the facts. And, as a result, they’ll be quick to point out where and when they’re being abused. But because they’re so grounded in the facts, this creates authenticity. And authenticity breeds trust and respect.

  • They Get Comfortable With Taking Risks

Leading entrepreneurs face a never-ending parade of potential opportunities, all with their own risks. But it is their comfort with taking risks that make them into great leaders. Those lower down in their organisations often respect their candour when it comes to risk-taking.

  • They Value Life

One of the things that sets entrepreneurs apart is that they value each and every moment of the day. This is often part of the reason why they decided to do the work that they do. This desire to constantly take action rubs off on the rest of their team. People don’t feel like just taking the easy route when a great entrepreneur is around. They want to collect up a part of that energy for themselves and plough it into what they’re doing.

At root, entrepreneurs realise that they only have one life to live. And so they might as well live that life to the full, taking risks where required and reaping the rewards. They don’t push things off into the future because they know that there is no time like the present.

  • They Have Integrity

What exactly is integrity? You could define it as consistency between your beliefs, actions, and behaviour. An entrepreneur who is a great leader will always aspire to be consistent in they way that they treat people. They won’t advocate polite customer service while raging at employees for not delivering on time, for instance.

Having integrity is important. It allows people to gain an understanding of how an entrepreneur operates. And it allows employees to build up a sense of trust. If their behaviour chopped and changed every five minutes, there would be no consistency and no trust. And that is anathema to leadership.