Many students are growing to not only love coffee but to also depend on it. This is mostly because they feel as if caffeine affects their focus and alertness making them appear more productive. Once you take one cup of coffee, you might end up feeling energized and motivated to study more. But one thing you need to take note of is that while there may be some positive effects of caffeine, excessive consumption of coffee may end up killing your productivity in class. Here are some proven ways in which coffee may kill your productivity in class.

Why coffee may kill your productivity in classes

Coffee may make you skip breakfast

While this only applies to some people, you can relate to that situation where you wake up late for school and find that you do not have enough time for breakfast. So, what do you do? You grab a cup of coffee to make mornings bearable. That means when you get hooked to coffee, you will rarely have time for a decent breakfast, and this will end up affecting your productivity.


Coffee is good for helping us to wake up and giving us some energy to begin the day. But thinking that this energy is enough to take you through the day is usually just an illusion. Unless the body has enough calories to fuel the mind and body, you will only be thinking that you are energetic, but you aren’t. When you skip taking a nutritive breakfast, this can help decrease your productivity.

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Increased anxiety

Consuming higher amounts of this stimulant often lead to increased anxiety. The jittery effects of caffeine are almost similar to those of a frightening effect. This is because it stimulates the fight or flight response. And studies have shown that anxiety can the stimulant cause can result in an anxiety attack. If you are already suffering from anxiety, coffee can actually worsen the symptoms. If you are already anxious, your productivity will be low, and you cannot learn anything in class.


drawback of coffee

You will be deprived of sleep

Probably you have ever stayed up late to complete an assignment without fearing the effects of getting deprived of sleep as you can wake yourself up in the morning using a cup of coffee. When you think that coffee may help you feel focused and alert in the short-term, this can deprive you of sleep in the short-term. This can have serious consequences on your career, making you lose productivity and have some short-term mental and physical health issues. If you have a pending homework, instead of staying up late all night, you can find someone to write my essay instead of torturing yourself and damaging your health.

The situation is made worse by the fact that consuming a lot of coffee every day can fuel insomnia. When you consume a lot of caffeine close to bedtime, this may make your body remain awake longer as compared to the ordinary circumstances. This will leave you tired the following day causing you to drink even more caffeine in a never-ending cycle. You will get to a situation where you will be so deprived of sleep to a point where not even caffeine will help you overcome this challenge. This will cause your productive to take a nosedive.

Withdrawal symptoms

Like it is the case with other stimulants, coffee is usually psychologically and physiologically addictive.  This means that withdrawal symptoms are one of the caffeine-related disorders. In case you would like to start lowering your intake of caffeine, it is advisable to do it gradually in the hands of a qualified medical practitioner. Some of the withdrawal symptoms associated with caffeine include fatigue, headache, difficulty concentrating and sleepiness.

There are some students who report having symptoms that look like that of the flu such as anxiety and depression after reducing their intake of coffee by as little as 350 mg of caffeine. These withdrawal symptoms can affect your productivity in class. This is why it is recommended that you gradually taper with your dosage to minimize the withdrawal symptoms. Instead of taking lots of coffee to help you stay up all night and complete your homework, a good idea would be to find someone to write me an essay.

Increased blood pressure

Caffeine tends to naturally increase the blood pressure which is not necessarily bad when this happens in small doses. But when this is combined with other factors such as a stressful job, this can cause your blood pressure to hit the roof, putting you at risk of other health complications. The shallow breathing and higher blood pressure caused by excessive caffeine can limit the amount of oxygen that will be flowing to your bran, making it more difficult for you to complete some basic assignments.

disadvantages of drinking coffee

It causes you to slack off

The fact that coffee is a stimulant mean to make it look like it would help you work harder. However, according to a recent study, an excessive amount of caffeine can actually make you slack off. In another study that was conducted on rats, it was noted that there was no difference in the productivity of the lazy rats after they had consumed higher amounts of caffeine. However, for other rats that were naturally hardworking, these performed worse after they had consumed caffeine. This means that if you are hardworking in class, consuming high caffeine amount may be making you lower your performance even where you are not able to consciously realize it.

Increased tolerance

Like it is the case with other stimulants, the effects of caffeine can be quite addictive. With time, the more coffee you drink regularly, the more your body will become to the caffeine effect and will build tolerance. Therefore, you will need to consume more caffeine to have a similar effect. This serves only to continue compounding those harmful effects. This is on top of the fact that your coffee addiction will continue to grow.  The more the coffee that you take, the worse the effects will become.

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There is no doubt that caffeine reigns as the favorite stimulant in the world. But a question in the mind of many students is ‘Does coffee help you focus?”.  The caffeine usually produces a surge in adrenalins, and this can cause you to be emotionally handicapped. When you consider the above harmful effects, you can see that it can actually lower your productivity. If you are already addicted to coffee, it may be time to begin searching for alternatives to caffeine.