Small business owners always want to expand their business. Owners seek to get access to extra funds. There is a various way to get quick cash for developing your small business. Today we will cover all the possible option for your small business to grow.

There could be various reasons why the small business owner wants extra funds. First of all, technological development is inevitable, and some industries need improved equipment to get ahead of the competition. Buying new inventory and equipment could be the main reason, why most small business owners seek extra funds.

Why do you need to access extra cash for small business?

Another reason could be hiring a new face in the company. You can’t expect growth in business without adding new minds to it.

Other areas may need extra funds while doing business.

Type of Loans

There are indeed lots of ways to fund your small business. The US is caring about its entrepreneurs, so be ready for the next paragraph. We will analyze the types of loans for small companies.

SBA Loans

Have you ever heard about the SBA loans? Have you ever tried it? Well, let me introduce a simple, yet handy financial tool for entrepreneurs. SBA is an abbreviation and stands for “Small Business Administration.” It’s an autonomous agency holding apart from the US government. In the US, the government thinks a lot about small businesses because the world economy stands on people who run small businesses. That’s why the US government created SBA (Small Business Administration) Agency. By that way, US helps small business owners to grow and expand their company.

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What’re SBA loans exactly?

Well, it’s a regular business loan for small businesses. There is only one exception, SBA comes to in the play. What does it mean? Small Business Administration will be a third-party in your business relationship with banking or financial institutions. It’s a standard loan, but SBA will stand there to help you anytime. For the financial institutions, it’s good to see SBA right beside you, as a small business may fail to pay back the loan, so there would be SBA who will take care of that situation. Financial institutions (lenders) will be happy to give credits to companies who are chosen by SBA itself.

Invoice factoring

It’s an exciting financial tool. Factoring companies are ready to buy from you unpaid invoices. All business face unpaid invoices, so you won’t take additional money from lenders. Your business can sell unpaid invoices to factoring company and make a percentage from each invoice.

Keep in mind that some customers don’t like when their personal information goes to third-party. If you are not afraid of their negative response, go ahead and choose invoice factoring.


Alternative solutions

Apart from invoice factoring, regular loans, and SBA loans, there are alternative solutions. For example, Fundbox can help you in getting extra funds. Click here to find out more about the requirements, but keep in mind that you still have to provide lender a business and personal information.