When the question comes to bring traffic back to your website, blog or business through the newsletter, the first thing to consider is Email Marketing. It is the best source to convert your traffic into revenue, all you need to do is to mail your customer or reader on a regular basis. It makes active reader return to your website again and again. Not only it sounds good in reality but it is a very efficient method in which your reader/customer act in your favour.

In the present time, it’s pretty tough for every online marketer to choose such Email marketing tool/platform and services which provide different features when compared to their various competitors. While there are many providers with which email marketing can be done effectively we recently discovered Wix ShoutOut, which can help you to do email marketing in a very efficient and impressive way in 2016. So, let’s discuss how WIX ShoutOut(An email marketing tool) effective and easy to use. And why is it so?

how email marketing is so effective and easy


Back in the day, people were sending an email to each and every single person on their huge list of customers manually, and as anyone who has ever sent one can know would probably take their entire day. Email is a very useful tool in the modern internet age and is used by almost everyone to connect with their business partners to even their loyal and happy customers.

What are the advantages of E-mail Marketing?

E-mail marketing or advertising through the mail is that we receive from companies seeking to promote themselves or their products through newsletters that reach directly to our inbox.

Some significant advantages of E-mail Marketing are:-

  • It is one of the primary tools of advertising because of its low cost, ease and speed of delivery to your target market.
  • It is one of the most cost – effective way of marketing and it generates the highest returns on investment (ROI) compared with other marketing tools online.
  • It is not SPAM – Unlike SPAM, E-mail Marketing works with the consent and approval of the person who will send the mail.
  • Builds relationships of trust and loyalty – It helps to increase your presence and positioning in the minds of your contacts, plus it builds and creates bonds of confidence and communication between you and your customers.

Advantages of E-mail Marketing vs. Ordinary Advertising

  • E-mail Marketing is viral: It is said to be viral, because like viruses, this type of advertising allows the recipient to pass to someone else, easy and fast, with only two clicks do.
  • E-mail Marketing is the most economical and easy way of advertising: Compared to other advertising media, E-mail Marketing it is considerably cheaper and has a powerful.
  • E-mail Marketing is friendly to the environment: No need to spend on prints or waste paper because it does not have any printed part
  • E-mail Marketing is permanent: Unlike advertising on radio, television or sightseeing; once the customer has in his possession, you can save it indefinitely.

How can you measure the benefits of E-mail Marketing?

One way to evaluate the effectiveness of an investment or expense is to calculate the return on investment (ROI, for its acronym in English), ROI is total sales made divided by investment cost. In this way, we can identify whether the return on investment is positive or if other options offer a higher return.


The following table shows a comparison between the ROI generated by each $ 1 invested in various types of direct marketing.For example, for every $ 1 that spent in 2015 on publications in newspapers, were $ 12.67 in sales, which means that with only invest $ 100, $ 1.267 would result in an increase in sales. Now let’s think that those same $ 100 had been invested in an e-mail campaign marketing, the result would have been $ 4.350.

E-mail Marketing: return on investment almost four times higher.

How Email Marketing Is Made Easy With WIX ShoutOut?

It is one of the most complicated jobs to create an advertising campaign which generates the proper return on investment for your business. Among various business marketing options, you should consider email marketing because of its effectiveness and simplicity. It helps you to reach out to current and prospective customers and keep them updated on various latest deals and news about your business. Bulk email services also have the benefit of being able to test customer retention and loyalty with intensive reporting. Let’s understand how email marketing become so easy with WIX ShoutOut.

Why Use Wix ShoutOut?

Well to clarify this, we need to look into past years about WIX Company, which is a very famous company for creating an excellent website without coding or any harsh effort. It’s a company which helps ordinary people to create their beautiful website in much simpler steps. You can easily build a website with very few efforts and also it gives you all perfection which you need for a website. But after getting great success in website building, Wix decided to launch their Email Marketing Tool, which comes out with great ability and strategy. They named as WIX ShoutOut, and we discovered it is an efficient email marketing service of 2016. It comes up with all features which are required for basic and advances email marketing through the email newsletter for your small business.

How to do email marketing easily

WIX ShoutOut not only helps you to create an excellent email newsletter but also it allows you to track down your campaign anytime. Most forward part of this email marketing tool is that you can create a magnificent email newsletter from your mobiles device as it’s an app available for Android and IOS devices which is making this email marketing tool more unique in 2016. Most favorable part of this tool, It’s for free for up to 3 shoutouts per month. It’s probably good free plan for starting up with email marketing tool like this. If you were looking to go permanent with shoutout, then pricing won’t let you change your mind because it comes with good pricing and features.

What To Look For In Email Marketing Services?

Creating an email marketing campaign can be as simple as adding names/contacts to a database, customising an easy-to-use email template, and monitoring the effectiveness of your emails via simple graphical representation. You should look for email marketing services that offer easy to use tools to help you quickly upload and manage your contact list. You should also check the flexibility to adjust and customise the template on your email marketing messages so that they reflect your business/company image.

Apart from all these up to date email marketing design and template, you should focus on email marketing products that are easy to use and learn so that you can spend more time with your customers instead of with email marketing service provider’s tech support. Well, we discovered WIX ShoutOut can help you to make your email marketing easy and reliable.

Email Templates and Creativity

Designing something unique for email marketing can take you lots of effort and valuable time. So just to give more ease and comfort to online marketers, email marketing tool comes up with pre-designed templates which not only saves lots of your time but also takes less effort.

Before considering an email marketing service, you have to make sure that you can upload your images, text, manipulate how your text displays, and add links and a social media share buttons among several other features. An efficient email service provider company offers other important features such as create customer surveys with just a few clicks, newsletters and other important custom event emails.

Many email marketing companies offer the flexibility to work either in a design format(frontend) or directly with HTML code. With most products, you can start the creation of an email message from scratch or you have the option to choose from a large list of eye-catching templates.

WixShoutOut: It comes up with great pre-designed templates and also provides you with an easier way to build or design an email from scratch. After some practical testing, we can say that Wix ShoutOut is featuring the much simpler way to build an email form from pre-design or scratch. If we talk about features then a fascinating thing about this email marketing tool, It comes up with tons of high-quality stock images for your email form. Well, we are much impressed by the quality of the pre-designed email forms. They give you more control over  your whole design and let your thoughts come to develop all the more autonomously.

how email marketing is effective for business

Tracking System

There should be sufficient reporting on how your email campaign is doing. Reporting should be in a form of graphs statistics. It should provide some basic reporting features such as, how many customers open your emails and even which links they visited, how many people unsubscribed and how many forwarded your emails to others. Also, reports should let you know about email bounce rate, etc.

Wix Shoutout email marketing tool

WIX ShoutOut has the feature to track your email campaign and give you in-depth data which could help you to increase the success rate of your email marketing campaign. It has a feature to organise your list of contacts by automatically removing email contacts that not opened.

Tracking Features have given in ShoutOut Tool:-

  • Sent
  • Viewed
  • Clicked
  • Delivered
  • Opened
  • Not Opened
  • Not Delivered

Wix ShoutOut has good features on their tracking system and provides excellent reporting on your campaign. Experience is the only thing which making an email marketing tool unique on their tracking system but we have discovered shoutout is really good on it’s tracking for the small business campaign.

The one and only disappointing part of WIX Shoutout is that it does not provide conversion tracking to track your product’s sell while some other email marketing does provide it. Well, It is still okay for your startup business through email marketing.

Management of Contacts or Lists

It is necessary that an email marketing tool should be easy to access and maintain. Creation of new campaign by accessing your dashboard should be simple. Management of contacts and removal of inactive contacts should be hassle free. Also, it should have the ability to import existing contacts lists through other services, such as social media or other email providers. The additional advantage of email marketing services allows you to create custom demographic segments of contacts so that you can reach the targeted customers easily with the most appropriate message focusing their location.

Whether you already have some list of subscribers or you started creating contacts from scratch, all the time an email marketing services can be beneficial for you. WIX Shoutout not only provides features to add contacts manually via copy-paste but also it do provides to add contacts by uploading CSV or Microsoft Excel files. Overseeing users who unsubscribe ought to furthermore be simple so you’re not unintentionally reaching any individual who has quit your newsletter.

Great Support Service

An email marketing service provider provides help options to get you going without any hassle, such as a user manual handbook. A wizard to walk you through the basic functionality such as creation and monitoring of your email campaign, FAQs section, a tutorial blog on how to create effective campaigns in which WIX ShoutOut is much more professional because it comes up with support page in which it is having the solution of every query.

It also gives support via email and the only thing it doesn’t have is the live chat option in which a user can get instant answers through live chats. We saw live chat support option on some of other email marketing services, so maybe someday Wix shoutOut comes up with live chat option too.

Let’s Understand How Wix ShoutOut Makes Email Marketing Easy 

Why to use Wix ShoutOut Email Marketing tool - Infographic by WhiteDust Blog