We all know that breast milk is the most healthy and convenient for the baby. Given the societal outlook, new age mums looking for practical usage of time find breast pumps as a boon for taking care of their babies.

Haakaa breast pump

As you have already guessed, I am here to talk about my glorious breastfeeding journey, a passionate advocate of the Haakaa breast pump. As an eco-brand, the Haakaa pump was life-changing.


In this article, I am excited to share my experience on how to use Haakaa virtually, much to the astonishment of my conventional mother.


Haakaa Breast Pump

Haakaa Breast Pump is a one-piece silicone pump perfect for moms who need assistance in making breastfeeding easy for them and the baby. It is tubeless and added that it doesn’t need a battery or an outlet. 


Why do Women Use Breast Pump? Is it Necessary? 

Haakaa pump

Today’s modern urban mums have little to no choice but to use suitable breast pumps. Like me, when you start breastfeeding, you’ll quickly realize how valuable each drop of breast milk is. It is a much needed and perfect food for the baby.


Haakaa pump

In addition to that, as a nursing mom, it never becomes easy. You have to put a lot of time, energy, and effort while breastfeeding. It breaks your heart to know that you have spilled breast milk, considering how precious it is for the baby. 

If I remember correctly, I was a crying mess when my nursing pad got soaked while breastfeeding my baby. In 2016, not a day went by when I figured out a way to find the solution. 

Instead of throwing the milk away, the breastfeeding pump provided a way to store the milk, stash it in the freezer and feed it to my baby. 

A breast pump can come in handy when the baby can’t latch well. It also helps the baby to enjoy the happiness of breastfeeding even when the mother is not around. The advantages are limited to working moms like me and stay at home mothers who can use them and enjoy a little me-time.

What is the Haakaa Breast Pump? Is it the Best Choice for Breastfeeding your Baby?


Haakaa is a family run company located in New Zealand who made their fantastic innovation. As a massive contribution to breastfeeding mamas who can effortlessly collect breast milk while nursing the baby.

how to use Haakaa

I came across the brand on my social media feeds and got excited to try it. The question I had was, will it be useful? Is it harmful? And many more that can be considered stupid. 

Haakaa had become a significant game-changer for breastfeeding moms, and everyone must have one. It is a silicone breast pump that uses suction to pump the milk. It is not electrical or manual but works effectively using powerful suction methods that draw milk out of the breast.

It is 100% silicone that makes a mom’s breastfeeding days much more comfortable. It is much more useful for the first few months as the milk supply is most. It can help you stash significant amounts of breast milk in your freezer for the time being.

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How Do Silicone Breast Pumps Work? And Tips for Haakaa Pumps

Silicone breast pumps are effective to draw milk out of the breast. To use it conveniently. Tak, your Haakaa breast pump, suction it while nursing on your other breast. It is unfortunate that if a baby is not latched on, the milk will soak your nursing pads or your shirt.

Haakaa breast pump

One of the fantastic things about using Haakaa is that you can easily suction 2-3 oz compared to electric breast pumps’ struggling issues. I particularly liked that it does not stimulate extra milk production, which otherwise an electric pump would have done.

It is one of the great uses to relieve a little engorgement and work on the go tool. Made from silicone with 100% food grade (PVC. BPA and PHthalate free), it is entirely flexible and quite stylish from other designs. 

At first, when I bought it, the milk didn’t come out when I attached it. My skepticism almost ruined the moment. But later, I managed to watch some YouTube videos on how to use it effectively. 

All it takes is finding a good position and merely sticking it over the areola. When you squeeze, it can attach to using the suction. 

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Tips to Use Haakaa Pump That You Must Know

Here are the top tips you must know about Haakaa Pump:-

  1. Before attaching the breast pump, make sure to let down. So that you don’t panic, nothing is coming out.
  2. Sometimes, it may stop dripping; if that happens, remove it and reattach it. Works like magic.
  3. While cleaning the breast pump, don’t use regular soap. It may damage the silicone. You can buy breast milk soap customized for this particular usage.
  4. Sometimes, Haakaa may start to get sober once the milk starts pumping, so it is better to remove it and put it into storage containers and reattach it.
  5. Using the Haakaa pump simultaneously so that it works properly and can pump maximum amounts of milk.

What are the Pros and Cons of Using Haakaa Breast Pump?

how to use Haakaa

Please take a look at the pros and cons of Haakaa before using it.


  1. The pump is very discrete.
  2. Easy to clean.
  3. One size works for many women.
  4. Sticks to the breast like magic.
  5. Helps to store milk for later use.
  6. Fits for all breast size.
  7. Travel-friendly.


  1. It is not that hand’s free.
  2. Compared to an electric breast pump, you may not get much milk.

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What is the Downfall of Using a Haakaa Breast Pump? What Didn’t Work?

One major setback of using the Haakaa breast pump is that it was not handed free. Because when working with the pump, you need to pay all your attention there and adjust the suction so that the baby wouldn’t know it off. Trying to get milk for a large bottle is tiring because I couldn’t pump it faster, given the time I have to spend with the baby.

Haakaa pump

Compared to an electric pump, Haakaa lacks to feed a hungry baby who needs more milk. So, to remove this obstacle, I use electric pump alternatives despite my fear of them. 

Ultimately, it is ideal for any moms who want to feed their child at any time without waiting for the traditional technique. Another advantage of milk will not be water; Haakaa is useful for taking the milk and storing it later. 


Where to Buy Haakaa?

Purchasing Haakaa is very simple; all you need to do is visit their site and order one. You can also find them in nearby stores. There are different categories as well; for older little ones, Haakaa 3rd generation pumps are useful. 

Not only that, it has a lot to offer to moms and toddlers like teethers, bottles,  etc.


Comparison Between Haakaa Original Vs. Haakaa 3rd Generation

Here are the main difference between both models.

Haakaa Original (Suction Bottom)

Haakaa 3rd Generation

$20.00 $39.99
150 mL 160 mL
Used for breast pumping Provides lots of functions like pumping, milk for bottles, and spoons.
Lighter compared to 3rd generation Heavier
Easier to clean Easier to clean
Less expensive More Expensive 

What do People Think About the Haakaa Breast Pump? According to Internet Reviews and People’s Opinion.

Here are the screenshots of the review you must consider if you are skeptical about buying it.

Haakaa breast pump



The Bottom Line

Ultimately, as a working mom, this is my go-to option for pumping milk for my baby. The one-piece portable design is efficient in all ways. It is easy to use and relieves my little engorgement from time to time. Not only that, but the Haakaa Breast pump also fits easily into the handbag. The suction base will ensure that the pump from falling over. 

Overall, the tool’s simplicity makes it comfortable for all moms who are otherwise having a hard time coping with nursing and feeding the baby. I hope you will enjoy this. 



1. Does the use of Haakaa increase in milk supply?

It is an easy yes because if you are using the breast pump to express 3 ounces of extra milk every day. Then it will trigger your body to produce more milk as it is emptying your breast more often.

2. Will Haakaa cause oversupply?

No, Haakaa Breast pump does not induce an oversupply of milk.

3. Should using a Haakaa hurt?

If misused, it is bound to hurt; hence make sure that the nipple is not touching the silicone in any way. So be careful while using it.

4. How long do you leave Haakaa on?

After attaching the pump to your breasts, you can leave it one for 5-10 minutes. The simple design makes it very easier to leave it one without causing any discomfort. Make sure that the silicone breast pump does not touch the nipple in any way.


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