If you still don’t go to the gym with your significant other, then start doing it right now. Joint sports activities have a huge list of advantages – from saving time to strengthening relationships. Here are the reasons why you should try this, as well as some tips on how to motivate your soul mate to lead a healthy lifestyle.

What are the benefits of training together?

What are the benefits of training together?


1. You kill two birds with one stone

The very first and most pragmatic reason is to save time. Ask anyone why he or she doesn’t go to the gym. Most likely, this is because their time is occupied by other activities. And who can choose the gym after a hard day instead of meeting with a soul mate? If you don’t have time, try to organize joint training. This is a workout and a date in one. Thus, you will not feel guilty because you missed training or a date. By the way, if you are looking for a soul mate to go on dates and create a healthy relationship, then you can try one of the best Russian dating websites.

2. You diversify your meetings

Let’s admit honestly that almost every date or meeting implies something to eat or somewhere to sit. Cinema, dinner in a cafe, evening at home with popcorn, etc. all this is good, of course, but not for permanent relationship foundations. Over time, this can bore both, not to mention the consequences for your body shape and health. Joint training will help shake things up, diversify your leisure time, and leave both partners energetic and self-confident.

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3. You reach your goals faster

A recent study found that men and women more often and quickly achieved results and abandoned bad habits if they did it together with their partners. It is difficult to stay in bed in the morning when your loved one wakes up quickly and runs to the gym. You control each other and charge with motivation.

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4. You will become better

Health is the main advantage of training, of course, but nice biceps and abs also bring benefits. You shouldn’t be one of those people who spend the whole day in the gym and enthusiastically look at themselves in the mirror, but it will be quite possible to show your perfect body to your soul mate. A partner’s attention will cheer you up more than anything else, and if you give a compliment in return, everyone will win.

5. You improve your relationship

It is said that couples that train together stay together for a long time. Indeed, training in the gym is support, joint difficulties, and a kind of test. You will have one more common interest!

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How to persuade your loved one to go to the gym?

How to persuade your loved one to go to the gym?

Trying to convince soul mates to take care of themselves, lead a healthy lifestyle, give up bad habits or go to a doctor, people often face serious opposition. As it’s known, it is impossible to make someone happy by force. Pressure can only aggravate the situation. The position “I know better what will be good for you” can cause a protest because it puts one person in a dominant position and the other one in a subordinate position. As a result, the second one, trying to maintain self-esteem, will increasingly plunge into the world of bad habits. And already by the age of forty, he or she risks acquiring a whole set of health problems, caused by an unhealthy lifestyle. So, let’s see what to do with it.

Step one. Abandon an expert position

You should reconcile with the fact that a partner is an adult and reasonable person, and he/she has the right to choose how to live. Otherwise, the struggle for power and many problems in a relationship are inevitable. No one can do exercises instead of us, relax in time, and refuse an extra portion of alcohol and cigarettes. To be healthy, you need to want this! Many people make the same mistake, assuming, in fact, the dominant role of the big boss who knows the recipe for happiness. The struggle for power is inevitable here. The position “on top” works only when a partner behaves infantile. However, in this case, don’t expect guardianship and care from a soul mate. It is also possible that a partner will look for solutions to problems in an alternate reality in order to feel meaningful at least somewhere. Work, friends – this is an incomplete list of such alternatives. How to find a way out of this situation? It is important to understand: do you want to be right or happy? And for what reasons your loved one doesn’t want or can’t agree with your position? The perfect option is a partnership. In this case, your arguments will be heard, adequately perceived, and appreciated.

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Step two. Motive search

Motive search

Understand what prevents a partner from leading a healthy lifestyle. The style of a healthy life is determined by different motives that you can use in your arguments. This is the motive of self-preservation, obtaining pleasure from health, the possibility of self-improvement, achieving career heights and, finally, the motivation of the possibility of sexual realization. These incentives usually don’t work together; they depend on age and personality. It is important to understand whether they are so meaningful for your partner, as they are meaningful to you. How to convince a loved one to lead a healthy lifestyle? Psychologists say that a person’s readiness for a specific action or perception of reality plays a big role here. They are formed under the direct control of the value system. Therefore, the same motives for different people can lead to dissimilar results. Your task is to motivate your partner in the right way.

Step three. Power of persuasion

Your soul mate doesn’t know how to read minds, and they will behave as they used to until you clearly and kindly explain what you don’t like in his/her lifestyle. Give your soul mate annual sports club membership. This may be a solution to the problem. But it also matters in what context it is presented. It is important that it doesn’t sound like “Yes, it’s time for you to lose some fat” or “You’d better go to the gym instead of eating fast food.” No one can endure a relationship if he or she feels more subject to condemnation than admiration. It is better to use other methods. For example, try to sincerely talk and tell your loved one about your feelings: “I am worried about your health. Let’s go to the gym” or “We spend so little time together. Let’s play tennis.” These “negotiations” should be carried out as correctly as possible. Don’t go on mutual accusations. It is important to return mentally to the time when you spent a lot of time together, and when you liked to do something together, and try to find a way to re-experience these feelings in the new conditions of an improved lifestyle. Remember, changes should bring pleasure to both.

Step Four. Implementation


No one promised it would be easy. Healthy habits will not work immediately. Use the strategy of small steps. Remember that things may not go as you expected. Don’t be afraid to change the course of action. It is not enough to provide guidance to lead a healthy lifestyle. It is necessary to realize this guidance and fight with your bad habits. The following recommendations will help cope with many difficulties along the way. First, don’t expect immediate results. Remember that a thousand-mile road begins with one step. The strategy of small steps is a very effective method. Secondly, in order not to lose confidence in your abilities, it is very important to rejoice together with every little achievement – getting rid of half a pound of excess weight, doing a week of regular physical exercise, and having a month of proper nutrition. Become a role model for your loved one. It prevents him or her from the breakdown. A good example is more convincing than any words, and it will be easier to achieve the desired result together. In addition, it is the wrong strategy to achieve everything at once. Small breaks will also be appropriate in this hard matter. Just start doing it.