How to sell books on Amazon

Why Throw your old books When You Can Sell them and Earn Real Money With the Help of Amazon

Selling books on amazon is an easy job to build upon your income as well as getting rid of that dusty stack on the shelf. If your used books are taking up space in your shelves, instead of giving it to that distant nerdy friend, bidding it on amazon is a start for many things. Maybe, even building a full-time job out of it.


How to sell books on Amazon


Amazon started as a platform for books in 1995. It was a decision made by 30-year-old Bezos because of the easy availability and universal demand for books.


They went on to become the largest online platform for books until 1999.  Now, let’s see how to sell books on amazon with selling books on amazon tips and secrets.

Let’s dive in…


How to sell books on amazon? Does it have significant value?


You can sell any sort of books on Amazon, the read ones, the new ones- only if you have to distribute rights for it, or the pretty old ones. The process won’t take you a lifetime of entering offices to get signatures.


In your room, with a device, internet connection, and free moving hands, you can start on it now. 

The initial stage is all concerned with starting a seller account. The tough choice will be either to select an individual or professional account. And you know the answer to it, if you are a newbie, start with an individual account otherwise go for the professional one. 


If you come with distribution rights to a specific book, then be a pro and do it with a professional account, feeding it with all the requirements. On the other hand, for a newbie, spending thousands of dollars on the inventory would be a needless step to start with. 


Before lining up the next step, it’s important that you know, Amazon is home to 310 Million online buyers! So, if you are just taking it up as a hobby, don’t turn a blindside to the limitless potential of it. Loo at this screenshot for instance-

How to sell used books on Amazon

How to Create listings on Amazon? Is it Worth it?


A listing is typically a product page for each of the items that you intend to sell on Amazon. It generally contains all the product information, title, image, description, and price. In short, it’s that one page that makes the buyer fall for you.

  • In order to make the listings on Amazon,
  • log in to your seller account. 
  • Lick on inventory drop-down menu
  • Click on ‘ Add a product’.
  • Go for the create a new product listing if you are starting up with it.


Then the new pop-up window which opens up will have a series of tabs. The tabs will be marked as vital info, variations, import designation, images, descriptions, and so on. All the details which make up the product will be added here to sell books on amazon.


1. Understanding fulfillment, different approaches to fulfillment  


Amazon is never short of services. Along with the credibility of the brand, there is Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA), which makes your sales a lot easier.

The service is solely dedicated to providing more freedom and flexibility to the seller. It aims at taking the burden off the seller by providing storage, packaging, and shipping services.


When the seller has a lot to store, it is shipped to the Amazon fulfillment center warehouse, from where it is packaged and delivered to the buyer. 

With great power, amazon takes up great responsibilities of packing and shipping the product. 


The benefits of FBA will include associating amazon’s brand name to the product. Subsidized shipping fees, shipping standardization, and a lot more. Though FBA comes with a standard seller fee of 15% to 18 % of the product price, it is going to be totally worth it to sell books on amazon.

2. Fulfillment by Merchant  (FBM)



FBM is the extreme opposite of the FBA. The whole responsibility of the sale will fall upon the seller. In fact, Amazon challenges the seller to take up FBM to see if it matches up with the FBA qualities.

Though there are many differences between both, the seller can take up both as a means of increasing the exposure and sales opportunities. 


sell books with amazon


FBM is better in case of, if there is no fast turnover, your items are big and cheap, or even if commingling would be a risk for you. 

List of steps to start amazon book selling business 


sell books on amazon

1. Pick your sourcing method.


As discussed before, the right way to start your endeavor is to find out the best sourcing methods. And the easiest way would be to start from that shelf in that corner of your room, almost buried by dust, a hundred percent cost-free.


The second option would be to go for used books in the streets by the way of scanning. It would totally give you that book rush if you are a bibliophile. Then again, if large purchases are your thing and you like to do the bargaining task, go for wholesale.

The last option would be again, online arbitrage if you are a fan of spending time researching and making big investments.


2. Find your inventory.

The second step is to do that thing which you used to spend a lot of time as a child. Make a cute looking inventory with the best books possible at a low cost. And it’s pretty advisable to have a nice one for it.


3. Create an Amazon seller account


This is where you start establishing yourself as an Amazon seller. THe seller account will give you a holistic view of items purchased, ongoing orders, and what is getting listed on Amazon.


There are two varieties of seller accounts, Individual and professional. For amateurs, an individual account will be amicable which charges 1$ for every sale. For pro-level players go with a professional account that costs around 39.95$ per month.

You got the game, right? Higher sales, go for the pro option.

4. Using Fetcher to track.


Fetcher is the app that fetches you the details of the game. It’s an Amazon profit analytics tool integrated with the Amazon seller account. Fetcher provides a daily snapshot of overall sales, expenses, and profitability. 


Fetcher tracks PPC spending, Amazon fees, shopping costs, and more. The services provided by the fetcher will include profit and loss statements, daily sails and profit emails, inventory dashboards, and so on.

Fetcher is pretty cheap for what it offers. It comes with 31 days of free trials and 19$ per month making it easier to sell books with amazon. 

5. List your inventory on Amazon, meanwhile, mention the details of the product clearly.


You are blessed with many ways to scan your inventory into Amazon, even typing it in is a widely chosen option. There are many conditions and categories in which you can list the books on Amazon.


Used- Like New

Used- Very good

Used- Good

Used- Acceptable.

5. Ship the books to the nearest fulfillment center 


In case if you have chosen Fulfillment by amazon option you are entitled to pack it, label it and send it to the FBA warehouse.

How to sell books on Amazon


After clicking the right options in your seller account, make sure to pack it in an individual polybag. If you have a label printer, print it down and stick it on your package otherwise you can ask Amazon to do it for you. 

The common mistakes one makes are mislabelling, un-labeling, or even making it unreadable. Please, refrain from doing so to successfully sell books with amazon.

7. Watch as sales come in and track profits on Fetcher.


Yes, it’s not a myth that you can make money out of such easy doing. Though it will take time, for sure it will bring profits with it too.

Though the profits won’t be such a huge amount, it will be enough to make you believe in what you are doing. Slowly, gradually, with experience and expertise in arranging your inventory, sales will skyrocket too.


Exceptional customer service and their reviews will be that one fruitful garden which is going to benefit you in the long run.  Make use of platforms like Jungle Scout to follow up with the customers.

Make sure the conditions of the books are readable while sending it, keep in mind to keep the seller feedback ratings at top.

7. Get the word out

Proper marketing will be that one thing that will keep you floating. Please don’t underestimate the impact of it. It’s fine to make use of social media, make sure they are talking about you so as to sell books on amazon.


How much Money can you make selling books on Amazon?


to sell books on amazon


It will be worthless if you are doing it only for monetary gains it accompanies, of course, you should look at its economical gains too. They say pricing is a race to the bottom, in online sales. If you can sell it at the lowest price, then you are the king. 

To increase your revenue, target high margin products. Go for books that cost a bit too much and then make the puzzles moving. 

Your starting revenue from a month would range from 5$ to 10$ and if you keep it right, it will only increase in prospects. Look at Amazon, they started with books and see where they are standing now. 


What is the Future of Book sales on Amazon?


Since there is a growing trend among independent publishers, they mainly target the online domains and you know which one. We all know that there is going to be no decline in the future of Amazon in the immediate future unless there is a snap with the five gauntlets. 


sell books on amazon


According to new independent publishers, they prefer Amazon and other online domains for sales, since it’s easier and more convenient.  In the internet century, isn’t Amazon the future of book sales?

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  • An international reach will be gifted to the books that you sell.
  • Since you are using Amazon for your sales, you know what accompanies? a trustworthy Amazon Trademark.
  • With everything, there is a wild and wide exposure that you will be taken into.


There isn’t much, but the ones that there are, consider it a bit too much.

  • You will face a lot of competition since Amazon is home to thousands of new sellers.
  • The Amazon fees, if you are starting as a newbie, though it isn’t much, you are bound to face hurdles. 


The exposure that Amazon will give you makes it the finest designation to start with or even move your book sales into. It is going to be that fine tutor who will be fair and all caring towards all your packages.  And in the end, more than the financial gains, you’ll walk out with expertise and a box full of satisfaction to sell books with amazon.

What more can one ask for?




  • How much does it cost to sell books on Amazon?

The cost comes with the seller account you prefer. If it’s an individual seller 1$ per each book you sell or if it’s a professional account 39.95$ per month. The other costs will totally depend upon the services you opt for.


  • Is it worth it to sell used books on Amazon?

If you don’t have any other users with it, if you find there is a huge demand in the online sphere for it, then go ahead with the sales. 


  • How do I set up amazon to sell books?

Log in to amazon and start with a seller account. Choose the other options carefully as you move ahead.


  • Is it easy to sell on Amazon?

With the benefits it accompanies, with the profits you might make, Amazon is the easiest option out there, unless you have a wizard in your corridor who writes a cheque for everything you have. 


  •       How Successful is Selling on Amazon?

It will totally depend upon your persistence and the choices you make. Amazon will never let you down with its services or offers. At least, Amazon didn’t give up on Jeff Bezos with his idea of selling books.

Do let us know if you have found this article helpful in the comments section below!

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