All living things age and everybody knows that as we age, everything about us slows down and weaken over time.

The fastest won’t be the fastest and the strongest won’t be the strongest forever. This is the reason behind the popular saying, “There is always someone better out there”. Everyone ages and this is a part of life. However, we expect our mobile devices to operative quickly forever. Yet, everyone knows that this is not the case. Our smartphones age as we do and there will be a diminishing performance for all devices.

Whether you have the latest flagship phone of a multinational brand (iPhone X, Samsung S9+ or etc) or a local smartphone, every device eventually starts operating slower when compared to brand new smartphones, starts heating up or face issues such as frozen screens, slow loading apps and etc. If you want to know the reasons why smartphones start degrading over time, the answer can lie across a variety of reasons.


Why you need Turbo Cleaner for your smartphone?

The first, the number of apps that you have installed on your smartphone directly affects your smartphones’ processing speed.

Second, the number of apps that are running in the background take up a lot of battery and resources. Third, as your phone ages, almost all the available storage is filled up and unless you regularly check how much space you have left and clear out unused apps and files, this results in slow but surely degradation of smartphones.


So, even though it is a matter of time before the performance of every smartphone diminishes. However, even if there is no solution to remedying this problem, there is a way to reduce the sluggishness of your smartphone. The solution: Turbo cleaner, a small yet packed full of features cleaner app by an independent developer group by the same name, Turbo Cleaner.

Now, as I mentioned earlier, all android phones will experience issues such as slow performance, lags or frozen screens. As such, there is a ton of boosters and optimisation apps across the google play store. There are a ton of ‘cleaner’ and ‘security’ apps that are scams.

Remember, what I told you earlier? Apps are one of the worst offenders and speed killer. These scam cleaners and boosters are the typical cases of apps that run in the background. Though they notify you of your phone being too hot, slow or full of junk/cache, however, they do not mention that they are the problem causing apps as well.

Well, with Turbo Cleaner, you can rest assured of no such problems. Dedicated to improving phone performance across all device, new or old; Turbo Cleaner stops unnecessary apps, clears junk files, cleans trash and memory cache as well as cool down the phone. The cleaner app is able to boost their device RAM, speed up their mobile device and save storage space as well.  

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Turbo Cleaner boasts a wide range of tools and features that will have you hooked on the app. There is a reason why Turbo Cleaner is one of the top ranking cleaner app on the market, its features will show you why they are at the top.

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  • Phone Boost

Turbo Cleaner features a phone boost. This frees up your smartphone memory (RAM) by closing unnecessary background apps. This clears up and provides a more free memory which in turn makes your phone faster.

The best part about the phone boost feature is that it further prevents from auto starting in the background and as a result, provides a long lasting durable boost effect on your mobile phone. It can speed up your mobile device by up to 50%. So if your phone has a terrible speed lag, try out Turbo Cleaner Phone Boost.

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  • Junk Files and Cache Clean

Turbo Cleaner features a junk file and cache cleaner. Now, everyone has some junk files on their mobile device; whether it be unused Apks or miscellaneous files. With Turbo Cleaner Junk Files and Cache Cleaner, the app AI intelligently and meticulously analyzes through all apps and folders on your mobile device.

It sorts our junk files which upon the clearing, releases a lot of storage space and this in turn, can have a drastic effect on your mobile device speed and performance. Caches are a result of stored data that enables faster data service, however not regularly clearing caches can result in great speed decrement. Clear your caches regularly with Turbo Cleaner.

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Phone Boost by turbo cleaner  Phone Boost by turbo cleaner

  • Phone Cooldown:

Overheating of mobile device upon prolonged usage or graphic intensive apps is one of the most common problems that mobile device owners face. With Turbo Cleaner, you will be able to detect apps and processes that are causing this overheating and you can promptly clean these apps. The Phone cooldown feature identifies the apps that are causing the overheating issue and closes them, so you can cool down your mobile device in minutes with this feature.

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  • Light Weight and Root Free

Now, all the above-mentioned features might result in you imagining the app Turbo Cleaner to be bulky. However, this is not the case. One of the most attractive features of Turbo Cleaner is that it is lightweight. With a total file size of only 4.5 Mb, you can save your data by downloading this app.

It is like the body of a lightweight boxer with the power of a heavyweight boxer. Furthermore, this app doesn’t need root access. While most ‘cleaners’ on the market require you to root your device, Turbo Cleaner does the same job without needing root access.

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Installing Turbo Cleaner is an easy task for all. You can download it via the Google Play Store. Click the link here or just search for Turbo Cleaner on the Google Play Store.

Alternatively, you can download the turbo cleaner apk file and do a manual installation. Remember to download the latest apk file and from a trusted source. You can click here for the apk file link.

Installing Turbo Cleaner is an easy task for all

If you are manually installing Turbo Cleaner with your downloaded apk file, remember that you need to enable ‘Third Party Installation’ from your device settings.

Just go to Settings → Applications → enable ‘third party installations’/check ‘Unknown Sources’

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How to use Turbo Cleaner

Learning how to use Turbo Cleaner is no rocket science. With its simplistic and interactive design, everyone can easily learn how to use Turbo Cleaner.

Upon the successful installation of Turbo Cleaner, a shortcut will be added to your mobile device home screen. So you can easily access the app when your android mobile device becomes slow, freezes or becomes unresponsive.

When you run the ‘Phone Boost’ feature, you will be able to kill dormant apps running in the background. Turbo Cleaner kills these apps that are consuming your RAM, however, before killing these background applications, you will be given the option of adding them to the ignore list. So if you want your Gmail app to run in the background, you can add it to the ignore list. Future phone boosts will not affect your Gmail app.

Learning how to use Turbo Cleaner is no rocket science

You can access this list of the ignored application easily. Open the application and on the main screen, tap on the checkmark icon at the top left the corner.

For Junk files and Cache cleaning, click on the middle left icon of a brush with the title junk clean. The app will then go through all your phone memory identifying useless files and the option for you to remove them. These files will be grouped into four categories: cache files, Obsolete APKS, Memory cache and Gallery thumbnails. Tap on the category that you wish to scrub clean and you are done.

To access the phone cooler tool, tap on the middle right icon of snowflakes with the title “CPU <insert CPU temp>”. Clicking the icon takes you to a new screen where Turbo Cleaner identifies the top culprit for your mobile device overheating.

Even if you do not read the above-mentioned section of how to use Turbo Cleaner, you will have no problem staying on top of the app. The design and the controls are intuitive and upon a single usage, you will be able to operate Turbo Cleaner with ease.



The concept and the process behind Turbo Cleaner and cleaner apps, in general, are known to every tech-savvy individual. However, repeating the process of cleaning your mobile device manually becomes a very tiring and repetitive process. With Turbo Cleaner, you take the hassle out of your mobile device maintenance by automating the process.

There have been complaints with regards to ads on the app, but this is baseless. The app developers have provided the app for free on the market, and even though most developers can go a day or two without eating, even tech guys eventually have to come out of their caves and eat.  

In this age and time, our mobile phone is an extension of us. From the moment we wake up till we sleep, we have our mobile phone with us. Even the process of going to loo has changed with mobile phones. Well, your mobile phone is like you. Unless you regularly exercise and maintain a proper hygiene, you are bound to get sick. Similarly, your mobile phone also needs to be trimmed off junk files, cleaned off extra storage weight, and optimized regularly. Turbo Cleaner not only assures you the best health check-ups for your phone, you can immediately rectify problems causing your mobile phone to be sluggish, unresponsive and laggy.

So have a go at Turbo Cleaner, with the size of only 4.5 MB, either way, you have everything to gain and only 4.5 MB worth of data to lose.

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