Microsoft has come up with some amazing software in the modern world of computers. Almost everyone who deals with computers is familiar with Microsoft office. Apart from that, there are numerous other applications created under the Microsoft label which are creating an impact across the globe. And when we talk about impact creating software, the Microsoft Dynamics 365 is one such example. Many organizations across the globe use dynamics in order to boost their business and improve their performance. But the question stands that what makes it different and why one should invest in learning and using Microsoft dynamics 365?

Connectivity between departments

Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based solution. It brings together various departments of your company. Mainly, you will be able to establish a solid connection between the CRM and Enterprise Resource Planning. Apart from that, other departments can also be connected which include the Marketing and Sales to Operation as well as the Finance and Customer Relations section. The primary idea behind connectivity is to collect the data which can be accessed by numerous in real time and establish a solid system that helps in making smart business decisions.

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Valuable insights

The insights to any business are crucial if you are interested in improving it and enhancing the workflow. For that, business intelligence comes in real handy and analytics provide a base for analysis. Why people prefer such software over other analytics and data collection is because of its versatility and accuracy. Dynamics has a lot of built-in features that allow you to interact with data in real time and gather valuable business insights. The software includes BI and analytics which combines the Power BI, Cortana Intelligence Suite and Azure to give an overview of your business and how it is being driven.

Better engagement and customer service

Dynamics has a specially designed interface which allows management to deal with cases separately. While the central data details give you an overview, you always have the option to manage a case on an individual basis. It permits the management to take a deep look at the case and have a thorough discussion with their client regarding the solutions. Often management teams come up with dedicated customer service solutions by having and overview of the individual case and how it can be tackled.
Moreover, you have the pattern recognition option which allows you to personalize the content for a person. This is particularly helpful if the person visits your business again. You will be aware of their interest and you can deal with them appropriately.



CRM is a highly valuable software for any company. Many organizations take their business to a whole new level with the help of such applications. But the problem arises with their maintenance and scalability at the bigger level. However, Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based solution with proper security and easy scalability. It assures that your needs are fulfilled and the mobility and accessibility associated with it make it a smart investment.