If you’re only just entering the depths of the world of Warcraft, it can feel like you’ve been hit by a truck trying to get your head around the game. I’d recommend persevering, though, with the decades of exciting lore, several expansions available, and a solid community of players ready to help newcomers.

Whether you’re happy to go solo or you want to play with your mates, it’s worth understanding some basics as it’ll help you have a tonne of fun and get to grips with the core game mechanics.


Select the character that matches YOU

Blizzard has are heaps of characters to choose from in World of Warcraft, each divided into classes. You have elves, undead, dwarves, and Worgen at your disposal, along with more boring humans (in my opinion). If you choose a character that’s not right for you, don’t fret as you get up to 50 to choose from if your current one isn’t the right fit.

All characters have different opening chapters, abilities, weapons, and playstyles. Gameplay is pretty samey across the races, but they vary greatly, meaning not everyone will suit your tastes. Rogues are great at close combat, Paladins are excellent healers, and Demon Hunters are ideal matches for goths. Choose one that works to your strengths.


Get to know your attacks and abilities.

Clicking a button will control your attacks, and it’s not uncommon to button mash without understanding what your attacks are doing. Before your first encounter, it’s good to practice hovering over each of your attacks to understand how powerful they are and which deals the most damage.

You should find the right balance during any battle, but the attacks should come naturally as you fight more enemies.

Work through the tutorial

It might seem long-winded with so much text in WoW, with the opening chapters looking like something out of the bible. It’s not a bad idea to pay attention to what the game is telling you. 

Sure, it may sound odd to read instead of killing enemies, but it will help you get a grip on how to tackle quests and the best methods to defeat those enemies in battle if you read what the game is advising.

Give the game a chance until after the starting area.

It is worth knowing that the game doesn’t even begin until you finish your character’s prologue. The initial missions award exciting lore and skills for your chosen class and race, and they need to be finished before jumping into the open world.

Compared to WoW Classic, these first missions are a little mundane, but you need to get to the open world where the fun really begins.

You may take up to 2 hours to finish the opening missions, so give the game a chance before you judge it solely on the opening scenes.

Once you dig into the main game you can expect to tackle some of the expansions along the way, and you may even need help from Castle Nathria Raid Carry services along the way for times when you get stuck.

Play with mates

Community is what World of Warcraft is all about, and although you can play solo, you’ll have a much better time if you get online and enjoy it with others you meet along the way. You can tackle quests together and take out monsters as a team.

If you meet some experienced players, it’s also useful as many will be willing to help and train you on the basics along the way.

We hope our woW newbie’s guide has helped; feel free to drop us a line below.