Every year many different apps come with a unique design handling the unique functions and more creatively the apps are designed difficulties are laid down on our path in selecting them. A feeling of enjoying the maximum benefit from the apps insist us to go with the more and more advanced versions. So here I am with the best apps that you should have on your smartphone.

An app is like an ornament for your mobile and more the advanced version of the app you have installed on your device more the people talk about you and the app. So having an interesting and exciting app on your phone is a point of attraction for other people. Now without wasting a time let us move on with the best trending smartphone apps.

  1. NETFLIX: – This is an app that you can’t ignore without downloading on your smartphone. It is a complete entertainment app where you can find the sea of your favorite movies, TV series and can enjoy sitting at you home with a single touch on your favorite. It is hard to believe that the Netflix which started with only DD sales, now offers so many advanced features that one can hardly ignore this app. Now stop worrying about your favorites, just go to Netflix and enjoy it with a good company.

netflix  netflix

  1. WEATHER: – Imagine you are working late night in your office and suddenly the weather changes. Imagine the feeling that you must be possessing at that period of time. This very situation will completely shatter your mind and the unavailability of the cabs services due to the weather change will add extra points to your worries. Well, now you don’t have to worry about this anymore as I am here with this great app that is none other than Weather.  The very name of the app signifies its importance, a complete description of the weather. It automatically informs you about the changing weather and keeps you updated with the current temperature of your surroundings.

weather app weather

  1. AWESUMMLY: – In the busy schedule of our work we hardly get the time to go through the happenings around us and the world. The pressure of the work is so much that sometimes we forget about the food which is our basic requirement. There have been many apps developed for our comfort regarding the news but what I am talking about is the best one. Well, I am none other than talking about Awesummly. The gaining popularity of this app in a short interval of time is really appreciable and also has created a benchmark for other news apps. It is an instant news app that gives you the detailed knowledge of the happenings around you in limited words. Today no one has the time to read the news and reading the complete detail of the current happenings is not even in the race. So this Awesummly app is really awesome for you to have a complete knowledge of the things in short words.


  1. POCKET CASTS: – Can you imagine an app that includes the bunch of themes to be applied to your photos or including the power pack playback features. Now you don’t have to further imagine these kinds of stuff as Pocket Casts app is now available in the Google Play store through which you can access this awesome features. The app provides you the great features through which you can enjoy your movie without any interruption. It cuts off the background noises thus giving you the real feel of a movie.


  1. EVERNOTE FOOD: – You might have all used the Evernote app for storing all your favorite websites and the other contents which are closer to you. Now I will not be giving you the description of the additional added Prodigy feature of this app but will be talking about the next generation of this app which has to boost its name. The app is now upgraded with the new stuff which is ideal for finding the best restaurants for you. It now includes the sea of foods including the continental and non-continental which might be unavailable in other food apps.

evernote food apps

  1. LAST MESSAGE: – Imagine your phone is on the verge of shut down and the last message you have received is the important one and suddenly your phone shuts down. Your message will be erased and you will be unaware of the important work which you have to do. In that situation, the Last Message is a must download where your message will be saved even if your phone shuts down. Now stop worrying about your last message and be cool after downloading the Last Message.


  1. FLIPKART: – Well this app does not need any explanation as we all are familiar with this app and have used in purchasing many of our stuff. All the products starting from the household products to the electronic goods are available in the app allowing you to get your favorites just sitting at home. Now stop worrying about going to market open Flipkart app and scroll down along all your favorite products.