yoga burn reviews

Yoga Burn Reviews, Does it Really Helps you Lose Weight? (Some Real Facts)

An Honest Review of Yoga Burn Challenge as per the Recent Research in 2020


Do you believe in loving your body no matter how it looks? I call bullshit! Yes, body positivism sounds amazing “Your body is awesome” sounds great, but is it the way it is?

Yes, it can be true, but do you really want to post your rolls of fat on Instagram with some empowering hashtags?

yoga burn reviews

When my friends ask how they look with insecurity, guilt, and doubt of being fat, I respond that they must love their body, but in truth, I was telling them that their insecurities aren’t valid.

If you are done with confronting these kinds of situations, then it’s time to take up the new weapon, and that is “Yoga Burn.” Let me share with you an in-depth Yoga Burn reviews that my mother has gone through for the past twelve months.

There is more to the Yoga Burn total-body challenge than being just another body workout program!

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What is Yoga Burn? How Can Yoga Burn Help You With Weight Loss?

Yoga Burn total-body challenge is a popular digital fitness program exclusive for women who have the desire to reshape their bodies and boost metabolism. In simple terms, it is a 12-week program that makes your weight loss process easier.  

yoga burn body challenge

You might think “great another body workout program that dangles the reward of the model body!” Wait but it’s different. How is Yoga Burn different?

Because the weight loss program designed by famous yoga coach Zoe Bray-Cotton monitors your progress with professionals and supporting staff who are available in just one call away.

Each week you have to complete three 45 minute yoga classes to get an amazing and quick result. It is described as a “strategic, progressive approach…that’s proven to deliver results.” 

It is designed to meet ‘You’ and your current weight loss goals. Like in a normal setting you don’t need to keep up with the same pace as everyone else. 


How can yoga burn challenges help you with weight loss? 

The answer to the question entirely depends on the commitment and regular use of the program. The 12-week plan is divided into three effective phases comprising each for three weeks. 

yoga burn

Anyone who wonders about yoga for belly fat and wants to reduce their weight should be dedicated to the dietary guide mentioned in the program.


Does it Really Work? Is it Genuine or Not?

Yes unlike other phony fitness videos challenging that you will become a zero figure in 10 days, Yoga Burn challenge is designed to be a progressive routine that continuously helps in burning more calories.

 Also, it comes with a 60-day and entire money-back guarantee that is worth its price and not a money waste in any way. 


Is Yoga Burn Affordable? How Much Does it Cost?

yoga burn reviews

After reading till here, the nagging question of whether the program is worth it will cross your mind. Well, you can buy Yoga Burn from the website so that you can get qualified for a 60-day money-back guarantee as well.

  • You can get 1 Digital Download +1 Physical copy for $37.00
  • You can get 1 Digital Download + 2 Physical copy for $57.00

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What Are The Three Phases of Yoga You Must Go Through?

The program consists of three phases, let’s take a deeper look at them.

 yoga to reduce belly fat


Phase 1 (Foundational Flow)

This first phase helps you build strong yoga foundations. Your flexibility can boost metabolism and it’s a great way that minimizes a major chance of injury.  The first four weeks are all about teaching you the foundation of strong practices of yoga. 

It is an invaluable asset that aptly works in your weight loss endeavours. The videos are easy to follow that focus on your form and posture. By the end of phase one, my mom came down to two and a half inches off the waist! Her words are “I have never felt better.” 

Phase 2 (Transitional Flow)

This phase is dedicated to implementing the moves that you have learned from Phase 1 to burn more calories to get your heart rate up with Yoga Burn! With amazing digital access, you can harness the benefits with advanced moves from the transitional flow.

Now, since the first phase makes your body and mind immensely comfortable with basic moves you’ll be ready for a second phase intense workout. The videos will be concentrating on large muscle groups: Lower Body, Upper Body, and the core.

By the end of week 5, you’ll feel like you’re on fire focusing on movements from the inside out. The peaceful and calming helps in connecting with your inner soul helping you workout to the fullest.

Phase 3 (Mastery Flow) 

Get ready to start kicking up a notch! The skills you develop from the first two phases are all about gaining mastery in this phase. The intensity of the workout gets higher to gear you into an ultra transitional period. 

Yoga Burn total-body challenge in this phase and challenges you in a different way. Each video aims to encourage muscle fatigue with sets of positions and poses.

The one thing I noticed in this phase is My Mom started feeling better and relaxed from the muscles she used to have trouble with before. Especially the hip area and a good portion of her arms from the intense workout. 

yoga burn

Yoga Burn is a treat for mental clarity as well. In this phase, you feel energized to the core. By the end of Week 9, you will surely notice the loss of weight like yoga for belly fat does. What better to get expert weight loss tips huh!

Zoe will push you to master the advanced sequences that many people never seem to master even after years of generic classes. You’ll burn more calories and notice real changes in the body.

So these are the phases in Yoga Burn that makes your goal effective.

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How Long Does a Yoga Burn Workout Take to Complete?

Yoga burn body challenge workout program is designed for 12-weeks that helps in the rigorous shaping of women’s bodies and boosts their metabolism to the next level. Do you like to get a classic yoga booty? Then this is your call. 

Yoga burn kick start kit workout works in a 3 phase program that is divided into many videos. Each video is 45 minutes long and comes with a bonus video as well. It is recommended to complete 3 videos per week. 


Who is Zoe Bray-Cotton? What is Her Contribution to Yoga Burn?

Zoe Bray-Cotton is a certified professional yoga instructor, female transformation specialist, and personal trainer well known internationally. She is the mastermind and creator behind the Yoga Burn workout program.  

yoga burn reviews

Her amazing people skills and talent has been a success in transforming every client’s body. Zoe has over a decade of experience in teaching different forms of yoga style in studios and gyms across North America. She came up with the idea to empower women who have problems losing their excess weight.

You can definitely expect a sea of change in your body because Zoe does a great job as a yoga instructor and the steps are easy to follow. Even if you’re a clueless beginner. 


11 Things You Must know about Yoga Burn When it Comes to Weight Loss | Step by Step Guide

  • It promotes weight loss.
  • Improves blood flow
  • Bolsters your energy level
  • Muscle strength and tone are proved to increase.
  • You can expect a good sleep
  • Promotes in maintaining a lean body
  • Become a flexible woman
  • Yoga burn enhances and balances your mood.
  • Your flat belly dream may come true
  • Increases your metabolism
  • Effectively burns calories

Yoga Burn for Women Bonus Points

Yoga Burn Challenge Program also provides a bonus video for every three phases. Let’s look at how it enhances your workout compared to the regular videos.

yoga burn challenge


1. Yoga Burn Bonus 1- Tranquility Flow

The video teaches you all about the basic principles of restorative yoga. The 15 minutes contain information regarding how to relax and stretch your body in an easy way.

Besides it also teaches you the importance of maintaining a proper posture while walking and sitting. Cool isn’t it? It really helped my mother not walk with a hump anymore. 

2. Yoga Burn Bonus 2- Beginner Flow

This video is 45 minutes long for those who find it difficult to perform yoga. It provides a step by step guide on stretching for yoga poses to a much slower pace. As a beginner to yoga, you can really enhance your skill and get passionate about the whole workout program. 

3. Yoga Burn Bonus 3- Pose Tutorials

If you want to learn the yoga poses then this bonus video helps you a lot. It provides tutorials on 21 yoga poses. 

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What are the Pros and Cons of Yoga Burn?

Pros of Yoga Burn

Cons of Yoga Burn

✅ Yoga burn body challenge program is suitable for all fitness levels.  ❎ Although it is a top-notch program, the high-intensity workout is not for everyone.
✅ The methods and steps are easy to follow. ❎ The results will not be the same for everyone.
✅ You get a 60-day money-back guarantee.                          
✅ It is affordable                          
✅ You can complete the yoga burn body challenge workout at your own pace.                            

What Do People Think About Yoga Burn? According to Internet Research and People’s Reviews.

Let’s see what people are talking about from below screenshots taken from the recent yoga burn reviews. 

yoga burn challenge


yoga burn total body challenge

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, yoga burn was created for the goal of helping women to increase their fitness level and lose unnecessary weight. Unlike many programs, this guide is very effective in explaining the correct forms through tutorials that maximizes fat burning. 

The 12- week program divided into 3 phases of 45 minutes videos is reasonable and can be managed according to your busy schedules. So, I highly recommend Yoga Burn and I hope you loved this Yoga Burn Reviews.



1. Who will benefit extremely from the Yoga Burn Challenge?

According to Zoe, the program is created so that it helps women to lose extra weight and empower them effectively. It assists both beginners and experienced to achieve their goal in reducing weight and getting first. 

2. Is Yoga Burn good for pregnant women?

Yes, pregnant women can participate in yoga burn body challenge workout because it doesn’t involve any heavy-weight lifts, and browbeating training. Whether you are a pregnant mommy or a busy lady, you can do it from the comfort of home. 

3. How is it different from yoga classes? (Yoga Burn vs Yoga Class)

Yoga burn is designed especially for women and helps in burning fat quickly than spending many months in yoga classes. So yoga burn is much higher in value at a reasonable price. 

4. Which offers are available in Yoga Burn Challenge?

The basic pack is priced at $40 plus a coupon that offers you videos called bonus videos for three phases helping you enhance your yoga skills. 

5. Is Yoga Burn hard?

No, Yoga burn is designed to improve the efficiency of burning fat for beginners in an easy manner. Gradually it advances so difficult poses, but the previous videos will help you in building the skill and energy required for difficult poses.


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