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Your Guide to Best Family Vacation Spots in Poconos

Are you looking for some vacation spots in Poconos for a family vacation? This guide features some of the Poconos’ best and all-time favourite destinations for families to connect and spend some time together. 

Vacations are a great way to unwind and take a break from your daily routine. It is an excellent means to reconnect with your loved ones. The list includes all the family vacation spots in Poconos according to your vacation priorities. 

Winter, spring, fall or summer: Poconos Mountains offer fun activities for everyone all year round. Get excited and scoop in to plan for some exciting trip ideas from our blog!

Family Vacation

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What are the best areas for family vacation spots in Poconos? 

1. Jim Thorpe 

Best for Historic trip | Victorian styled town 

Jim Thorpe is a historic town in Poconos and is famous for its shops, unique inns and museums. It is also the most preferred place for a family vacation as it has many places for you and your kids to explore. 

How can you spend your day in Jim Thorpe: 

  1. The Asa Packer Luxury Mansion Museum is located in Asa Packer’s mansion, which appears to be almost the same as when the Packer family occupied the home in the late 1800s. 
  2. Guests can also experience historic train rides by visiting the Lehigh Gorge Scenic Railway. The tour starts in a diesel engine train that takes visitors over the bridges and through the Lehigh Gorge State Park. 
  3. The Old Jail Museum is a two-story stone structure built to serve Jim Thorpe and neighbouring areas. 
  4. Bear Mountain Butterfly Sanctuary is the best spot for family outings and trips. The sanctuary has a variety of animals like toads and fish. They also have a unique space for birthday parties. 

Jim Thorpe

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2. Stroudsburg 

Best for: First time in Poconos 

Stroudsburg is the main gateway to the Poconos for travellers from the East Coast. The area is quite vibrant and is full of life throughout the year. It is a perfect spot for first-time visitors to the Poconos and is an excellent base for exploring the region more, even if you don’t have your own vehicle/car. 

The inns and restaurants are locally owned and give a glimpse into the culture of Poconos. The friendly locals around the area make the place more memorable and happy! 

How can you spend your day in Stroudsburg 

  1. Quiet Valley Living Historical Farm is open for tours from morning to evening, where the guests can dress in period clothes and live life like the Pennsylvania German family. 
  2. Mountain View Vineyard is best known for its distilled spirits and beer in addition to the wine. Guests can enjoy tasting samples and live entertainment during weekends. 
  3. The Sherman Theater is a leading arts organization constructed initially in the 1920s and organizes concerts and music sessions.


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3. Tobyhanna 

Best for: Waterparks

Tobyhanna is an unincorporated community located in Monroe County. Despite its name, it is not situated in Tobyhanna township. 

How to spend your day in Tobyhanna? 

  1. Camelbeach Mountain Waterpark offers a lot of fun-filled activities for the whole family. The place has around 37 slides, rides, and attractions, making it the biggest waterpark in Pennsylvania! 
  2. Sunset Hill Shooting Range was started by the shooting community of Pennsylvania and surrounding areas for quite some time now. 
  3. Great Wolf Lodge Waterpark is a go-to place for families with members of all ages. There are whirlpools – adults and kids, massive kids pool and slides. It also has a basketball pool and bar. 


4. Lake Harmony 

Best for: Lakeside and recreational activities 

Lake Harmony is a hotspot for actively looking for outdoor adventure in the Poconos. From water sports to thrilling hiking, there is always something happening in Lake Harmony for all ages. 

Located on the hills of Carbon County, this beautiful vacation destination has lots to offer. The landscape provided by Lake Harmony comprises a clean glacial lake, lush forests, and hills that you and your family can explore.

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How can you spend your day in Lake Harmony?

  1. Lake Harmony, unlike other lakes, allows the visitors to take a dip and enjoy boating and kayaking. You can also sit on the edge of the lake and enjoy the beautiful landscape view of the lakes. 
  2. Lake Harmony also has dozens of activities and you can also check for lake harmony rentals and cabins that can be enjoyed during the winter, including two major skiing areas – Big Boulder and Jack Frost ski areas. It is a perfect place to ski, ride, and explore terrain parks. You can also enjoy ice skating on Sand Spring Lake. 
  3. Lake Harmony is also famous for its raceway experience. It is a must-visit place for those who like to watch racing cars and have kids who love car racing. 

Lake Harmony

5. Blakeslee 

Best for: Laid-back vacation 

Want to enjoy some laid-back time with your family in the Poconos. Blakeslee is a perfect place to enjoy the quiet, lush beauty of nature. Blessed with beautiful views and natural areas, Blakeslee is one of the best places in Poconos. It is also close to many popular attractions. 

How can you spend your day in Blakeslee? 

  1. Austin T Blakeslee Natural Area offers everything – from hiking picnics to fishing in the season. It is a 130-acre preserve in Tobyhanna Creek and is a popular spot for fly fishing. There are three main trails in the area with many side trails to walk around. 
  2. Revive those engines and feel the adrenaline rush in the NASCAR-style stock care. You can either ride the car yourself or sit in the passenger seat to experience the thrill of racing cars. 
  3. Stoddartsville is a district blessed with wells, archaeological sites and remains of barns. 


What are the best family vacation rentals in the Poconos? 

Considering the locations you choose to stay in, there are many family spots in Poconos based on your preferred vacation trip. Continue reading further if you want to know the activities you can do in Poconos all year round. 

Some of the best vacation rentals to consider include cottages or lake houses near lakes, farmhouses with barns and even mansions in a pristine area spread across the Poconos. It entirely depends on the purpose of your trip and what you choose to do.

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Things to do in the Poconos 

  • Enjoy your time in the clear, scenic waters of the lakes in the Poconos with kayak, canoe, raft or tube. You can also spend some time on the edge of the river or take a dip to beat the summer heat. 
  • Explore the natural beauty of the area by hiking or going for a stroll in the state parks of the Poconos in different regions. Some of the regions also have biking trails for the guests. 
  • Spend some time exploring the majestic mountains by riding a train across the mountains. There are many train rides scheduled in different towns across the Poconos. 
  • During winter, you can enjoy snow-filled adventure activities like skiing, ice skating, snow tubing or enjoying sleigh rides or horse riding across the mountains. 
  • Besides the adventure activities, you can visit some of the historic towns like Jim Thorpe, which has preserved the history of Poconos for a long time and is a great place to learn more about the local culture.

Poconos adventure

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Above all, the Poconos is an incredible place to have a laid-back weekend getaway, to relax with majestic views and unwind yourself to rejuvenate! 

We hope that this guide has helped you choose the best spot for a family vacation in Poconos. Let us know in the comments below where you will choose to stay in Poconos for your next trip? 

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