Hair loss affects nearly 70% of men and 40% of women. Regardless of how prevalent the issue is, smooth-headed men and women do not find comfort in that aspect. Hair-loss remains a distressing experience that eventually takes its toll on one’s mentality, leaving those affected confined in a poor mental state. Hair after-all has its psychological benefits. It remains a means for us to self express our identity, feelings, and thoughts. With its loss patients often become overwhelmed with anxiety and decreased self-esteem.

Your path to hair restoration

Fortunately, there exist permanent solutions to hair loss, putting the suffering of the bald to an end. While it may seem hard to hold the string that leads you along the path to hair restoration, we hope this article helps to disentangle the knot of confusion regarding the process of hair restoration via hair transplants. Read along to find all the information you may need.

Importance of hair

From a young age, we are sent the message that the secret to beauty and looking younger is in the mane of keratin strands on our heads. The statement does hold some truth; in the end as we age, our hair begins to thin naturally. It is hence making us establish the link between aging and hair loss. Moreover, hair is a sign of vitality as it reflects the person’s physical and mental health. As a result, we tend to find those with shiny manes to be more attractive. The relationship between looking younger, being healthy, and voluminous locks; makes the process of hair loss a horrifying ordeal for those who experience it.

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The permanent solution

There is only one permanent solution to hair loss to date, and it is hair transplants. There are alternative solutions to hair transplants; however, they often come at a cost which only the patient can determine its worth. Hair transplants remain the most sought after treatment for baldness for its convenience over current therapies. Hair transplantation is a one-time procedure that relocates follicular units from areas of hair growth to areas of hair loss, ensuring upon relocation, hair growth in target areas.

Factors to consider

Below are a few factors to take into consideration before beginning the process:

1- Financial factors

The primary obstacle facing hair loss patients is often the costs of the procedure. With unrealistically high prices in the US and Europe, glabrous headed patients often feel hopeless. It is important to remember that while hair transplantation can cost anywhere around $25,000; the price is significantly lower in other countries.

Countries like Turkey, offer cutting-edge technologies in facilities that exceed the standards of international medical care at the cost of around $2,500. The majority find the prices to be dubious. However, it is important to remember that many factors go into the equation; however, poor standards are not a contributing factor.

2- Choosing the right treatment

There are currently tens of different techniques for hair transportation that patients often feel lost among them. For starters, there are presently two major hair transplantation techniques: FUE and FUT. FUT or follicular units transplantation is the first hair transplantation technique to emerge. Given its inefficiency, the method has disappeared in various countries except for Europe, where its lower prices in comparison to cutting edge technologies make it a valid option. FUE stands for follicular unit extraction and is the technique that revolutionized the hair transplant industry. Since upon its emergence FUT almost disappeared, FUE has been subject to further enhancements and modifications to make the process more efficient.

 hair transplantation techniques

Other techniques you hear about are in reality variants of FUE, with the most popular being Sapphire FUE and DHI Choi.

3- Choosing the right clinic

After setting your mind on a country that provides cost-efficient procedures at high standards of medical care, it is time to find the right clinic. First thing, search for hair transplant centers or clinics in the said country. Based on the results, compare clinics based on google star rating. The higher the score, the better the services. Secondly, you should rely on reviews to make the ideal judgment. The value of feedback from previous customers is unprecedented. Finally, request before and after pictures which should reveal to you the skill of the surgeon. Combined, the factors above should help you assess the quality of medical care at any given clinic.

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Taking the first steps towards the hair of your dreams

Upon deciding on a country for hair restoration, choosing the treatment most suitable for you, and lastly choosing the right clinic; your trip begins.

Step 1:

Contact your clinic of choice to a book an online consultation session with a medical specialist to assess your case. During the consultation session, the medical specialist will ask you to send pictures of your scalp from several angles, upon which your situation will be assessed, and candidacy either rejected or accepted.

Read the following article for tips on taking pictures for online consultation.

Step 2:

If it is concluded you make for a good candidate, your next step is to book a flight ticket according to the date of your surgery.

Step 3:

Upon your arrival, hair transplant centers in Turkey will arrange for a private driver and a representative to greet and pick you up from the airport. Next, you will be taken directly to the hotel where the clinic would have booked you a room for three nights. On the first day, you will rest. On the second day, you will be escorted to the hospital with a private car for an in-office consultation. Your doctor will request general blood tests to ensure you do not suffer any diseases that might influence your candidacy. If all goes as planned your surgery will begin and can last anywhere to six hours.

Step 4:

Once the surgery is over, your driver will take you back to the hotel room to rest. The morning after, the clinic will call you in for a clinical scalp washing session. During the washing, a nurse will use anti-clot shampoos and creams to carefully rinse off any clots without imposing any damage to the transplanted follicular units.

Step 5:

The process is officially over, and patients can choose between going directly back home or spending a few days in beautiful Istanbul. Most decide to spend a few days touring around this ancient city enjoying its culture, architecture, and cuisine.


In closing

Hair transplantation is currently the only convenient means for hair loss patients to restore their hair, self-esteem, and youth. However, with the flaming prices of the treatment in both the UK and the USA, patients often resort to accepting their poor self-esteems and state of mental health as part of their lives.

What most patients are blind to, is the lower prices abroad in countries like Turkey where the average hair transplant surgery costs around $2,500. Beginning the process of hair restoration might seem overwhelming, but hopefully, this article addressed all your concerns.

For further information, contact Vera Clinic to book an online consultation session with a medical specialist.