Maintaining accurate payroll and attendance records can be a drag. Are you ready for something better?

Your Role Call and Payroll Nightmares Are Over

Assess Data From Anywhere

One of the most intriguing features of Clockspot’s time and attendance software is that it allows you and your employees to clock in and out from just about anywhere. As long as you have the software program installed on your device, you can clock in without having to worry about failing technology and outdated methods. Here’s how it works: employees can clock in and out using their smartphone or web browser, and the entire process takes less than 30 seconds. It’s a huge time saver!


If you are worried about honesty and not knowing whether or not your employees are actually at work, then use Clockspot to solve your trust issues by using their special solution. Managers can see just where employees clocked in, with the latest location technology used by the company.

Keep Track of Special Cases

Okay, so what about overtime payments, paid time off, late arrivals, absences, vacation time and the like? Yep, that is included in Clockstop’s timekeeping services as well! The software records and reports in real time so that you always know what your employees are up to and you can keep track of each person’s timeliness and attendance.

All of this data and numerical information is easily exported onto your mobile device so that you can always have everything with you while being on the move. In fact, you can keep track of so much more with Clockspot with its numerous fascinating features.


For instance, for any given staff member, you can check out what they are working on, how long they had spent on it, when they started and ended, and what is their exact location performing the task. The company provides you a solution to keep track of your workers and their work, which leads to increasing the productiveness of your team.

Calculate Payroll in Mere Minutes

When it comes to analyzing all of this data and processing it into payroll, Clockspot will not let you down. The time sheets and attendance software makes the necessary calculations in real time whenever you need them, taking into account those special cases, like paid time off and overtime work. You will be able to see each of these reports and make any changes if you want.

Calculate Payroll in Mere Minutes

The time sheets will not go through without your approval, so don’t be concerned. Instead, imagine the time and energy you could save with this amazing software. Moreover, the costs that you will save will be better spent on other business endeavors that you can use to promote your brand and provide much more clients with the solution they need for their small and medium-sized businesses.

ClockSpot’s Benefits

Employers from all over the world are delighted with Clockspot’s web-based time tracking platform due to the many benefits it provides. Some of these advantages include:

  • Authorize Device & Phone Numbers
  • Monitor when employees clock in & out with the system’s online clock feature
  • Sort tasks fast & efficiently
  • Internal e-mailing & file sharing system
  • Track employee absences & attendance
  • Calculate payroll
  • Web based & doesn’t require desktop based software.

ClockSpot’s Features

  1. Mobile Clocking & Tracking
  2. Manage “Paid Time Off”
  • Voice Reports and Authentication
  1. Task Management
  2. Seamless Data Exportation
  3. Overtime and Payroll Calculator
  • Absence Request Management
  • Employer Can Leave Notes for Employees

Company’s Lore

ClockSpot was founded in 2005 by Jason Ho, who wanted to provide businesses with a solution to track their employees without somebody being there physically to watch them over.

The software was developed and tested for about two years before it was launched in 2007. Businesses from around the world grow fond of this application and it’s success was immediate. Ten months after it was launched, the company reached its 1000th customer.

Currently, the company provides tracking solutions to thousands of companies.

Is this software for you?

This is the perfect web-based solution from businesses of all sizes. Employees can clock in using their phones and computers and there aren’t any software installs and complications given the fact that Clockspot is web-based. You can easily manage the employee’s information through your mobile device. The price of this software depends on the number of users. The price range is from $9/month to $49/month.

However, this software is not for personal use and its main targets are the medium and large-sized firms.

Famous Companies Using ClockSpot?

  • Holiday Inn
  • Coca-Cola
  • McDonald’s
  • Comcast
  • Starbucks
  • Pepsi