When thinking about marketing, the most crucial aspect that can never be ignored is the market base as the goal is always to reach to as many people as possible. Globally, there has been a trend that cannot be ignored by any business regardless of size, and this is the increased use of social platforms. All it takes to realize the impacts of these platforms is the average number of hours people spend on them daily. Typically, everyone with a smartphone is always too focused on their screens and will use a significant amount of their free time to browse through their different accounts. For a business that wants to enhance their presence, this is a channel that cannot be ignored as it provides direct access to the most extensive market base.

YouTube Advertising And How It Can Revolutionize Your Market Outreach

Numbers do not lie, and while considering the most suitable social platforms to use to achieve your marketing objectives, YouTube can never be ignored. According to the latest statistics on major social platforms, YouTube has over two billion active users globally and has been installed in more than five billion Android phones as of 2018. This shows the broad coverage of this platform as it is the default go-to video streaming app for anyone who wants to keep up with their favorite artist, influencer, or watch that trending video. As more smartphones are sold worldwide, and more people have social media accounts, the popularity of YouTube keeps growing by the day. The only other social media platform that currently boasts of more active users than the platform is Facebook that records the highest number of logins every month.

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For any other YouTube user, the platform has the most extensive collection of videos that is more than sufficient to keep them entertained for as long as they need. However, for a business, there is the perfect opportunity to target as many potential clients as possible through advertisements. Generally, there are lots of ways to use YouTube as a marketing platform as it offers several options for running ads that include;

  1. In-Video ads. These advertisements primarily appear as banner ads or text ads at the bottom of the video that is playing. They do not interrupt the client from seeing their favorite videos but once clicked re-direct the user to the company’s website. Generally, given the limited space, the text is limited and is widely used to enhance brand recognition.
  2. Bumper ads. These ads suddenly play while one is watching videos and are non-skippable typically lasting for six seconds before the original video resumes. Businesses can maximize on these ads to increase market awareness as well as announce new products or services. Since the user cannot skip them, running this kind of ads is generally more costly as YouTube charges per view.
  3. Skippable videos ads. These advertisements are played before, during, and after the video, and after five seconds, viewers have the option of skipping the ad. The primary objective when creating these ads is to make them as captivating as possible so that clients can view the entire content. Another trick is to send across the message as clearly as possible in the first five seconds before the viewer can get to skip the ad.
  4. Ads as ads. This is an exciting feature on YouTube that allows businesses to place their websites as they would in Google search pages. These ads are shown as flash ads or standard images on different pages, and clients can easily click on them to be re-directed to your website. Generally, the costs paid for such ads are dependent on the number of clicks.


The lots of advantages of advertising via YouTube nonetheless come with the necessity of tailoring a marketing campaign to reach out to the right target. No business has ever succeeded by targeting everyone regardless of how popular it has become. A suitable way to ensure that all efforts are worthwhile is to invest in a team that offers PPC just for YouTube. Tailored PPC ads work the magic as they have specific targets including, demographics, key phrases, topic, and category, to meet interests of the audience. In the end, the practicality of investing in YouTube ads is in how well the campaign will be managed while focusing on the right audience as it is the only way to boost your bottom line.