We prefer headsets while watching a movie or listening to our favorite songs due to its great sound quality. These headphones not only allow you to listen to your favorites better and clearly but it elevates your music or the movie you are watching. When it comes to game people invest a lot of money in purchasing these headphones whether you are playing for fun or to get better than others. It gives you a feeling that you yourself is playing the game and elevates your game by making you hear better and clearly.


But what is a wireless gaming headset and what are the things that people generally see while purchasing it? In this article, I will give you a detailed description of all these things along with the best wireless gaming headsets for you.


It is a combination of headphone along with a microphone which provides the same functionality as that of the telephone but our hands are free while using headsets. It is due to this feature only that today it is replacing telephones and generally we see people using headphones to talk. The main difference between a telephone and a headset is that a telephone uses 150-ohm loudspeakers with narrow frequency range while the headset uses 32-ohm loudspeaker with a broader frequency range. Today these headsets have changed the scenario and people though having electronic gadgets in their hand plug their headsets in their device and then do their works either talking, watching a movie or playing the thrilling games. When plugged these headsets drag us to a new world, a world full of entertainment, thrill, and excitement. The great sound quality of these headsets adds extra to its features and the majority of the youth are attracted to this feature only.

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There are many features which user wants to see in a particular headset and if those features are missing then it is avoided. Here are some of the features which people see while purchasing the headsets.

  1. COMFORTABLE: – It is the main feature that people search in every headphone. The headphones which are not felt comfortable while wearing is disregarded by the public.
  2. IS IT COMPATIBLE: – The headphone which we are buying must be compatible with the gaming platform in which we have to use it. There are headphones which work on a particular gaming platform and not on others which are often regarded by the people.
  3. WIRELESS HEADSET: – A wireless headset is more advantageous than a wired headset. In a wireless headset, we are free from wires and there is no chore of working with it. It is far more proficient than a wired headset and is getting better with passing years. These days the wireless headsets are most widely used in playing thrilling and excitement games.
  4. SOUND QUALITY: – The gaming headset must have good sound quality and it is one of the most important features of the headset which attracts a large number of people towards itself.

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The above-mentioned features are the attracting points for the public. Here are the best wireless gaming headsets having all these features.

  1. V-MODA CROSSFADE WIRELESS: – The look of this particular headset is awesome with powerful bass tones. It has an inbuilt microphone especially the boom microphone which elevates the gaming experience. The body is made up of metal with leather coverings and battery is lithium ion battery which provides good battery backup up to 12 hours. While playing games it gives the best sound effect like the firing of bullets and striking of the ball in the Fifa.These experiences are full of thrill and excitement and bring the game to life. In terms of its music performance, this headset is very nice for the music lovers because of its excellent bass and the excellent sound system inside it. This headset is compatible with many platforms such as XBOX360, Playstation3, Playstation4, PC, Mac and with smartphones and tablets.


ASUS ROG STRIX WIRELESS: – This headset is best suited for gaming because of its low input lag. It has been made with 2.45Ghz wireless technology, 900 mAh battery which gives a good backup but less than that of V-MODA CROSSfADE WIRELESS. The sound system is excellent and one can hear the gunshots and the footsteps with high accuracy. The USB dongle feature enables us to establish wireless connections on both PC and Playstation 4 with the proper functioning of the headsets. The headset is designed with dual antenna design which makes it establish the connection even in complicated wifi connection. It is a multiple compatible headsets and it can work on many platforms such as XBOX, Playstation3, XBOX 360 and in smartphones and tablets. It has a flexible boom mic which provides clear communication with others and provides easy control of the keys while playing.


STEEL SERIES SIBERIA 840: – This headset is also one of the trusted headsets by the game lovers due to its multifunctional features. This headset is compatible with many platforms such as XBOX, Playstation3, PC, Mac with the most powerful battery life of backup up to 20 hours which is also one of the key features of this headset. It is comfortably fit in our ears and the keys are easy to control without the movement of the eyes. It can respond to 20-20000Hz frequency and the volume can be increased up to 100dB which brings the game to life. The excellent sound quality elevates the gaming experience and gives the real feeling of the game especially when we can hear the sounds clearly and with great accuracy. The virtual 7.1 surround sound provides the good atmospheric genre such as horror and has 40mm Neodymium drivers.


CORSAIR VOID WIRELESS: – This headset contains the features which can easily attract you. The headset is compatible with XBOX 360, PLaystation3, Playstation4, PC, Mac, smartphones and in tablets. It has a battery life of 16 hours and 7.1 virtual surround sound with RGB lighting provides the good atmospheric genres. It has been made with 2.4Ghz wireless technology with 40 feet of wireless range.It is very comfortable because of the soft memory foam on both headband and earcups. The headphones are connected by silver metal brackets which let the ear cup pivot making it more comfortable to wear. It has 50mm Neodymium drivers with noise canceling microphone and is designed with a mic which provides clear communication.


SENNHEISER PXC 550: – This headset is relatively more comfortable and light weight as compared to any other gaming wireless headsets with an improved noise cancellation technology.The main feature included in this headset is the touch control which allows the user to handle it in an easy way. It has a good battery life of back up to 30 hours making it the most trusted headset for gaming. The excellent battery life and sound quality give the best experience ever. It elevates the gaming experience and the clear audio gives a thrilling experience. When we are listening to music through this headphone it will be automatically paused when removed which is also one of the key feature included in this headset.


TURTLE BEACH EAR FORCE Z300: – If you are planning to buy a gaming headset then it is highly recommended if you want to save money and pick the best one. With 7.1 channel Dolby sound, it gives the best gaming experience one has ever had. It adds extra to your gaming experience with Dual Wi-Fi wireless along with 50mm speakers which give clear audio. A rechargeable lithium ion battery with a battery backup of 15 hours. One can easily listen to music or can communicate with other people through the Bluetooth technology without leaving the game. It has a frequency resonance response of 20-20000Hz with the speaker impedance of 32 ohms. It is compatible with Playstation3, Playstation4, XBOX 360, PC, Mac and also with smartphones and tablets and the microphone used in this headset is removable.


LOGITECH G930: – It is one of the cheapest headsets among all the wireless headsets. The 7.1 sound system provides a good gaming environment and has top notch wireless features. It is a noise canceling microphone in which the frequency response of the headset is 20Hz-20Khz and that of the microphone is 50-20000Hz with the input impedance of 32 ohms. This headset is included with G930 headset, USB wireless adapter and mini USB charging base. The battery gives a backup of 8-10 hours which is quite impressive. Talking about the sound quality of this headset, it is good and provides a good gaming experience with the sounds of the walking, firing bullets etc. It is designed with a software through which we can adjust the equalizer volume. The buttons are there on the headset through which are easy to control and through the buttons, we can easily communicate to others playing the game.


ASTRO GAMING A50: – The 7.1 Dolby digital sound system provides a good gaming experience and has top notch wireless features. It is compatible with Playstation4, XBOX, designed with three EQ modes for movies, hardcore gaming, and competitive shooters. It operates at a frequency of 5.8GHz which is far much higher than other wireless gaming headsets which provide clarity and range with less interference. Tuned with Astro audio is a great point of attraction for the public. The combination of MixAmp technology and open air transducer boosts up the quality of the sound.


FNATIC GEAR DUEL MODULAR PRO: – It is the first headset used for both gaming and life and is in collaboration with AIAIAI which is a reputed audio company. It has a high-quality boom mic which provides clarity of the voice and we can easily communicate with others. It has a driver of diameter 40mm with the maximum power of 70mW. It has the input impedance of 32 ohms, frequency resonance response of 75Hz  and sound pressure level of 117dB. There are no LED lights on this headset but its look is stylish and the earcups and the cushion are made of PU leather which makes it comfortable to wear. The microphone inserted into this headset is made up of flexible metal which provides clear sound.


RAZER MAN O WAR: – This headset is new in the gaming market and its color scheme and logo is the main point of attraction for the public. It has 7.1 digital sound quality with a mic which can be easily withdrawn or simply we can use the word, retractable. The battery life of this headset is good which provides continue gaming experience up to 14 hours. It has a frequency response of 20-20000Hz with the input impedance of 32 ohms. The input power is 30mW and has 50mm Neodymium drivers. The wireless technology is 2.4Ghz which provides clarity and range up to 12m. It is compatible with XBOX, Playstation3, Playstation4, PC, Mac, smartphones and tablets. Internet connection is required for the driver installation and the sensitivity of this headset is 38dB.


                                                                                        FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION AND ANSWERS

Q1. WHAT IS THE BEST WIRELESS HEADSET FOR PC AND PS3?                                  There are many headsets for this but I think that Logitech Gaming headset would be the best one.

Q2. WHY ARE GAMING HEADSETS MONO?                                                                The gaming headsets are not mono, they are stereo headphones. Mono headphones are for telephone operators and not for gaming.