Video production format

Find Out The Ideal Video Production Format That Will Serve Your Requirements The Best

Video production by the top 10 Melbourne videographers can be a broad term when considering various video formats. The vines of Video Production reach far beyond the eventful shores of Melbourne and can be encountered in every part of the globe.

Video production format

From commercials and episodic TV to sports television and live events, each video production process necessitates Melbourne’s talent and crew’s unique approach, technique, and execution.


Here’s how to categorise each method and distinguish between the various kinds of video production:

Advertisements and Commercials

Commercials, often known as ‘Adverts,’ are advertising in which goods, services, organisations, concepts, or anything else is marketed on television or the internet. Generally, an external agency designs and produces an advertisement nine times out of ten.

However, making a commercial takes longer than you may expect. To make a professionally created commercial, you’ll need a team that’s more akin to a feature film than a documentary or something similar. Commercial productions can last days, even weeks, and cost well over $100,000 in Melbourne.

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Corporate Videos

There’s something for everyone, from testimonials and endorsements to internal training and conferences videos. Corporate video creation is nearly a need in several businesses, and it serves a variety of objectives beyond external product/brand promotion. There is a great need for this form of video creation in Melbourne.

A typical shot of this nature will necessitate a small team of three or four people, though, in some circumstances, a one-person band will suffice.

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Live Events

Live events in Melbourn can be significant undertakings, ranging from sporting and concerts to award presentations and special occasions like weddings. Managing a video production team to capture the event and broadcast it may be just as challenging. With live events, the crew can number in the hundreds, with a myriad of camera operators, lighting technicians, grips, producers, stagehands, set decorators, and so on. With all of the aspects that need to be maintained, a production manager’s job is truly tested. All departments must be perfectly aligned, with no room for error.

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In Melbourn, many individuals would rather snuggle up with a good documentary than see a movie any day. These fun and educational shows have been around for a lot longer than you might believe. 

Though there are various documentaries (reflexive, participatory, and performative), the underlying methodology is the same. For the most part, you’ll find a small crew made up of a couple of camera operators, a few producers, and a sound engineer.

When compared to making a fictional film, each phase of the documentary production takes longer. Research and development, as well as final production, can take years at times. It takes a long time to gather all of the content you require. Interviews are a big part of documentaries. To keep your film intriguing and to engage your audience, you’ll need a lot of B roll.

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Episodic TV

Nothing compares to a feature film’s architecture and technical approach more than a television show. A TV show is a series of episodes that maintain a narrative and is televised in real-time or streamed on the internet. Compared to a major film, TV shows demand a greater commitment from staff and performers.

So Which Video Production Style Should You Look For?

Each video format demands different talent, resources, and time commitment. The cost of production also depends on the format. Refer to a list of top 10 Melbourne videographers to make the right decision. It is best to chalk out a project draft after drawing the necessary idea from this guide and approach the best video production company your budget allows in Melbourn to collaborate with you and produce unique content.

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