Never in your life, you’ve earned a single dollar in affiliate marketing commissions. 

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You’re tussling to make money in your first sale. The experts, on the other hand, are pocketing huge commissions and enjoying healthy paychecks every month. Do you want to learn why?

What is affiliate marketing


Because they have certain techniques and secrets you can’t possibly be knowing.

People who tried affiliate marketing know that the gurus who make six-figures are keeping secrets from them. Obviously, they are running successful affiliate marketing companies, right?

Now read along to find out the biggest insights. By the end of the article, you’ll know what is affiliate marketing? How to make money with affiliate marketing? Some effective techniques that you can employ as an Affiliate Marketer.



What is Affiliate Marketing? Is it a Good Career Choice?

Affiliate Marketing is more like a word of mouth marketing. 

how to make money with affiliate marketing

It is one of the most efficient forms of marketing that you can get your hands-on because instead of creating your own product, grappling with your own customers, you can sell other people’s products and services to make money. Gobs of money!

So What is Affiliate Marketing?

The best definition of what affiliate marketing is given by Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income:

“Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products. You find a product you like, promote it to others and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make.”

It’s basically like if you market this product for me we’ll give you a 30% commission and keep 70% for ourselves. Just for advertising the product.

Let’s say you’re promoting a laptop and somebody clicks the link. It’s through an affiliate network and that somebody actually decides to buy it after 3 months. You’ll still be able to get a commission from something which you’ve done way far ago. 

Got it? Now is it a good career choice for you? How to Start Affiliate Marketing?

Yes, absolutely, because in most cases getting started with affiliate marketing does not cost any overhead cost. 

And the fact that only 20% of the world makes money in affiliate marketing as full time indicates there is a lot of room for us to grow. If you have the right mentor who can teach you then you can be one among the 20%. 


Why Should I Choose Affiliate Marketing Even if I have a 9-5 job? Are Affiliate Marketers in Demand?

Amazon affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a profession where you can do it tomorrow and start seeing money within a week or two with zero dollars of investment involved. You also don’t have to pay $1000 dollars of course to learn this. 

This passive income-producing opportunity is more like a lifestyle than an employment or a job. Another good thing about affiliate marketing is you can be your own boss to supplement your income.

Now, what is the demand for the so-called affiliates in the market?

Yes, there is a tremendous demand for affiliate marketers in the market today. Nowadays nearly all business is providing affiliate advertising services to promote their brand. 

The affiliate marketing platform is getting more competitive day by day. It is necessary to get the right mix of products and services that will be acceptable by the target audience. 

The best thing is you don’t even need to be at any particular place, you can do it in your home. It has grown to be the most popular way to make money online.


Is Affiliate Marketing easy for Beginners? What Techniques Can Beginner Affiliate Marketers Employ to Become Popular?

One thing I love about Affiliate marketing is its passiveness, you don’t need to be tied down to one particular thing. It’s best to start with for beginners and then later branch out. Let me show you the strategy to be successful and tips to follow.

The first trick is to think about how to bring eyes to the link you’ve posted. You don’t need to start a youtube channel or anything. But find a way to create attention to your blog or website and gain traction. 

As a beginner, you need to find a popular niche and a product or company you would like to promote.

  • Join Affiliate Partner Programs
  • Look for the product that other blogs are recommending
  • Reach out to companies
  • Remember, be an affiliate for the product you already use.

Can I Make Money Using Affiliate Marketing? Where to Begin?

As a beginner, you have no money whatsoever! And you got to know that affiliate marketing can be started without any initial investment.

how to start affiliate marketing

There are millions of products and services in the market that offer affiliate programs. You can join it for free and if the product you’ve promoted generates sales then you’re in for an attractive commission.

Let’s say if you promote a digital course online you can easily earn a 40% to 50% commission on them. But if it’s a physical product you might only get around 5% or 10% because it involves more overhead costs.

Read more to find out how to start affiliate marketing:

1. Traffic source

Firstly, decide what’s your niche. Is it SEO? or perhaps paid ads? 

For example, if you’re perfect in SEO you got to pick one niche if you do pay ads you can do any niche there as long as the payout is high enough because you need heaps of traffic to your website or channel.

2.  Target Audience

Practically speaking, in most cases beginners want to work for whatever niche that pays higher but that won’t work in affiliate marketing at all. Just focus your efforts on what you love to crater better content and marketing campaigns.

3. Find products that better fit your audience

Look at other affiliate sites and see what’s trending and analyze which tends to work better and offers the most money. You don’t need to google because that’s really inefficient.

4. Increase your email list

For marketing, email is the #1 communication channel. It carries a wild $38 return for every dollar you spend.

The easiest way to grow your email list is to create a pop up on your website. 

5.  Create Quality content

Some affiliate networks want to have already have established content, site traffic, and monthly views to your site at a certain specific level before accepting you as an affiliate.

Have at least 5 strong posts already on your site.

6.  Join Affiliate Marketing Network

You never have to pay to sign up for an affiliate marketing network. It’s free and acts as a middleman.

7.  Track your results

Use MonsterInsights to easily track how your affiliate products are performing on a site. It usually helps you to create better quality content next time.


Why Do Brands Like Affiliate Marketers? How Can Affiliate Marketing increase Sales?

Brands like affiliate marketers because they only have to pay when you give them a lead or generate a sale. Say the actual overhead cost for a product is $100 but the seller is quoting $200, he can easily pay 30-40% as a large bounty to affiliates.

Now, how can it increase sales?

Because 92% of consumers trust the recommendations of people, companies or strong influences they’re already familiar with.

It creates-

  1. Brand awareness among masses online
  2. You’ll get a broader connection with industry leaders and helps build relationships with influences.
  3. It allows scaling your business at your speed and with minimum cost.
  4. Have access to market the products worldwide in a cost-effective and efficient way.
  5. Good return on investment.
  6. Have leverage to different skill sets.

Who are the People Involved in Affiliate Marketing? Is Affiliate Marketing a Pyramid Scheme?

There are different parties involved in Affiliate Marketing, they are: The merchant, the network, the publisher, and the customer

It’s a relationship between all these parties at the very core.

  • The Merchant Or Seller

The merchant is also called the creator, retailer, the brand or the vendor. This party creates and designs the product that has to be promoted. 

It can be a large company that might produce barbie dolls or it can be a single individual like Mariah coz selling online courses.

  • The Affiliate

This party ranges from a single individual to an entire company. So the affiliate marketing business can generate revenue from commissions each month whether it be a hundred dollars or a few million that is.

  • The Customer

The customer is an important player in the game of affiliate marketing. Without them, there will be no sales and no revenue to be generated and no commissions to give affiliates as bounty. 

Customers will follow the purchase process just as normal but the affiliates end up being paid commission with or without their knowledge.

  • The Network

Many don’t consider the network as part of the affiliate marketing circle. As for me, it works an important intermediary between the affiliates and the merchants.

In most cases, the affiliate has to go through an affiliate network before even be able to promote the product or services.

Yes, it is a pyramid scheme but not in the way you think. It’s more like CEO- Manager- Entry-level employees kind of pyramid. So every business is a pyramid in one way or another.

And no, it’s not a pyramid scheme like MLM’s, unlike them Affiliate marketing is a legitimate business model.

It’s actually helping an entrepreneur sell his products from his website.


How do I Become an Affiliate Marketer? What Courses Should I Do?

Affiliate marketing is not one of those get rich scheme. It takes time and patience to build relationships. 

It’s attractive financial opportunities and freedom many are interested in learning how to be an affiliate marketer.

To become an affiliate marketer consider focusing on recurring revenue instead of a short burst of sporadic revenue from time to time. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket as the old saying goes.

To master the field of affiliate marketing you need solid training, here are some of the courses you can give a try-

  1. Affiliate marketing without a website
  2. Generating Affiliate Sales on quora
  3. Affiliate marketing and SEO Mastery for Clickbank, CPA, Amazon
  4. Affiliate marketing domination
  5. Wealthy Affiliates

Udemy is a gold mine of affiliate marketing knowledge that has 80000 courses and 24 million students. Look for the highest-rated courses on affiliate marketing. 


How Much Time and Effort are Required to Become an Affiliate Marketer? What Should I Do?

As you are going to be a new affiliate marketing, no doubt you want to know the duration and effort it takes to start earning successfully.

Some make money and strike gold in a few months while others never make even a penny.

With the right training and mentorship, you can even start earning within a week or a month. But usually, it takes at least 6 to 12 months before expecting enough income to quit your 9 to 5 job.

According to quora –

“If you take two people creating nearly identical websites around the same topic, but one person works 40hrs per week while the other one works 7 hours per week, it’s obvious who will likely see success first.”


How to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing? Which Affiliate Network is Best?

After going through the effort of making your blog successful and updating content every week without fail you’ll naturally begin to make revenue from it.

But the question is “Where do you begin?”

These are the top affiliate networking website that will be perfect to get started.

1. ShareASale Affiliate –

It features a bountiful marketplace full of sellers catering to almost everything you can think of. You can find any product to promote here.

2. Amazon Associates – 

Every being known knows Amazon (kidding). It is the best market place to offer a fully functional drone to your door in a day. It’s a great starting point for budding affiliate marketing ventures.

3. eBay Partners-  

eBay is a user-based organization yet it wants you to help advertise sell the items on their pulpit.

4. Shopify –  

Shopify is one of the leading eCommerce software used by all bloggers and online retailers.

5. Clickbank-  

It is the same as ShareASale, a diverse marketplace filled with retailers and vendors.


How much money I can make by affiliate marketing? Can I take it up as a full-time?

You can make an average of $50000 depending upon the caliber of your efforts in affiliate marketing.

Yes working fulltime as an affiliate marketer instead of your typical 9 – 5 jobs may sound appealing. But I don’t recommend leaving your job to pursue it full time. Leave it after you get a steady stream of income.


What are the Most Profitable Niches you Should Target for Affiliate Marketing? How Do Affiliate Marketers Get Paid?

affiliate marketing companies

Generally, the most profitable niche in the market that is evergreen are ones that comprises of dating/ romance/ wealth/ money/ jobs/ health/ fitness/ illness/ relationships.

Because that is the main thing every single ONE desires on the planet earth. These are the basic inherent survival needs for our standard of living.

How do Affiliate marketers get paid?

Simple really! 

You promote a product or service to your friends or family or followers. These followers purchase the product or service using your special affiliate link and you get paid a fat commission for the sales made using the link.


Would You Like To Know Top Affiliate Marketing Sites as Per 2020 Internet Survey

These are the top affiliate marketing sites as per our research and trends.

  1. Amazon associates
  2. CreativeLive
  3. Udemy
  4. Survey Junkie
  5. Shopify
  6. BigCommerce

These Are The Top Affiliate Who Earn Millions of Money. What Techniques Did They Employ?

affiliate marketing companies

These are the affiliate marketers that you must follow if you want to be a prosperous affiliate marketer.

1. Pat Flynn

He is the number one affiliate marketer present on the internet. He established his online business in the year 2008 after he left his day job.

His income flow comes from the various channels but 80% of the income is from affiliate marketing. Pat is very open to what he’s doing.

2. John Crow

He’s the second one in the affiliate marketer countdown list. You may not believe this but he works 2 hours a day and his monthly income is $50,000.

how to start affiliate marketing

Read his blogs and also take a look at his recent book Roadmaps of a Dot Com Mogul.

3. Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy is a well-known figure on the web because his image holds the record of most viewed images in Google AdSense worth $132000+.

What is affiliate marketing

He has made millions of dollars by affiliate marketing. His blog has and has a loyal readership of 30000 people ranking in the top 50 affiliate marketing blogs.

Cheers to the man who was going through a mid-life crisis and overweight problem at the age of 28.

4. Neil Patel

Amazon affiliate marketing

Neil Patel is not precisely an affiliate marketer but close to it. He is by far the most successful entrepreneur who achieved at a young age.

He succeeded in creating two companies Crazy Egg and KISSMetrics which is quite similar to Google Analytics. He is spending all his time making it a 10 million company.

5. Darren Rowse

What is affiliate marketing

If you want an example for a blogger who could be a great affiliate marketer, it would be Darren Rowse.

After releasing his eBook 31 Days to Build a Better Blog which by the way was a gigantic success, his name became well known around blogging.

He made a fortune by selling his eBooks to online visitors.

Please visit their websites to find out more.


To Sum Up

Don’t expect to make a fortune in affiliate marketing overnight. It will definitely take years to gain the relevant experience and the right strategies to swim in dollars.

You can make a lot of money with affiliate marketing however only a few are successful because the path is very difficult. 

It is the best way to slide yourself from waking at an ungodly hour, driving to the office through traffic-jammed roads and work till 6 o’clock in the evening.

So, instead of routinely participating in this rat race, earning a few bucks from affiliate marketing doesn’t sound bad.


General FAQs

1. How does Affiliate Marketing work?

When a business enlists the help of an affiliate, they send them a sample of the product or service that they’re selling. The affiliate then creates content or another piece of a promotional piece that draws interest from their large network of followers and visitors – thus positioning said item under the noses of those who matter.

2. How do I become an Affiliate Marketer?

Firstly, create a website or blog. Then choose and industry and a niche you would like to work for. Research products and join an affiliate program.

3. Is Affiliate Marketing a Pyramid scheme?

There’s no pyramid in affiliate marketing unlike MLM’s, it is a certified business model. You are just selling an entrepreneur’s product and getting a commission. 

4. How much can an Affiliate Marketer earn in India?

An affiliate marketer in India can earn 50000 on average after joining Amazon affiliate marketing and it requires certain resources.

5. Does Amazon Affiliate Marketing pay for clicks?

Yes, Amazon pays per action. You’ll be paid when someone buys a product through your link but exactly when they click.

6. Does it cost money to be an affiliate?

Affiliate programs never cost you to join them. There is no charge for joining the Amazon Affiliate program. You’ll just be earning a commission between 1-10% for products you promote.

When are you going to start affiliate marketing? If You are facing any challenges, do let us know in the below comment section.