Applying for Personal Loans

4 Things to Remember Before Applying for Personal Loans

A personal loan can be a great financial help with less burden due to its low-interest rates and easy approval processes. Before getting ready to apply for personal loans, you have to consider some factors.

When you carry out good research on certain vital things like interest rate, credit score, other charges, etc., and then apply for a loan, there are high chances of getting the funds you need without any rejection. Here are 4 important things to remember before you decide to apply for personal loans.

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Applying for Personal Loans

1. Easy Approval

Personal loans have a very competitive market. Since there are a plethora of options to choose from, lenders offer comparatively easy eligibility criteria than other forms of debts. The interest rates, too, are surprisingly lower than credit card debt. Quick approvals and lesser restrictions make personal loans more accessible. 

You can apply for a personal loan and get approved even if you have other forms of outstanding debt with your lender. Most of the lenders do not levy prepayment charges, something that is prevalent with other forms of debt. All these features make the personal loan a better option.

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2. Affordable Loan Amounts

Easy approvals don’t mean you should take a personal loan out of your repayment capacity. Whatever the scenario is, loans are a form of debt. You don’t want to spend the good years of life repaying all these loans. Before deciding the loan amount, make a list of all your needs and wants.

Then decide which all needs you are going to finance with this personal loan. Based on the expense associated with the purpose, you can zero down on the amount you want to borrow. Better take a look at the monthly EMIs you currently pay before you choose. Remember that the more your loan amount is, the greater the interest rate will be. You can consider opting for a Flexi personal loan if your monetary needs are unpredictable.

3. Fund Your Business

Personal loans are not only for financial emergencies or to clear your personal debt. This can also act as a source of capital for a small business venture or startup. To avail of a business loan from a lender, you have to qualify a complicated web of eligibility criteria, including 2-3 years’ proof of business stability. So, if you are an entrepreneur looking to fund your startup, you can avail of a personal loan from any of the financial institutions. 

Some lenders ask for high capital reserves and unrealistic profit records even if you have a stable business for years. And, many business loans are disbursed as instalments which can become a financial hurdle to develop a business. In all these scenarios, a personal loan can act as a knight in shining armour and come to your rescue.

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Most personal loans do not require collateral to secure the loan, making them an even better choice. You’ll receive a lump sum that you can use in any way you want. So, you can fund your business easily by availing a personal loan. But keep in mind that when using a personal loan, your business’ credit score does not improve, and if your funding needs are high, a personal loan isn’t the best option to choose.

4. Choose The Best

When you apply for a personal loan, there are chances that you could fall for gimmicky offers and plans. These days, online lenders have taken the majority of the personal loan business away from traditional banks. The risk with online lenders is that there are a few frauds around who offer artificially lower interest rates or gimmicky schemes. Only after application and sanctioning of the loans, you will come to know about their expensive features.

It is important you keep a check on such frauds before applying for a loan. On the positive side, consumers have benefited massively from this shift to online lenders who use better credit scoring models. Online lenders can offer more flexible terms with lesser restrictions. Straightforward eligibility criteria and quick approvals make them consumer favourites. But, don’t forget that defaulting on personal loans will affect your credit score.

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Personal loans are best suited for certain goals. If you are looking to reduce your debt burden and avail a smaller amount, you can go for the option of personal loans. Always remember to review the terms and conditions of the loans offered by lenders.

If you keep all these in mind before applying for a personal loan, you can definitely manage to boost your financial standing very well. Be it personal loans, business loans or house loans, the Finserv MARKETS App is a trusted and reliable financial marketplace for your myriad credit requirements. You can compare the various offers and select the loan that suits you the best. 

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