How to download HD video from Facebook to smartphone and PC

How to download HD video from Facebook to smartphone and PC

If you, like me, love watching videos on social networks, you probably questioned yourself how you can download these files so that you can view them offline later. Indeed, why not? But Facebook (now Meta) founder Mark Zuckerberg thinks otherwise. Therefore, officially, you can’t save any materials to your devices within this social platform. Users can open their accounts online, comment, like, and repost the materials they prefer, and save them as bookmarks. And it all works well if you have internet. But you still won’t be able to share any content with those who haven’t registered with Facebook.

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How to download HD video from Facebook to smartphone and PC


Converting Facebook video to mp4

You may have noticed that this type of content has become much larger recently. Marketers have been saying for several years now that video is at the peak of trends. And indeed, ordinary users and commercial accounts began to convey information in this format. Watching a video is much easier than reading a long instruction, even if there are pictures on it. And some recordings become viral and bring huge popularity to their authors. If you want to download visual communication from Facebook to publish it on another social network or share them with your friends, use the Facebook video converter.

Facebook video downloader HD by Bigbangram allows you to convert any recording to MP4 format. The duration of the clip doesn’t impact the speed of data transfer. If you’re viewing a Facebook feed on your smartphone, click on the post that contains the file you are interested in. There will be three dots in the upper right corner. Open this menu and copy its URL address. If you are monitoring this in a browser on a computer, copy the data in the address bar (…etc.). Go to the Bigbangram website, paste the copied data into the line on the main page and click the red ‘Download’ button. In just a few seconds, a preview of the original video will be displayed on the screen, and you can view it in a browser or download it to your smartphone or computer.

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Why save files from Facebook?

As one of the most popular social platforms, Facebook sets trends. Therefore, content that has become popular in this social network can easily become popular in another. if your main platform is Instagram or something else, you can borrow ideas from Facebook to use to promote your blog. 

For example, there is such a way to make money as content curation. the idea is to create a thematic blog where materials are selected that correspond to the topic. If you have the talent and perseverance and are willing to constantly follow trends, you can make your page popular in a fairly short time. When you get at least one thousand subscribers, you can already start monetizing your blog by advertising suitable products and services. However, you should not overdo it with advertising posts because users are unlikely to enjoy watching only commercial content. Ads should not exceed 30% of the total part of published posts.

Also, do not forget that despite the popularity of social networks, there are a number of individuals who do not use them in principle. For example, it can be the elderly or people who are very friendly with technology. But you can still share original Facebook content with them if you download it to your smartphone or computer and send it to your friends using one of the messengers or by email. 

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Please note that you may use this content for your personal use and do not infringe copyright. But if you plan to place other people’s videos on your page, be sure to include a source link to the author so that your conscience is clear. before using the materials for commercial purposes, that is, contact the author and clarify the features of cooperation.

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