Get Rid Of Dry And Chapped Lips In A Natural Way

Chapped lips are certainly painful, irritating and can even make you look more ugly than ever before. Most of us go through this phase at different times of the year. Dry, winter days are the primary reason for your chapped lips. Licking lips constantly also contribute to the reason behind chapped lips. No matter whether it is because of the weather or a lip balm of poor quality, chapped lips are certainly annoying. Also, the lips do not have any oil glands owing to which they tend to dry out. Here are some of the ways by which you can prevent chapped lips and enhance the beauty of your face.

how to get rid of chapped lips fast

  • Drink water in ample amount

Get Rid Of Dry And Chapped Lips In A Natural WayIt is known to all that water hydrates our body and keeps us away from a number of diseases. Thus drinking plenty of water keeps your lips moisturised. It is recommended to intake eight to ten glasses of water for preventing chapped lips.

  • Place a humidifier

How to get rid of dry chapped lips?Dry weather happens to be one of the obvious causes of chapped lips. Thus, dry air causes your lips to get dried whereas most air adds to its beauty. A humidifier is a device which can make the dry air of your home moist. Thus placing a humidifier in your living room helps in keeping lips and skin moisturised.

  • Cucumber

cucumber to remove tan linesIt goes without saying that natural remedies are the best for your skin and the same applies to the skin as well. Cucumber is a great way for rehydrating your lips and fix chapped lips. Cut the cucumber into slices and hold the same on your lips for a time duration of 5 to 10 minutes.

  • Honey and Vaseline

get rid of chapped lipsHoney is known to have excellent anti-bacterial properties and happens to be one of the most amazing healing agents. Vaseline on the other hands softens, nourishes and renders the right protection from drying. Thus, the combination of these two can do great wonders for your lips. To being it, apply honey in the required amount on your lips post to which provide a coating of vaseline on your lips. Leave the same on your lips for a time duration of 10 to 15 minutes. Next to that, wipe out the vaseline and honey from your lips with the aid of a damp cotton cloth. Repeat the process for seven days and notice visible results.

  • Rose Petals

how to get rid of chapped lips fastRose petals can help you to get rid of your chapped lips owing to its skin lightening properties. The petals help to retain the natural colour of lips, thereby making them smooth and pink. Begin by soaking rose petals in raw milk for fewer hours. After few hours, mash the petals until they become a paste. Apply the paste on your lips and leave for 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse off with cold water.

  • Lemon and sugar

Lemon to remove tan linesIf you are thinking how to get rid of chapped lips fast, lemon and sugar is the answer. Lemon has natural bleaching properties and honey that causes smoothening of the skin. Start by mixing one tablespoon of honey along with lemon juice. Also, mix a half tablespoon of castor oil. Apply the mixture over your lips before sleep on a daily basis. Repeat the procedure for ten days for noticeable results.

  • Aloe Vera

fix chapped lipsThinking of how to fix of chapped lips fast ? Aloe Vera consists of healing agents for chapped lips. The natural ingredients in your skin help in strengthening the thin layer on the lips. Applying aloe vera gel daily helps to heal the chapped lips. It also confers soothing and cooling effects to your skin.

  • Olive oil

Natural oils treatment for tan removal Olive oil is considered to be the best natural moisturiser for your skin and lips. Olive oil contains fatty acids which help in curing chapped lips, thus making the lips moist and soft. It is advisable to use olive oil twice a day for availing the desired results.

  • Flax Seed Oil

flax seed to get rid of chapped lipsLooking forward how to get rid of chapped lips fast ? Say bye to chapped lips with flax-seed oil. The fatty acids present in flaxseed oil helps in nourishing lips. As the seeds get penetrated into your lips, the lips become smooth and soft. Apply the seed oil over your lips to get smooth lips.

  • Coconut and castor oil

how to get rid of chapped lips fastCoconut and castor oil are enriched with essential fatty acids. The application of these oil cures chapped lips. Apply the mixture of this oil twice every day for getting the desired results.

  • Sugar Scrub

things to do to get rid of dry lipsScrubbing the lips with sugar is also one of the effective treatments to get rid of the chapped skin. Take sugar in a bowl and add few drops of olive oil. Mix it well. Apply the mixture gently on your lips and leave the same for 10 minutes. Rinse it off with lukewarm water. The sugar scrub acts as a natural exfoliator and makes your lips supple.