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Top 15 Thinkgeek Alternative You Must Know In 2021

For over 20 years, Thinkgeek served as the main place for purchasing a wide variety of geek-related merchandise. But suddenly, the company dropped a shell that it is officially closing down the website and migrated the operation towards its parent company GameStop.

Thinkgeek alternative

For several nerds and geeks, this came as a shock as it was one of the delightful places to shop for various items. For those lost tech lovers looking for a Thinkgeek alternative, here’s good news, all hope is not lost because I have found the most relevant websites you would like to buy gadgets and collectibles.


Let’s dive in…


It is an online store committed to geek culture and tech enthusiasts. The company is well known for creating geeky products that are not available on any other websites. Buyers can get collectibles, gadgets, apparel, and much more suited to their imagination.

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What is ThinkGeek? Who Founded it?

Thinkgeek is a popular online store devoted to the imagination and needs of computer enthusiasts and geek culture. Launched in 1999, the company is based in McLean, Virginia.

It was founded by Jon Sime, Jen Frazier, Scott Smith, and Willie Vadnais, who were already busy running a small startup as a side project. 

sites like thinkgeek

History of ThinkGeek

Year Events
2000 The office was moved to Fairfax.
2004-13 Employees increased from merely six to eight-three
2009 Made Millions in sale
2012 $118.9 million in revenue
2012 Named as one of the top online retailers and got listed as #175 on the Internet Retailer Top 500 List
2015 Hot Topic, a pop culture-oriented retailer made an offer to acquire Thinkgeek and Geeknet for $17.50 per share.
2015 On June 2 the video game retail chain company Gamestop acquired Geeknet for $140 million.
2015 ThinkGeek opened its very first retail store in Orlando
2016 Opened 25 more stores in the US and 25 more international stores
2019 ThinkGeek discontinued its online store and merged its e-commerce operation with GameStop’s online site.

Why is ThinkGeek Unique From Other Websites?

Thinkgeek alternative

ThinkGeek was a beloved website to all those who are tech-savvy and nerdy. Most of the store’s merchandise was licensed from science fiction and fantasy media work such as Star Trek, Marvel Comics, The Big Bang Theory, Minecraft, Firefly, Star Wars, and Doctor who.

The company also offered products from pop cultural icons Magic 8 Ball and Schrodinger’s cat. ThinkGeek is also known for its April Fools Day gags, where the fictional and unconventional products will be posted as a series. 

What Happened to ThinkGeek?

Thinkgeek alternative

It was terrible news for all the geeks who enjoyed the products of ThinkGeek. The company officially announced it would shut down its operations. But the good news is that physical stores across the country will be open.

ThinkGeek was moved to its parent company called Gamestop. So if you are worried about Thinkgeek not being able to give to what you want, here are several alternatives to pick from. Let’s get into the article in detail!

Top 15 Thinkgeek Alternatives you must know.

You can use these ThinkGeek alternatives to compare the products like gadgets, office items, and many more.

sites like thinkgeek

1. Entertainment Earth

Entertainment Earth is one of the best sites like ThinkGeek. It survived the onset of the dot com explosion. The website is robust and currently wholesales more than 15000 licensed products. 

stores like Thinkgeek

As it is a similar site to Thinkgeek, finding Hollywood or movie-related products is easy.

2. Wish

Wish is an eCommerce website that offers more than 100 million high-quality products at reasonable prices. The website is connected to millions of manufacturers, and there is no intrusion of middlemen. 

stores like thinkgeek

Therefore computer enthusiasts can get high-quality products at much lower pieces at great discounts. The discount ranges from 60-90%, and you can get eBay refunds if not satisfied with the product.

3. Gadgets and Gears

Gadgets and Gears are another of the popular Thinkgeek alternatives which provide required gadgets. The website offers impressive high end hidden cameras, surveillance equipment, nanny cams, and security cameras. 

sites like thinkgeek

4. Archie McPhee

Archie McPhee is a famous platform creed in the 70s. It is known for selling weird pop culture items. Even after four decades, the company offers plenty of items that would otherwise not be available elsewhere. 

thinkgeek alternative

If you are a fan of monster series like Bram Stoker’s Dracula and Frankenstein, this is the right place to browse. They have a complete section of horror-themed cards, air fresheners, and many more exciting things.

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5. NeatoShop

Neato shop is a fantastic place for tech geeks and nerds to purchase cute pop culture items. It includes pop culture tees and other novelty items based on favorite manga, Animal, and comic books.

stores like thinkgeek

The company also provides a collection of artistic and edgy designs printed on T-shirts. If you are obsessed with scenic fiction, this is the best place to purchase the merchandise.

6. This Is Why Im Broke

If you are a rick and monty fan, This is Why Im Broke is the best fantasy platform to get novelty and geeky items. Not only that, the website has exciting items that cannot be found anywhere else. 

sites like thinkgeek

You can get color-changing panels to decorate your walls or plumbers. A lot of cool things are found on this website.

7. Sharper Image

Sharper Image is another one of the sites like ThinkGeek launched in 1977, which sells lifestyle products. The website is quick to offer valuable information like videos and customer reviews.

thinkgeek alternatives

The user-friendly website offers innovative products making your experience exciting and fun. If you plan to give your friends unique gifts who love electronic items, the geek stuff will surely satisfy your friend’s curiosity.

8. Dude I Want That

Dude I Want That is a Website dedicated to people looking forward to buying cool stuff from the internet. This site is popular because the website’s curators search through the internet like fundraising sites, independent artist sites for exciting items to sell.

stores like thinkgeek

9. DealeXtreme

DealeXtreme is based in China and is known as one of the best ThinkGeek alternatives. It boasts over 400 suppliers and a million customers started in 2005. The vast collection of cool items is divided into over 400 categories, and their unique items extend to over 3 lakh.

sites like thinkgeek

The site is reliable and provides a warranty for all of its products, and has excellent customer service. One of the noteworthy features is free international shipping for any item.

10. Jinx

JINX is another site like ThinkGeek that is good for gifting options. The site sells tech-related stuff ranging from hoodies, accessories, decors, toys, clothing, footwear, headgear, and many more.

These cool stuff are related to various gaming franchises like Warcraft, Witcher, and Halo, which geeky guys love.

11. Cool Things

Cool Things is an exciting website offering curated products for men and women with innovative products like toys, furniture, cars, gears, and many more. The staff is described as so excellent that you won’t find it elsewhere.

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12. LootCrate

LootCarte is another one of ThinkGeek Alternatives. It has a different service from there it gives a subscription box service, which includes monthly boxes of geek-related and gaming merchandise for the user. The impressive collection of collectibles is sure to overwhelm you.

thinkgeek alternatives

13. Five Star

Five Star is another site like ThinkGeek that shows 5 star rated products. It will not show you the low priced items, the 5 star rated items from amazon. This ensures you don’t need to search the desired items through the entire Amazon platform.

Viewing the top-rated products has its benefits, ensuring you can buy the best product to fulfill your needs.

14. Mental Floss Store

Mental Floss Store is another famous alternative to ThinkGeek that offers and Quirky T-Shirts and books geeks love. It is the best store for all those knowledgeable junkies to purchase stuff like games and other merchandise.

stores like thinkgeek

15. Wervetu

Wervetu is a cool website offering several sources and magazines to gift someone. The noteworthy thing is the products are available at economical prices. Each product comes with detailed descriptions, and you will get the best deals on the products. 

16. The Geeky Store 

As the name itself suggests, the website is ideal for tech-savvy guys to purchase stuff. The interface is smooth, and you can find desired items by category and price. It is regarded as a true paradise to buy tech items and a nerd’s wish list. 


What Do People Think About Sites like Thinkgeek Alternatives? According to people’s review and Internet Research

Here are the screenshots you need to take a look at to know what people think about using ThinkGeek Alternatives.

thinkgeek alternative

sites like thinkgeek

The Bottom Line

These are the latest websites that work on par, like ThinkGeek. If you search for unique gift ideas for your friends above imagination, this list of ThinkGeek alternatives is dedicated to the latest gadgets and gears. 

You can get gag gifts, novelties, and priceless gifts to get your loved ones from these websites. 



1. Is ThinkGeek Dead?

Thinkgeek’s parent company GameStop acquired it to strategically transform the business.

2. When was ThinkGeek founded?

ThinkGeek was founded in 1999 by Jen Frazier, Jon Sime, Willie Vadnais, and Scott Smith.

3. What are Geek Points?

“Geek points” is a point for reward system run by ThinkGeek for buying more products.

4. Who are GameStop’s Competitors?

The leading competitors include Sony, Best Buy, Carrefour, Auchan, Microsoft, and Nintendo.

5. Do you get a gift card in ThinkGeek?

Yes, gift cards are available and you can redeem your eGift cards from the mobile device.


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