Jeff Bezos, with his relentless vigor, proved that everything could be done online. Amazon is one of the biggest technology giants that deliver goods ordered through online mode. Many people can’t go a day without browsing through the Amazon app. 

sites like amazon

As it is addictive, people start to look for other alternatives to compare prices, collections, and other choices. If you are like me, who likes to look for a fresh collection of products, there are plenty of Amazon alternatives to choose from. 



Why is Amazon Amazing?

sites like amazon

Amazon stock has hit an all time high with phenomenal results. With over 20% of growth a year, the growth is accelerating, unlike other big companies that struggle to keep growing. So why is it so exceptional than any other company?


sites like amazon

  • Competitive advantage

Amazon focuses more on customer satisfaction and continues to give more bang for the buck for years. If a customer compares the product with other platforms, people are more likely to sway towards Amazon.

Fast delivery, reliable service, and price are factors that harness the winning probability of winning performance.

  • New revenue streams

As Jeff Bezos is one of the top CEOs and an aficionado in his skill, he has created an environment with new revenue streams. The growth is steady with acquisitions, and any business that is acquired has also reported an increase in its share.


Top Sites Like Amazon in 2021

Amazon has become a popular site, but if you are looking for a new pond to fish, here is the list of shopping sites like Amazon to browse a vast selection of products.

websites like amazon

1. Shopify

Shopify is a robust online store that provides a great shopping experience. It is one of the best amazon alternatives, which works as an impressive solution. Not only an online store, but it also provides useful data analytics and much more.

websites like amazon

With a vast number of features, it offers the flexibility of templates. Therefore it works as an excellent eCommerce solution. Currently, it has more than 800,000 online stores and more than 3000 employees.

One of the best perks of Shopify offers is in-house solutions for everything a store owner could face. You don’t have to roam outside to get something done. For an instance, Shopify offers heaps of apps for various things. Whether it’s about turning your website visitors into your subscribers or increasing the sales of your products and services, it has got you covered. Apps like Tada are some of the innovative and renowned apps which you can use to optimize your store. Tada allows your visitors to play a fun, engaging game to win a discount in exchange for their email address. Tada’s Gamified and full-screen pop-ups help increasing subscribers by 500% and sales by 135% instantly. Increase subscribers by 500% and sales by 135% instantly.

2. Etsy

Etsy is a worldwide platform that sells goods from artisans and entrepreneurs. In the world of uncertainty, Etsy is a harbinger of small business. From paper goods to handmade products, Etsy acts as a major online shopping destination. 

shopping sites like amazon

Recently, Elon Musk tweeted about the fantastic product he purchased from Etsy, which significantly increased its value to 11%. It is also one of the initial shopping destinations to offset 100 percent of carbon emissions while shipping the products.

3. eBay

eBay is one of the fantastic Amazon alternatives, but the difference is it does not sell its products. It acts as a liaison among business and third-party sellers for people who are looking to buy. 

sites like amazon

Although many products can be easily bought, some are put up for auction. The winner of the auction gets to buy the item at the second-highest bid. You can also get products at bargain prices. 

4. Google shopping

Google Shopping is another one of the sites like Amazon that is reserved for products. Although it might be hard to imagine using other sites than Amazon, Google shopping has 100 million US consumers alone. 

websites like amazon

Moreover, Google shopping users convert more quickly than Amazon users. Therefore make sure to get your products in Google shipping as millions of consumers browse through the lists.

One of the advantages of selling on Google shopping is you don’t need to pay for the listings no matter the number of products. 

5. Jet

Jet is a popular shopping site that was initially launched in 2014 to be a competitor for Amazon. True to its purpose, it is one of Amazon’s significant rivals and provides shoppers with a loyalty program. 

shopping sites like amazon

Another advantage you get as a user is if you buy more than one product, the pieces will fall. The customer service is 24/7 effective and includes a 30-day return policy with returns. 

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6. Walmart

Walmart is another shopping site like Amazon that offers products at lower prices. Walmart has a vast collection of products where you can order anything from the website. When it comes to shipping, it is the same as Amazon, and payments are accepted through debit and credit cards.

sites like amazon

7. Light in the Box

Light in the Box is a famous brand that offers products at bargain prices. As an ideal spot for buying required accessories and clothing, it is a competitive website like Amazon.

shopping sites like amazon

The wide selections of products include clothing, jewelry, kitchens, sunglasses, and many more. If you have the habit of shopping from favorite brands on Amazon, it’s time to download Light in the Box to buy endlessly.

8. Overstock

Overstocks is a popular eCommerce website that offers great deals on shopping. Although it began as a surplus seller, it has failed to be a good eCommerce website.

websites like amazon

But Overstock sells new items and provides decent customer service to boost the trust in customers. Moreover, it has an exciting program called Worldstock, where people can buy handmade crafts directly from artisans worldwide. 

60% of the revenue gained by selling handmade crafts directly goes to the artisan and small businesses. 

9. TomTop

TomTop is a similar website to Amazing and acts as leading commerce retail in China. The site is used for carrying out bulk orders at competitive prices. Even single products can be brought from the website. 

sites like amazon

The company’s main categories are sports, games, electronic devices, garden equipment, and many more. Moreover, it offers reward points that can be traded with discounts and coupons. 

10. AliExpress

AliExpress is another giant that is considered as one of the best sites like amazon. In China, it is equivalent to Amazon and is also called China’s Amazon market. You can find more than 130 million products online.

websites like amazon

AliExpress is an efficient site that ships the required product to more than 200 countries in the world. The safe payment modes and customer service has increased the trust of customers to manifolds.

11. Bonanza

Bonanza is another similar website like Amazon that is efficient in its niche. You can sell products and buy from any categories, be it fashion or antiques. The users who decide to sell their product can keep much of their sales revenue. 

shopping sites like amazon

12. Barnes and Noble

Barnes and Noble are similar to Amazon in little ways. Although it began as a bookseller, the site evolved into a shopping site after including some items in its collections.

sites like amazon

The website has more than 7 million books under its winds, with more than 5 million ebooks for downloading. 

13. Zappos

Zappos, a subsidiary website of Amazon, specializes in categories like shoes, clothing, and other accessories. More than that, Zappos also rewards you for each purchase and ships your order quickly if you need it urgently. Excellent complements to Zappos are shoe comparison websites. Once you are persuaded of your choice, then we can say you should be headed to purchasing. However, the first step is making up your mind. That said, you might find a great insights source on

websites like amazon

The customer service is spot on because of the representatives who work hard to ensure a smooth shopping experience. 

14. Rakuten

Rakuten is another Amazon Alternatives, which was previously called The function is similar to eBay, and it is efficient to connect businesses with potential customers directly.

shopping sites like amazon

There are plenty of notable features, one of which is called the “super Points” program. This program allows you to earn store credit, which helps you to save money for future purchases. 

15. Target

Target is another shopping site that offers high-quality goods. It is a well-known supermarket chain in the US, and the products are offered in seasonal deals. Started as a normal brick and mortar store, it has puckered up to a famous online shopping site. 

 sites like amazon


What are the Pros and Cons of Selling on sites like Amazon?

shopping sites like amazon


  • Your product sale will increase if you have listed the product on Amazon according to its guidelines, The site has millions of consumers visiting regularly, and such a vast exposure will surely lead your brand to have a positive impact.
  • The product cataloging system in Amazon assists so that your inventory will end up in the most appropriate location.
  • Another benefit is that amazon raises the likelihood of attracting more customers, which in turn builds your customer acquisition strategy.
  • Being a worldwide brand, amazon is a trusted brand, so if you list your inventory, the chances your product can reach different markets with swathes of customers.


  • The competition is very tiresome in Amazon as there are so many competitors out there.
  • Amazon tends to focus on the products and not the sellers. This means your brand has a narrow window to showcase its presence.
  • Your revenue might increase due to Amazon, but you’ll have to pay fees.


What Do People Think About Amazon Alternatives? According to Internet Research and People’s Opinion.

Take a look at thses screenshots to know more about shoppings sites like Amazon!

websites like amazon

shopping sites like amazon


The Bottom Line

When it comes to surveying and studies, only 20% of respondents saw amazon as a top market place. Although it offers an excellent solution to users matching the delivery times within three days is still a challenge for many e-commerce sites associated with Amazon.

Therefore, make sure to do your research in finding useful sites like Amazon to continue your business. Customers who buy from Amazon can also support other sites if you’re tired of seeing the same product listed on the app. Even I do this sometimes!!



1. Where can I shop that is not on Amazon?

  • Etsy
  • Made Trade
  • Credo
  • Thrive Market
  • eBay

2. Who is Amazon’s biggest competitor?

Walmart, Target, and Alphabet are considered as the biggest competitors to Amazon.

3.  Why is Amazon so good?

Because it is considered as the most successful retailer in the western world. Customers trust the brands very much.

4. Why did Amazon fail in China?

It might be a little hard to believe but Chineses consumers did not care for the clean web design compared to the cluttered and crammed design of chinese websites. the goods crammed into a single screen is preferred by the user.


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