Which Web Hosting Is Best For Ecommerce Sites?

Which Web Hosting Is Best For Ecommerce Sites?

Are you setting up your very own e-commerce website?

Getting into e-commerce has the potential to be incredibly lucrative. Just ask Jeff Bezos. Of course, you’re probably not planning on becoming the next online shopping superpower. However, building an e-commerce business that sells your own goods or goods you have an interest in can be very satisfying and profitable even on a much smaller scale.

When you’re running an ecommerce business, the website is effectively your business’s headquarters. You cannot succeed without putting serious work into making sure your website looks and functions optimally.


Which Web Hosting Is Best For Ecommerce Sites?

Web hosting should be the starting point. The wrong web hosting could leave you struggling to get your website to function when traffic is pouring in, losing you a lot of money.

We’re going to help you decide which web hosting to choose for your e-commerce site.

How to choose the web hosting for e-commerce

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing a web hosting for your e-commerce website. They include:

  • support for CRM platforms
  • reliability
  • speed
  • bandwidth
  • customer support

Choosing a hosting service that supports the CRM platform you have decided to use is perhaps the most important place to start. CRM is crucial when it comes to e-commerce, and your hosting should be geared towards using your CRM efficiently and effectively.

Consider the following 3 brands

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FastComet is one of the most well-respected web hosting providers for e-commerce websites. It has been proven to be reliable and has a ton of features that will help you get started. FastComet provides cloud hosting, which has significant advantages in 2020. Cloud hosting is far more adaptable than traditional hosting and is more likely to evolve as the future of web hosting.

FastComet also provides unlimited bandwidth and can handle mass amounts of traffic. It works very well with Magento’s CRM, which is great for eCommerce sites. Their customer service is also really good. Have a look at FastComet reviews to better determine if they are the right host for you.


Another hosting provider that works great with Magento, InterServer has been around for over twenty years. They offer cheap hosting that is, nonetheless, highly reliable. With an independently-owned datacenter, your site is better secured and your hosting is adaptable.

InterServer provides very fast hosting that can handle high levels of traffic. It is particularly well-known as the best hosting at migrating already-existing websites, so if you’re looking to change your hosting to one of these providers, InterServer may be your answer.


Hostwinds is a versatile hosting provider that works really well with CRMs. It is relatively new in the industry but has proven itself to be as good, if not better than many of the more established options. In fact, it has one of the highest guaranteed uptimes out of any hosting provider.

Hostwinds offers unlimited bandwidth and storage, which is great for e-commerce sites that have the potential to become powerhouses. However, it doesn’t have managed WordPress hosting, which may be a deterrent to fans of the world’s most popular platform.

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Final Tips

Choosing hosting for an eCommerce site should not be approached in the same way as you would for any other type of site. It needs to be geared towards your particular needs, and ready to support you when your traffic really starts growing. Use one of the above brands and you won’t go wrong.

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