Are you thinking about her more than once a day? Do you talk about her with your friends every time? Your heart is pounding, and there’s a bright gleam in your eyes. I guess it is tough to focus on anything else when you are trapped in the chaotic sweet nightmare of a secret crush.

how to tell a girl you like her

So if you’re thinking about texting her with the cliche “Dear Jennifer, I like you so much, you’re so beautiful,” then stop it, stop it right there. It’s better if you just throw your phone in the river rather than hitting send on that one. It’s not the way how to flirt with a girl!


Anyways, you know you like her, maybe she likes you, and she’s sending mixed signals. So before you take your phone and start texting weird things, follow our advice on how to tell a girl you like her and how to text a girl or flirt with her in a very natural way?


What Kind of Guys do Girls Like to be With? How to Understand and Read Girls? 

how to text a girl


Some of you might think that looks are everything to attract a girl, then you’re wrong. At the end of the day, all that matters is how you are going to make a woman feel around you. The ultimate thing is women make men happy, and they do expect you to reciprocate it and you should know how to text a girl


So what kind of men do girls really like?

  • Respectful

Many guys think that they are superior to women and perceive girls as the weak half of society.  Appreciate women like how Leonardo Di Caprio makes his beloved feel special in “ The Great Gatsby.” 

how to flirt

You know being a Gentleman is different, and respecting the woman you love in the way she wants is different.


  • Positive 

The best gift you can give a woman is your tremendous positive vibe. Smile more often and be in a good stable mood.

how to text a girl

If you reflect positivity, the same emotions will shine brighter in the girl who finds you attractive making your quest for the question “how to text a girl” satisfactory. 


  • Great Sense of Humor with a Touch of Caring

“A sense of Humor makes a man handsome,” true to the quote, making someone laugh can be the most fabulous dose of aphrodisiacs you can showcase to her. Yes, joke more but be careful not to make fun of her dress, family, or anything related to her appearance. which might ruin your spree of “how to flirt” with a girl!

how to flirt


  • Supportive and Honest

Girls can decode the truth from lies no matter what, so whatever you do, be completely honest with her. Don’t make up nasty excuses. 

how to flirt with a girl

Being melancholic and depressed at times happens with everyone, no matter how cheery she might look. So in the grave moment of sadness, be the shoulder to cry on for her so that you will know “how to tell if a girl likes you.”


  • Inspiring and Persistent

Women are ready to become a great part of your support at the ends of your career. So just a phrase like “I believe in you” can make her show sincere interest in you. Also, be the man who takes the girl’s ‘no’ responsively. Sometimes when girls say ‘no,’ it doesn’t entirely mean ‘yes’ or either ‘no.’ So be persistent.

Well, how to understand girls?

Understanding a girl is a universally difficult task for guys. So let’s see some of the tips which convey how to understand girls.

how to tell a girl you like her

  • Sometimes, a girl may say she doesn’t want you talking to her, but deep down, all she needs is you to pamper her and calm her. 
  • Observe her in-depth, just because she’s smiling doesn’t mean that she is happy. Find what’s going on in her mind.
  • If a girl is sad and notices that she isn’t crying, there are chances to mean that she is crying in the heart, so try to be the one she can share everything.
  • Never break the trust she has on you, manage it peacefully without breaking her into pieces.
  • Girls habitually try to hide their feelings, that’s why they express less than what they truly feel, society has some obligations on them so try to understand that.

these are the answers for the impending question to understand the girl and the answer for how to get a girl to like you?


How to Text a Girl in a Seductive Way? How to Flirt With a Girl?

If you have read the book called “The Art of Seduction,” you would know the favourite quote that I like about seduction. It goes something like- “Seduction is the desire of being overwhelmed, taken beyond.” Sounds sexy, doesn’t it? 

how to text a girl

Being overwhelmed by someone is fearful because they have the power to make you laugh against your will and explain accurate things, but they don’t understand it quite well. As a seducer through texts, you have to make the girls go crazy and waver with your words.

You can take advantage of text messages quite well because most of you are not aware of this immense asset. Seducing doesn’t involve sending love notes and poems; mind you, it’s utterly and degradingly pointless, although you want to show her that you’re protective and romantic. 


So how should a seductive text be? And how to text her? Let me show you-
  • The text should be meaningful and sexy:

The message should establish a bond with your girl, but be careful not to show excessive interest. If you start texting the girl with a funny little nickname like “shorty,” “sweety,” “crazy,” it will bring a smile to her face.

How to text

For example,

Hey, Crazy girl, I know you can’t stop thinking about me, and that’s why I’m texting to say hi.”

And it’s a bonus if you save your name with “Sexy Jack” because some of my friends do that and of course with a winky face. So whenever she receives a text from you, she’ll read it with a smile and remember the funny moment you had together. Well, that’s how to text a girl smoothly!


  • Be Vague in Texts

Firstly, you must learn the art of letting the girl’s imagination run wild. Restrain yourself from being too detailed instead make her wonder and guess a little. This is a great tactic to nail the girls in seducing them through texts as it creates intrigue about you in their minds.


  • Send Super Cute messages

After being vague about your intentions, start sending cute texts like how much you miss her and how much you loved spending time with her and will warm her up to even more.

how to get a girl to like u


  • Use Emoji’s to win her heart

Convey your playfulness and your happy nature through emojis sending appropriate ones to capture your beloved option.  

how to get a girl to like u

How to flirt with a girl

The art of flirting is a very challenging thing to master, to be honest. If you use too much cheesy and pick up lines, the girl might think you have no game in your pocket whatsoever, but flirting by texting can help you break the ice easily. 

If you hope to take your friendship further and bloom into something more, then there are specific steps you have to take.

  • Stop overusing pick up lines and cliche lines, they have become old, and often girls wonder what kind of response to give when praised for being “fine.”
  • Try the typical tension breaker “sense of humor to your advantage,” this is the proven way to show interest by cracking light-hearted jokes in understanding how to text a girl.
  • Be subtle in telling her that she’s in your mind, perhaps tell her you thought of her while listening to the favourite song she recommended.

How to tell a girl you like her? What is the best way to get her to like you back?

Texting a girl you just met is easy and can be done easily, but now how to tell a girl you like her without coming across as weird. There is a safe way where most men are considering it as an issue. 

how to tell a girl you like her

Yes, you can’t tell her that you like them out of the blue and flat-out but what’s the sexiest way you can confess so that she doesn’t run away faster from you! Let’s see!  

  • Make eye contact and smile

Women like the subtle cues, so when you make eye contact, you can reveal that you’re into them. Then with a sparkling smile, convey that you’re enjoying their company and check whether they reciprocate it or not.

  • Compliment her with a classic line that You have no idea how she’s single

how to flirt

This line can be an incredible compliment, and I’ve seen many of my friends using it successfully. It implies that she is girlfriend material. If all is well, directly spew, “I’ve always had a crush on you.”


  • Don’t make dramatic public scenes

Most girls like romantic scenes where guys make huge scenes displaying their affections to win her over.  But you just have a crush on her, so don’t make a scene and embarrass her as this is the budding time where she views you as only a friend.

how to get a girl to like u


How to get a girl to like you back?

There are ethical psychological things you can do to get her to like you back; you most likely will enjoy it more if the chances of your likability are on the rise, right?

1. Maintain your Hygiene

It is a simple thing to maintain your hygiene. Kindly shower, dress nicely, shave, (even apply aftershave to create a momentary seductive aura) a little deodorant would help, and basic manners will take you a long way.

2. Have an abundant mentality

There are a lot of girls on earth, trust me, don’t show her your desperateness that you’re the only one. 

3. Don’t chase her

It takes two to tango, so it’s better if you both chase each other rather than only one person having the other. If she doesn’t like it, change the way you think and look for other beautiful options. 

how to turn a girl on


4. Have an amazing hobby or passion that screams “you”

Okay, guys, don’t take this lightly, you must have a life of your own. You must find a new passion that you love, which can add respect to your life.  So start looking for something you enjoy working to show it off.  A study says that even if the hobby is sexual, it has a lot of potentials to increase the chance of you scoring a date.

5. Ask her to do things for you

There is a remarkable effect called the “Benjamin Franklin effect,” where if you ask a girl to do something for you and she’s in the position to do it, it’s more likely that she will like you subconsciously. Why? Because when we do something for people, our brain might think we want them since we are, in a way, helping them.

These are the successful ways where you can make her like you back, telling her secrets, breaking the touch barrier, being her close friend, and making her laugh can also help.


How to Text a Girl in a Way That She Only Thinks About You?

You don’t have to be like a Romeo to text in a good way; you don’t need to download a lot of strange apps to know how to flirt with a girl. 

how to flirt with a girl

  • The first rule in the dating book is that you must text within 24 hours of meeting her. If you don’t then girls will think you’re not interested.

For example: “Hey, It’s Jack from this morning, glad to meet you!” 

  • Start the conversation texts like “ What current trend really annoys you?” This can help you get to know her better that can lead to a longer conversation.
  • Send good morning text to her so that she knows that you’re thinking about her in the morning.
  • Send good night texts to show that before sinking into the bed, you’re thinking about her that can affect and make way into her dreams.
  • Mirror her while texting by using emojis, long texts, and poking fun at each other.

How to Turn a Girl on With Words and Take Her Out?

how to turn a girl on

Knowing how to flirt and understanding how to turn a girl on over texts can really help you get physical with her. Flirting with women can create frictional sexual tension in real life, for example:

She: You are such a sweetheart. Can I keep you forever?

You: Oh, please don’t lock me in a cage, you can, of course, trap me with handcuffs for a night. 😜


how to flirt with a girl


You can also try the technique if texting innocently while she can’t stop herself from thinking about you sexually.  And don’t forget to bring sexual innuendos while texting as there are a lot of jokes to make women feel comfortable talking about the topic of sex.


Is it a good idea to propose her while texting or not? 5 Unique strategies to implement

Most of the couples agree that some of the greatest conversations they ever had were through texts. Now, can you propose to the girl you like through a text message? Is it rude or romantic?

As texting has wound up in ourselves as an inherent aspect of our day-to-day life, I guess there is no reason for you to propose to her through texts. It doesn’t make it any less romantic and thrilling.

Now, let’s see some of the strategies on how to flirt with a girl and the strategies to implement on how to text a girl so that she likes you back as texting has become a part of the dating process. “how to text a girl” is the major question asked for the dating process.


Rule 1: Be Positive

Every girl likes a positive and easygoing guy, so keep your conversations positive all the time. Your job is to make her day not ruin it by your endless complaining charades. Start smiling when texting her that has the ability to reflect positivity in the texts as well.


how to turn a girl on


If you don’t have anything positive happening in the day for you, then come back later and text her with positive kisses.


Rule 2: Proper Grammar

A lot of guys make this common mistake as if spelling words doesn’t matter. It is an obvious mistake, just because texts are not official documents doesn’t mean you can spray words that aren’t in the vocabulary of English literature. So come out of this horrible trend and use correct grammar and spelling while typing.

How to text


Rule 3: Be Playful

Although it may seem such a simple strategy, you must chat about everyday stuff creating intrigue and playfulness. Sometimes she might text you because she’s bored, and this is your chance to make it interesting and introduce positivity.


how to get a girl to like u


Rule 4: Start Flirting With her

Flirtatious texts are an excellent way to generate a bond and sparkles in your relationships. Obviously, it takes time to build trust, but the flirty texts give an edge and keep her on toes. You can accuse her of trying to seduce you as well with her sparkling beauty.


Rule 5: Set Up a date

Suggesting an activity while texting and flirting is clever. Try, “Hey. I’m going to a party on Friday; you should join me -It’ll be fun. Isn’t it smooth?

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5 Most Powerful Tips to Make Her Want You

Making someone want you doesn’t mean you’re manipulating; instead, it makes the bond more energetic and fun. Make sure to never fall into the trap of getting bored with each other. 

How to flirt

Here are some of the powerful tips to know how to get a girl to like you.

1. Try to do things without her

This is the number one step to make her want you is to do your own thing. You don’t have to keep on thinking about her to notice you and waiting for her bright texts to make your day. If somehow she calls you, don’t be alme and tell her that you are wallowing in sadness down the street.

Tell her you’re hanging out with friends at their house or a restaurant.

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2. Tell her you miss her a lot

As you are trying to make her want you, yes, you’re going to miss her too.  So it doesn’t mean you have to suffer in silence and alone. Some kind words and being honest feelings wouldn’t hurt. 


3. Make her Laugh

Attracting a girl depends on how much you can make her laugh. If you make her laugh more surely, she’ll miss you and want more of you. You can also try the art of self-deprecating that has the immense ability to make her laugh.


4. Flirt and Tease her

Flirting is the greatest factor in attracting a girl. If you become too nice and polite, you can be friend-zoned, so the best chance to remind her that you’re game is flirting and indirectly teasing her and genuinely complimenting them with a hint of humor.

how to flirt


5. Show up at places at your own convenience

Giving surprise visits at the place where she hangs out always works wonders. Not only does she think you are having a good time without her, but you can also have the situation under control, ensuring to have a glimpse of her.


What do men think about texting a girl seductively? According to internet research, case studies, and people’s review.

Here are some of the reviews on how to text a girl posted online-

how to text a girl

how to flirt with a girl


The Bottom Line

Well, finally, if you implement all these steps, she will start to reply faster to your texts and initiate the interactions herself; she’ll readily agree to your point of view and start giggling like a schoolgirl who has a crush. It definitely will let you out of the friend-zone.



1. What makes a girl happy in relationships?

Displaying physical affection can make a girl happier and into you as it is an important part of romantic relationships. Hold hands, hug her, kissing and backrub, and do wonders to your relationship.

2. What are some of the cute things to tell a girl over text?

  • I can’t stop thinking about you
  • You make me feel like a million bucks
  • Being with you makes me incredibly happy
  • Can I take you out on a date again soon?
  • I have been so much happier since we started spending time together.

3. What can I say to make her blush?

You can say things like-

  • Can’t imagine my life without you
  • I dreamt of you last night.
  • You look so cute when you laugh

If you have found this article helpful, do let us know in the comment section below!