Who doesn’t love using dating apps? Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps which works to find a perfect date with full assurance, So getting a girl or guy through Tinder is now easier than ever before with lots of techniques and tricks. But lots of people want to use Tinder without Facebook or we can say they don’t want to get access to tinder with their real Facebook identities, So is it possible to login to Tinder without using any Facebook account And get the app work correctly?Well, we have answers to all your questions, and we know how to resolve them.So learn how to use Tinder without Facebook and also get to know about some hidden tips and tricks to use on Tinder to get more matches and dates.

How to use tinder without facebook

Why Tinder needs your Facebook account for access anyways?

Social media platforms have been blowing up since their earlier days, and nothing is more resilient and adaptable like Facebook. While other previous ones like MySpace and Orkut have seen their demise(or low traffic), Facebook is still alive and updating on a regular basis to keep their users from migrating.Facebook provide realness and put trust in other user checking your profile. It is even trying to make sure that no one is interested in choosing their competition by buying them or integrating features to make Facebook look more desirable. You don’t need to update your profile every time , you just edited your Facebook and your profile on tinder automatically gets update . It doesn’t help that it’s virtually possible for any one who has basic computer skills to create an account with ease.

how to use tinder without facebook friends knowing

So anyone who is creating a service or an app who doesn’t want to go through the hassle of creating their login protocols can easily integrate other social media accounts login with a feature to do so. Those accounts(such as from Facebook) have a huge amount of information about the users such as their name, e-mail id, age and what their likes are, So login using these accounts gives them access to those things and more if the user gives permission while logging using their Facebook accounts. The reason Tinder uses is for primarily for that information. Any dating platform asks you to fill up your interests but if one can get access to all of them using a single login from their app it just saves them a huge amount of work. They claim that using Facebook login helps them in maintaining higher standards by making sure that all of their users are linked to real people’s account which improves their appeal compare to other services that anyone can use anonymously.

how to use tinder without facebook

The reason behind why you may not want to use it

It all sounds great in principal, but it comes with a cost for the people using it.. Dating is personal thing , you don’t want to publicize your relationship status among your real life friends. Also Facebook is a social network platform when your are connected to friends, family and people from your work but tinder is a dating app where you find your potential suitor . You don’t want your each and every photo or update to be put on tinder. When you and everyone else using Tinder knows that you are logged into it using your own personal Facebook, account anyone can perform a few searches and find your Facebook account. Some of you may think it’s not that easy to do that, but just a small amount of information about you like a name and address combine with the fact that they probably also know how you look like they can easily find your Facebook account just by using the search bar.

How to use tinder without facebook login

So after you may remove someone from your Tinder profile or even deactivate your Tinder account the people who you may be trying to get rid off can still find you. It is great for Internet stalkers but unsettling to an average user such as you and me. There are ways to secure yourself and your Facebook account overall and even ways not to use your personal account. Fortunately, for you, we’ll be listing those down below.

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Ways to improve your privacy and increase security

The very first thing you might want to do is improve your privacy settings. Facebook despite having great privacy features has most of them disabled by default. Here’s a list of things you must do:

  • The first thing you want to do is go to this link Facebook Privacy Settings and Tools and change all your settings to the ones shown below. Especially the one highlighted in the green box.

How To Keep Your Tinder Private From Your FacebookNow you want to go to your Facebook profile and click on your friends and open privacy setting by clicking the manage button.

how to use tinder without facebook

Now just change the people who can see your friends list and the people you follow to “Only Me” or just your “Friends” so no random stranger can narrow down if this account belongs to the person they are searching for it.

  • The last thing you want to do is open your Facebook and go to the settings and locate APPS. Where you can change the privacy of the Tinder app to “Only Me” so no one in your friend list can know if you are using it.
  • The chances are you are still wondering if you can use one without a Facebook account. The short answer is you can’t but you can use one without your own primary account.
  • All you have to do is delete your Current Tinder account and disconnect the Facebook account from your device. Followed by that you might want to sign up to Facebook using a new e-mail id(Just create one). All it takes is that you enter your personal info and get a secondary account just for using Tinder. It’s completely Okay for you to use another Facebook account as long as you give your correct information in case you ever need to prove that you are a real person. You might want to use a Profile picture that you don’t have on your original account so they can’t just reverse image search to find the account you are trying to hide.

how to use tinder without Facebook in 2017

What if you don’t have a Facebook account?

Chances are you don’t have a Facebook account and aren’t interested in signing up for one just want to use Tinder. You can also keep requesting tinder to change their policy term and if they get high number of request ,they can surely change their policy. You can either just create a Fake Facebook account and delete the ” previous account ” it by going to “separate account” and then into tinder setting and clicking on ” delete account ” option or try some of the alternatives such as Bumble or OkCupid If you are still not convinced and want Tinder to add a way to signup without one, you might want to start demanding for it. It may not work but in the past few months, Internet uproar has swayed some opinions and managed to bring some improvements.