A precision tool that is unique and can cut and form sheet metal into any desired shape of any size- that is what a stamping die is all about. The portions of the stamping die which carry out the cutting and forming operations are made out of tool steel which is especially hardened. Apart from hardened steel, these cutting and forming sections are also made from other tough, long-lasting materials like carbide. 

The majority of the stamping dies to contain a variety of basic components which include dying plates, shoes, die sets, bushings, guide pins, heel plates, heel blocks, dowels, screws, and keys. Apart from these parts, dies also require stripper, pressure along with drawing pads and devices to hold them together. Such devices include shoulder bolts, spools, keepers, retainers even coil, gas, or urethane springs. 



Punch press dies manufacturers are keenly aware of these components that are an integral part of the stamping process and take great care to ensure that they are designed well and function optimally. The durability of these components and how well they perform decide the reputation of punch press die, manufacturers. Hence, it is vital that every one of these components is kept in pristine order and are able to carry out their operation well. 

Following is a brief description of these components and the exclusive operation they carry out. Punch press dies manufacturers need to keep abreast of the functioning of these components. 

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Die sets, Die Plates, and Shoes- These are made out of steel or aluminum and match the size of the die. They act as the base for mounting of working die components. All these parts need to be kept parallel and flat within a critical tolerance for which machining them is essential, either by grinding or milling them. Among these two, the most preferred operation is grinding. However, these days it is easier to obtain a milled surface that is accurate as a ground surface. 

Punch press dies manufacturers use steel to manufacture most die shoes. Apart from steel, aluminum is also a material of choice to produce die shoes. Since aluminum weighs one-third of steel, it is fairly easy to machine it and it is also possible to add special alloys to it for increased compressive strength when compared to the steel that has low carbon amounts. Blanking dies are also made out of aluminum by punch press die, manufacturers, since it exhibits excellent shock absorption properties. 


The two shoes called the upper and lower die shoes along with guide pins form a die set. To help get rid of slugs or scrap that is generated in the stamping process, the lower die shoe is machined or flame cut with holes. The waste material exits onto the press bed through the die shoe holes. This is a smart intervention as the accumulation of scrap can cause obstruction of the dies and lead to interruption of the process. Punch press dies manufacturers do not want any of these unwanted problems to obscure their production process. In addition to this, such holes also serve as clearances for gas springs and some other die components. To determine the thickness of the die shoe the amount of force that is expected during cutting and forming is calculated. Typically coining dies need much thicker die shoe than a simple bending die. 

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Bushings and Guide pins- Pins are at times referred to as posts or pillars and they function along with guide bushings to keep the upper and lower die shoes in sync. Essentially there are two basic types of bushings and guide pins; they are ball bearing style pins and friction pins. 

Heel plates and Heel blocks- These are special steel blocks that are machined precisely then screwed, dowelled and welded to the upper and lower die shoes. There are wear plates that function to absorb side thrusts that are generated during the cutting and forming process. 

Keys, Dowels, and Screws- Fastening and securing thee working components is the job of screws. Punch press dies manufacturers keep these little components safe and in good shape. Dowels are in reality pins that are precision ground to keep the die section in its proper location on the die shoe. 

Besides these, there are pads, stripper plates, draw pads, spools, keepers and shoulder bolts, retainers and springs that are precisely used in the stamping process. Punch press dies manufacturers keep these details in mind as they go about with the production process.