The Internet is a big sea that you can explore best with the help of the internet browsers. Nowadays, there are endless choices when it comes to web browsers that have become extremely popular among the users. The main mission of these browsers is to offer the top-class internet experience to the users.

Top 10 Internet Browsers of 2017

But which ones are the top internet browsers? We have researched all over the internet and made a compiled list of the best web browsers that have rich features and secure to use.

  1. Google Chrome

Without any doubt, Google Chrome is one of the best web browsers available to use. It has dominated the internet market for the past some years. This browser has reached to this position because of its excellent qualities that include security, speed, new web-code standards, and simplicity. Along with these rich features, this browser also supports the parental controls for ensuring maximum efficiency.


This well-known internet browser is developed by the internet giant Google and they have targeted the enhanced performance of web applications. Google Chrome is holding the first position among the top 10 internet browsers who comes with an array of useful extensions that the users can download for free and use them for their personal use. Out of total internet users, more than 60% have listed the Chrome as their favorite browser. However, this browser no longer supports the Windows Vista and Windows XP and the users with this version has to upgrade it.


  1. Mozilla Firefox

If you are looking for a simple but flexible browser, then you can’t find a better option than the Mozilla Firefox. In addition to Windows, this browser is available for both the Android and Linux devices. There is a great range of extensions and plugins in this browser that comes with lots of powerful and wonderful developer tools. Some of the great features of this browser are high performance, constant updates, and customizable interface.

Mozilla Firefox

It is one of the well-known internet browsers that has an open architecture to accept the installation of extensions and themes. Additionally, the developers can also write extensions for making the browser perform functions as required.

  1. Safari Web Browser

Safari is the most popular web browser among the MAC users. It is developed by technological giant Apple Inc. and that’s why you can only expect excellence from this browser. It is a fast-paced browser that comes with the features that the present day users require, such as popup blocking, built-in search functionality, and tabbed browsing.

Safari Web Browser

With more than 250 features, this browser gives an alternative way to the users for experiencing the internet. The browser may be developed by the Apple, but it offers an equal chance for the Windows users. Moreover, it also has the best RSS-reading feature, making it easier to track the number of websites. Another incredible thing about the Safari Web Browser is that you can import bookmarks from any browser.

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  1. Opera Web Browser

Opera has become a long way to become one of the top 5 internet browsers among the users. There are many reasons for switching to Opera from your present browser. A unique feature of this browser is that it can always render the pages in a faster way. It might not be on the level where the Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox is but still, it can be very useful while accessing the internet.

Opera Web Browser

The browser has a built-in BitTorrent protocol that is simple to use and can be extremely useful for the torrent users. All these features separate itself from the rest of the web browsers.

  1. Internet Explorer

As we all know, Internet explorer is a default browser for the Window systems. Still, it has an immense popularity among the majority of internet users. There are many features that allow them to enter the list of top five internet browsers in the world. Some of the top-class features of the internet explorer are Smart Screen Filters, Active X Capabilities and a wonderful list of recommended websites.

Internet Explorer


  1. Torch Internet Browser

This internet browser might sound new to you but when it comes sharing something on social media this is the browser that you should have a look at. The reason why this app stands out of the crowd because this has its own music app. The app is very qualitative and you surely going to love it once you get used to it.

Torch Internet Browser

But the downside of the app that it doesn’t synchronize with your browsing history and favorites. Overall, I would say this browser itself is a bit different from other ones and you can give it a try.

  1. Sea Monkey

This Sea monkey internet browser in the perfect combination of many features that give you facilities like having an email client, built-in chat, and diverse browsing capabilities. Below are the following things you should know about this browser.

  • Let me tell you a very honest truth, Sea Monkey’s startup speed is sluggish and its interface is outdated. So, if speed is your first priority, this is not the one that you are looking for.
  • It is compatible with most of the add-ons and extensions with Mozilla’s Firefox and a good all in one app combination.

Sea Monkey


8. Maxthon 

This internet browser can easily work with your phone and laptop simultaneously and that’s where it gets the edge over other browsers. At the starting,  Maxthon’s internet browser seems trivial and not too flashy but when it comes to synchronizing multiple devices, it works really well. Drag and drop image option really works and you can simply transfer the images from your system to mobile devices without any glitch. Below is the take away that you should take a look at.


If you travel a lot and get across multiple devices then this browser is certainly built for you as it synchronizes perfectly with one device to another. But if you are looking for some additional features like voice assistant and open source development, then sorry folks, you should go for something else, this is not of your type.

9. Avant Browser Build 

The company claims that speed of this browser is really amazing. But, the browsing speed is not as good as the company boasts about it. It includes basic features like tabbed browsing, RSS feeds and on page functions as well. Browser somewhere alike internet explorer, you won’t face any difficulty if you are used to it.

Avant Browser Build 

Obviously, this internet browser falls short in comparison to other higher ranked internet browsers, but you can give it a try if you want to do some experiment with browsing.

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10. Vivaldi

This browser stands at the 10th position. It is a very light weight software and consumes only 38MB whereas other browsers consume around 300-400 MB.


The browser is supported on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.


  1. PUFFIN: – With the endless competition in the browsing world what really separates it from the crowd is its Adobe Flash content which users remote servers to download the exciting movies, games and the heart touching songs which can stand hair out of our skin. But what really decollates it is the lack of modern collections which is offered by the other apps. The privacy mode of this app allows you to secure your private data from the unauthorized access.


Download here  PUFFIN

  1. DOLPHIN: – The unique and the advanced looking site of this browser is the most attractive part of it which insist the users to always scroll down the fingers through this app. The site of this browser is rather competitive in many ways allowing the user to handle their private information and a secure management to their password. Considered to be the first browser to have multitouch gestures it is a must downloaded one and can hardly let their device lack the shiny features of this app.


Download here DOLPHIN

  1. GHOSTERY: – Well, I think that the only problem with this browsing app is its support for the iPhone and so if you want to enjoy its Prodigy features be ready to sacrifice your precious Android and enjoy scrolling fingers on iPhone. The app is not so speedy and is practically meant for security purposes but if you want to enhance your speed then delete some of your browsing histories and then enjoy the high speed.


Download here GHOSTERY

There are other internet browsers available online, but I believe these are the top 10 they would satiate all your requirements.

If you are looking for something specific in your browser, let us know in the comments below, we would respond you as soon as possible. Till then…..





Well, there are a number of browsing apps that are remembered for its high-speed connectivity and multi-features offering to the user and it would be difficult to say that which one is the best. Choosing a one from the bunch of awesome ones with each one outperforming the other is rather a fight in our mind and after continuous tiring our mind we arrive at a particular decision. The above article is the detail description of the browsing apps that would ease your difficulty. But I can say that Google Chrome, Opera would be the best one for your device.


There are an unlimited number of apps present on the Internet each one outperforming the other. Here are some of the fast browsing apps that will stand o stand on your expectations. They are Opera Mini, Google Chrome and much more.


Finding the best one is often a very difficult task as so many options are available before us. But here are the best mobile browsers that will definitely ease your task. They are Brave Browser, Chrome, Dolphin Browser, Firefox and much more.


Some of the best browsers here had been listed which include Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera and Torch Browser.


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