Who knew that two brothers Patrick and John Collison would connect the dots of American people spending about $1.2 billion a day in online payments and building a relevant software to accompany that?

7 Benefits of Using Stripe Payment Gateway for Your Business

In Silicon Valley startups, their million-dollar invention, Stripe Payment Gateway, became a sensation where businesses can immediately plug in their websites and connect with credit cards and banking systems to receive payments. Do you want to know more about the payment system? Read along!


What is Stripe Payment Gateway? What Exactly Does it do?

Starting a business is exciting and a time to contemplate the big question – How to accept payments?

The payment gateway is a great solution for you to accept online payments, although it’s not the only fish in the pond. Stripe Payment Gateway is an extension for easy digital downloads, which allows the owners to receive payments through credit card payments on the site.

In the merchant platform, Stripe is the best payment platform for online-based businesses to get payment processing.


Stripe Payment Gateway

How to Register For Stripe? Is Stripe Safe for Payment?  If Yes, How?

As a business entity, registering for stripe is quick and easy. You have to provide some basic and banking details about your company, in a matter of minutes, it’ll be over. 

Is it safe for payment? Yes, Stripe payment gateway integration exceeds the security standards because it is SSL protected where the information on the transaction is secured quite safely.

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Why is Stripe Payment Gateway so Popular? Should You Use This Payment Gateway For Your Business?

Stripe is extremely popular because it quenches the problem of receiving payments online from a unique conception than other companies thought process. The programmers and developers felt more comfortable being in the environment created by removing complicated processes like other applications.

Should you use it for your business? Of course!

The simple pricing policy and the interactive communications among the stripe developer team and the web developers, programmers in using Stripe are amazing. Even the technically advanced companies used to feel the pressure of previous other payment platforms, but Stripe Payment gateway just changed everything.

Payment gateway

7 Benefits of Using the Stripe Payment Gateway

Let me give you some of the foundational benefits for Stripe to become attractive and popular to many organizations-

1. API

Any developers and programmers find the flexibility that stripe provides as rich and robust. Stripe’s API has a resource-oriented URL and HTTP to regulate error codes. Hence, from the Stripe checkout through Stripe.js, the solutions are quite useful to the developers.

2.Very Communicative

The stripe developers’ interaction with the management programmers that use stripe is highly effective. Stripe’s work in keenly listening to the developer community is the most valuable feature that benefits us all.

3. Reasonable Pricing

Stripe’s potential users are impatient to deal with a long process of negotiations and payment processors that takes forever to be approved. The pricing policy of stripe is very attractive to the companies as there are no monthly fees or cancellation fees. The processing fees 2.9% + 30 cents per transaction.

4. Ease of Use

It is the best solution to any startup or organization to accept payments as it is eligible to get payments from credit cards, Apple Pay, and Android pay.

5. PCI Compliance

The hosted checkouts by Stripe are very useful as all the data has to be processed by the systems. Handling sensitive data is not a problem as it is PCI compliant.

6. Customer Service

There is a good support system from Stripe as ‘Freenode,’ a chat community that consists of tech pros and users. Online support for developers is extremely remarkable.

7. Secure Platform

Security is the main priority for Stripe as it gives a real focus on the developer-centric experience. Investing for the top-class security consultants, the payment gateway is safe with encrypted card numbers with AES-256.

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Why Should You Hire Stripe Developers? Is There a Demand in the Marketplace For Them? How Will it Help Your Company?

Programming skills are necessary for an online payment gateway; the person who handles it must have good command over technical integrations and Stripe API interface. 

The role of stripe developer is important as they have to work with team members closely to handle the stripe payment process through Stripe Payment Gateway integration.

And yes, there is a huge demand in the marketplace for Stripe developers, as it is used by more than 278 thousand websites worldwide. Most of the business sectors use Stripe payment globally, supporting payments like Bitcoin, American Express, Master Card, and Visa. 

What Are the Pros and Cons of Using Stripe Payment  Gateway?

Let’s look at some of the benefits and drawbacks of the Stripe payment processor-



Rate of fees is reasonable In-person payments are difficult
Extra fees for cancellation, setup or maintenance is not charged The developer team is needed for customizable services.
An account can be created online instantly Problems with frozen or canceled accounts
Suitable for international payments It cannot connect with virtually any type of website.
Customizable options It does not offer POS features.

What Do People Think About Using the Stripe Payment Gateway? According To People’s Review And Internet Research.

Let’s look at some of the reviews given by people using Stripe Payment Gateway

international payments

To Sum Up

The final verdict after considering the factors is that Stripe Payment Gateway is very well suited for tech-forward businesses and also mid-size, large companies. Especially organizations that thrive online has the ultimate advantage of using it.

Try Stripe for yourself and decide whether it is right for your business. You will have alll the time to explore the risks and benefits to determine if it’s better for you or not.

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What are the skills required to be a stripe developer?

As a stripe developer, you need to have good command over the features and abilities of the Stripe platforms and extensive experience with Stripe products and APIs.

What forms of payments does Stripe accept?

Stripe Payment Gateway integration accepts Cards( Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diners Club). It also accepts global payments from Apple pay and Android Pay.

What are the fees for using Stripe?

Transaction and service fees of Stripe are very simple as they charge a rate of 2.9%+30 cents for receiving each payment, and it must be under $1 million in volume for a year.

Do I need a website to use Stripe?

Yes, you do require a website to register your organization and create an account. But if you don’t have a website, then create a website for your business soon.

How long does it take Stripe to pay?

It usually takes 7 days to post the payment in the USA or Canada. It may take 10 days to reflect in UK and EU accounts.

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