Did you know that a business without an online reach is only using up to 40% of its real potential? Billions of people use the Internet on a daily basis, and each one of them can become your client.

Small and medium-sized business owners face numerous problems finding a good source of traffic. However, this isn’t impossible, and all you have to do is too diverse the advertising methods you have used until now.HOW TO ADVERTISE A local business


Official statistics released by Google, reveal us that 97% of consumers search for local businesses online before they are ready to become their client.


Every major search engine gives you the opportunity to list your business for free by providing relevant information such as name, type of business, town, and country.

You can even set up paid search results, which are tailored ads created by yourself. From these ads, you will receive only clicks from people interested in what you provide.

We believe that every serious business must have a professionally designed website. However, it must be optimized for local searches by using the name of your city in the page description, title, and the content. Moreover, you can increase your brand’s popularity by building frequently updated social media profiles.


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It is of extreme importance to feature your business in the local newspapers to build a particular authoritative profile in front of your community.

Get to know a local journalist, and you might have the opportunity to post, at least, one story a month in the paper.


Numerous business directories are being updated and sent to millions of people every year. Most of them have online equivalents and small businesses often benefit from huge discounts.

Do research to find the most valuable directories and get your site featured there.



To reach the most loyal customers, you might want to consider paid advertisements in local newspapers, radio stations, and magazines as they are cost-effective.

To convert the most clients, your advertisements should be tailored specifically to the content, so that they are as relevant as possible.

To gain maximum exposure, the advertisement should be continuous. This way, people will remember your brand easily as it will get stuck in their brains, especially if your advert is from high quality

Printed Materials

It might be a good idea to reach all the people in the surrounding area of your business by spreading flyers and brochures. Locate those place, where people gather the most and start giving them away.


By participating in various events, you will be able to establish a relationship with a potential client or investor by facing him. You can either attend a relevant event or host one yourself. To gain their attention, you can offer free promotional products or demonstrate the quality of your services.

Giveaways & Word Of Mouth

Did you know that social media giveaways are a particularly popular way to gain a lot of new followers? Remember that everybody loves free items!

Your business must provide value to your clients, and you should be determined to go the extra mile for them. People trust their friends and family for recommendations, which means that word of mouth advertisement is something that you should leverage.