Everyone wants to protect their selves from cyber crimes which is now most common thing happening these days that’s why we presenting a help guide which can help you to protect yourself from being hacked by someone.With preferably common misconceptions for all of them.

Things you should know about cyber security

We live a world where a huge entire portion of our life exist on a virtual space it maybe something as little as your thought about something you don’t like as a tweet or the family photo album which you never wish to loose but like the idiot you are keep it in a facebook account,probably with almost no security. On the other hand you hear things like celebrities photos being leaked by the mysterious hacker called 4chan and movies such as Hackers feeding you false information about how things actually work. For example there’s no mysterious hacker called 4chan, it’s a website made of up threads and message boards to share content and it was where most of the low lives on the internet hang out. Well today I’ll be your guide and with our knowledge help you enlighten and prepare you for the world we are currently living in. This should be something taught in your elementary schools but ah well you can’t get all you want.You Should Know About Cyber Security because now it becomes part of our world and it can be use in our daily online works.

  • 1 Antivirus Software

Sure everybody likes the idea of getting the best security software especially when you no longer have to worry about anything else but you don’t need to shell out a huge amount to be safe. Some companies charge you more than average saying that they provide the best security there is but it’s not all true. Well for starters lets talk about what an antivirus software truly is.

cyber security

It’s a basic software supposed to scan a file in it’s whole entirety searching for the hidden malware in it which is usually done by a thing called exploits. There are more than just files you download to infect you with your malware so despite the best attempts of the “Leading Security” companies you can never truly be safe. Some companies package a lot more stuff such as online security and stopping tracking but some tend to track you to find out where the new exploit is coming from. Say you click on a link which is farely new and you get infected well too bad you got screwed over but the companies are gonna profit of you the paying consumer to hash it out. While they implement something to clean you computer from that malware by the time it could be off with your whole life well too bad.


Some companies such as Avast and mcAfee depite making their best efforts and frequent updates can’t keep up with all that. A free antivirus like the ones Microsoft provide for free is just as good as any other paid alternative. So you might think a lot more before feeling safe just by paying some money.

  • 2 Online Safety Practices

Sure nobody is safe online. You can’t go over the internet feeling safe ever in your entire life. Just like the real world you never truly know or can ever trust the person standing behind the corner. Well there are a few things you could do for starters. Well if you feel uncomfortable doing this manually you could always pay for the an anti-virus software which claim to come with internet security which installs an extention on all you web browser to prevent you from malicious site, spam mails and even certain ads that are knows to be upto no good. Well on the other hand you can do all this for free by just following simple steps.Online safety is the most authentic thing which you should do to protect yourself from being hacked from some cyber crimes.


Let’s talk about ads, Nobody likes ads but they are the bread and butter for people trying to make living off the internet. Sure you can use certain services like adblock+ or ublock to prevent them displaying from but you are cutting the possbility of a certain someone trying to make an honest lively hood online. Site like Facebook and Youtube display a lot of ads but most other sites like blogs and how to websites use either google’s trusted adsense or a third party company with hopes of earning more because their ads are not usually in the adblock software’s list of a fliters. They are really update a lot but still most of them get away with getting you to click on a ad that just starts using your computer as anything from a node on the internet for hiding their real identity to a bot to cause DDOS attacks on a service someone else hates. So what can you do?


Well a lot of these depends on using some site of porn as incentive for you clicking on it so any kind of Anti-Porn extention usually blocks your internet from unreasonable ads and hence prevent you from going onto the trap of an actual hacker. They also warn you about certain sites carrying bad group of people for example they prevent you from opening omegle despite the service is justified they also have a lot of bots left running by hackers to find the next patsy. These kinda also gives you a better warning than some one saying to use site you only trust because you may never truly know which sites you can trust and limit yourself from every finding something new on the internet.

Talking about trust try using an Official internet connection preferably your own or you always risk sending data over someone else’s router and they can do whatever they want with them and not everyone is a nice human being just giving free internet.

  • 3 Password Management

Sure we were all taught about keeping multiple passwords for different sites and we do tend to do that and the appeal of a password safe for storing all your password feels like a godsend for us given how much we forget everyday. The basics would be never letting any browser or password wallet remember you password ever. So you may wonder if you should just use the same password for everything and change it once in a while…well no.

protect your account from cyber crime/securityInstead use multiple passwords on different services preferably different from others and have a primarily email id linked to all of them and instead of changing each service’s password just change and focus on remember that email id’s pass. That way in case you ever forget the passkey for any service you haven’t used in a while it’s just really easy to change it using “forgot my password” link on any login site which usually sends a link to the linked email address and changing the password for the email id regularly keeps your master account safe.You should remember your main email password on any purpose other wise you can’t safe your self from these spy guys who looking for guys like you.So you must need to follow these top tricks to protect ourselves from these hackers.


  • 4 Encryption

Time to learn something new for most of you folks. Some of you may say that you know what encryption is you have always seen them on cops shows. The things is that it’s not really like that. It’s not meant for crooks, hackers and terrorists. Even you can use it to prevent your stuff from being accessed by other people. It’s not even that hard to setup Windows come with their own things called bitlocker which just takes as much you right clicking on a driver and selecting turn bitlocker on from the drop down menu.

cyber security encrytion

So let’s cover the basics of encryption well to sum it all up you need a key to unlock or crack it. Time for certain technicalities. An encryption makes the data access locked behind a key or pass which is usually hidden in an algorithm which will take a really long time for someone to crack without the actual key or any hints. What’s the differnece between AES 128-bit and AES 256-bit it’s basic XOR functionality by increasing the number of rounds you need to take. In simple people terms imagine that you keyword you use is hacked into small little pieces and each piece is hidden behind a wall and the more bigger bit of encryption you use the more walls it’s is made off and someone actually trying to crack the encryption is probably some guy using a spoon to dig through the walls. Back to reality they are actually using a brute force for trying every password from going something like 0000 to 9999 just a lot more complex and the more bit of encryption you have to more slower process they have for it could be as slow as 1000 passwords a minute and it may not seems like much because it isn’t it’ll take months to even break a 128-bit encryption unless they have a quantum computer and even then it would probably be waste of the processing power of that which can be used for a lot more productive reasons.


So you the average consumer don’t need to worry about things like that and can use the simple bitlocker on your OS which in case you are wondering has a 256 bit encryption. It’s a lot more than you may need for decade or so.

  • 5 Password Creation

Cyber securityNow that you know that a password is the most protective barrier between someone and your data(or life) you may be wondering what kind of passwords should I use. You need need to make your password must be above 10 characters so that it isn’t east to encrypt your password ,you should add a special character(Any Symbol) which make your password more powerful and helps you to make strong password.You also should put one upper case or lower case digit to make your self more protective .If you follow these terms then you can save your self from any hackers and comes under a better cyber security.