I recently had to organize an event for my friend. He had decided to marry his girlfriend of 10 years and had finally gathered the courage to officially propose to his girlfriend. He has been my friend since we were toddlers. We grew up in the same neighborhood in Ranchi, went to the same high school and even though we went to different colleges, we eventually met up when both of us chose Bangalore as our workplace city.

I wanted to organize a bachelor party for him. I had one other friend help me with all the preparations. I came up with a guest list and we cooked up the plan for the whole weekend to bid adieu to my friend’s bachelor days. I wanted the day to end with a bang and had planned to hold a medium-sized party.

Finding the best catering service in Bangalore

Now, while some may not agree with my conjecture, I know for a fact that the success of any event depends very heavily on the catering service that i hired. Good food lets us enjoy our dinner while great food not only leaves us satisfied, it further elevates the overall mood of the whole party.

I wanted to hire the best catering service in Bangalore, however, reality doesn’t offer the best solutions easily. I googled for the best catering service in my area and even though I could find various businesses on Google Map easily, contacting them and arranging for a tasting session was a nightmare. While some businesses were ready to provide me with further details on the services that they offered, I had to convince many catering services that I was not a prankster.


Meeting some catering service providers, I was able to later find out that there are many callers who just prank them into preparing taster food while not showing up for appointments or calling to cancel. I had a serious talk with one of the providers and that’s when I found out about DialJordan, the premier online business listing website.

I gave the website a try and I was very pleasantly shocked by the level of professionalism and care that was shown. Upon visiting the DialJordan website, I was easily able to search for the service that I wanted. I typed in “Best Catering service in Bangalore” and was provided with a full listing of different catering businesses in Bangalore.

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Additionally, my location was autodetected to provide a result page that listed caterers according to their distance from my current location. I was very impressed by this feature. If I was looking for a laundry service business, I would’ve easily been able to find the nearest laundromat just by using DialJordan without having to fiddle around and compare the address. It will surely save a lot of headaches when trying to finding the nearest service provider.

caterers in Bangalore

I could further filter the results on DialJordan according to the business’ price range and customer ratings. I was able to easily pick out 5 top caterers and contact them through the website. DialJordan uses a two-way otp verified phone call feature to ensure that there is no cases of people calling just to prank. I was able to talk with three of the vendors and chat with the other two to select an appointment with all of them.

After a whole Sunday of different food tastings, I was finally able to actually find the best catering service in Bangalore using DialJordan. As you can imagine, The Bachelor Party that I had organized for my dear friend was a success. We spent the whole morning at an amusement park (I know that this is childish for men of 30+ age), had a relaxing afternoon at a resort and finally concluded the bachelor party at a rented space with the best catering service possible in Bangalore. We had ample entertainment, with live music during the dinner and a night party with me as the DJ.

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The best part of the day was when I was driving my friend back to his home. He hugged me and told me that this was one of the best days of his life. I was extremely happy that I was able to make my friend happy. As I have mentioned earlier, reality doesn’t always offer the best solutions for our problem, but for finding services in Bangalore, DialJordan has actually made this search an easy task.