A support in the way when we are down with the overpowering hurdles and the obstacles makes the way easier to cover upon. A supportive hand over the wrinkled and the punished hands insist them that there is always someone behind to shield them from the upcoming dangers. No matter what are the problems waiting for us when we have the support of our close ones, we are encouraged to accelerate on the way. With the supportive hands-on the shoulder here I am with this article giving you the tips to encourage your friend.

how to encourage a friend


  1. TALKING: – When you see your friend struggling with the problems of the daily life, then take your time and talk to them. In this period of time, they feel isolated and so the supportive and the comfortable talk make them encouraged to move on the way without any tensions and worries.

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2. LISTEN TO THEM: – When you are talking to your friend just focus on their words and try not to share your feelings and opinions as it would make them uncomfortable. So, listen to your friend silently. Even if you are thinking to give your personal advice from the past experiences, you must not think that your advice would be always acceptable to them. So, view their reaction and then plan for the next move to act upon.


3. OFFER SUPPORTIVE HANDS: – No matter what is the problem, just make your friend realize that you are always ready to tackle their problems. Offering supportive hands over the struggled shoulders challenges the problem to come on the way.

4. HAVE A REGULAR CHECK-IN: – Talk regularly with your friend as this make them realize that you are always ready to share their problems. It happens a time that once offering the supportive hands you think that your friend will recover from the situation. But it is not so. You have to regularly be in touch to know the current scenario of the problem.



  1. TAKE THEM AWAY FROM THE PROBLEM: – Try to divert your friend’s attention from the pain they have been suffering of. Talk about the things that can make them happy and can overtake their fear and sorrows. Have a walk with them under the motherly arms of nature and the cool and the fresh air will definitely generate a smile on their face.

2. NEVER FOCUS ON THEIR PAINS: – When you are talking to your friend, don’t focus on their pains as it would make them feel uncomfortable. So, talk about something else that can make them feel relaxed and cool.

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3. OFFERING HELP:- You can help your friend in their daily works. This would let you spend maximum time with them thus making them realize that there is always someone to be with their problems.


4. NEVER UNDERESTIMAtE THE PAINS: – You may think that a shorter pain could be recovered easily. But it is wrong thinking as even a shorter can extend its branch to large and the huge sufferings. So, never underestimate the pain and the sorrows and prepare yourself with the necessary advice to tackle upon.

5. NEVER BE A PROFESSIONALIST: – Though you can give the awesome advice and the tips to overcome the problem, but never try to be a therapist. Don’t think that you are the best and you can handle any of your friend’s problem. Even if your friend calls you in the middle of the way advice to take the tips of a professionalism.

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  1. BE A GOOD LISTENER: – When you start listening to your friend speak their mind, you tend to make them feel comfortable to be open to you. Don’t make them feel tarnished by judging their talk during this critical time where he is surrounded by a gloomy atmosphere. Let them speak their positives and negatives. Show them that you are an amiable person who can understand them which is very important. If you too had been through similar kind of situation then use your past experience to grant advice. You can even ask them if they are cozy with your advice, If not then don’t get astonished as they might have a different point of view on life.

6. GIVE THEM A PERSONAL SPACE TO DEAL WITH THEIR EMOTIONS: None can assure the certainity of difficult life changes like illness, death of loved one,divorse or break-up. Give them little space and time, as the saying goes that time is the best healer of pain! Difficulties tend to come n go like a wave.At some point in time your friend might be Okay with the transformations happening in their life, yet the very next day they may feel disheartened. During these moments, don’t compulsate your friend to share all his disappointments and feelings with you. Give them some time to face and feel better on their own. Make sure that they find comfy to express their feelings to you


  1. SUGGEST YOUR FRIEND: – Give suggestions to your friend regarding the place where he can manage well. Give the complete information of that particular place regarding the educational level. These useful suggestions would insist them to think that you are more concern about his comfort.

2. GIVE INFORMATION FROM THE PERSONAL EXPERIENCE: – If you have been also studying abroad then advice your friend of the benefits of high-quality education. Share your personal experiences with your friend and let him deeper into the world of knowing.


Words have the power to uplift any human being from their own pain and sorrow and let them fly high into the world of silence and peace. Here I am with some of the encouraging words you can say to your friend.


  1. “In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity.”
  2. The best revenge is a massive success.”
  3. “This too shall pass.”
  4. “Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved.”
  5. “You are a fabulous example in that area.”
  6. “Big jobs usually go to the men who prove their ability to outgrow small ones.”
  7. ”Fall seven times, stand up eight.”
  8. “It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves. “
  9. “Fortune knocks but once, but misfortune has much more patience. “
  10. “God uses suffering as a whetstone, to make men sharp with. “

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Life is full of problems and is a definition to new challenges. Each day we are encountered with a new problem and the one who faces these problems rigidly reaches to new heights of success. But how to face the lethal situations?

You first of all have to think deeply about the problem? What is the problem all about? How can it cause the undesirable effect on our lives? After realizing the problem think of the things you can do to keep the distance from the problems.


Meditation takes you far away from the noises of the world and lets you look deep into your soul. Meditation makes you feel refreshed and lets you cover the steps of life with a new confidence level. It pulls you far away from the emotions you have been personally attached to. It let you handle all the problem with ease without taking the tensions of the overpowering world.