It has been rightly said that an unhealthy body is the home of many harmful diseases. People try every means to keep them healthy, they start focussing on their diet and start doing the physical exercises, but in their course of making them healthy, they sometimes neglect the small things which further increases their problem. These small things if neglected can also give rise to many diseases and therefore care must be taken to sort out the problem. But in the hectic schedule, they sometimes neglect these things which must not be. how to get rid of body lice

So, here I am with this article that would tell you how the neglection of these small problems can give rise to body lice.


Well, you have often heard this word but what it is? So, here I am with the answer. Body lice is a flat, wingless bloodsucking insect with six legs which live on the body of human beings or in their clothes and beds and are grayish or brown in color. It is mainly caused due to the unhygienic conditions followed by the people, and it spread from person to person. Female lice lay eggs on the person’s cloth whose hatching depends on various factors and more faster the hatching of eggs takes place if that part of the body is exposed to sunlight.

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The infants feed on the human blood and easily move through the body due to their strong grip. Here the main important thing is that these insects live only on the human blood and without the constant supply of blood they dies. Apart from body lice, there is one major type of lice, and that is Head Lice. It is one of the extremely famous infestations in which the insect spend their entire lifetime in the human scalp only feeding on human blood.

what does body lice look like


To cure any problem one must, first of all, know the causes which are responsible for it. Similarly, in curing the problem of body lice first of all, it’s causes have to be known.

  1. UNHYGIENIC HABITS: – In the course of taking care of their body they sometimes neglect some of the small things which can be very harmful to their body. It is always seen that some people don’t have the habit of regularly changing the clothes which make them more prone to diseases. Regularly not changing the clothes causes the lice to increase their number as more and more number of eggs are hatched which easily move through the body due to their strong grip. Therefore, it is always advised to daily change the clothes as regular changing and washing of it restrict their numbers.

how to get rid of lice naturally in one day2. CROWDS: – It spreads from person to person. If a person has this problem, then it can easily spread from the affected person to a normal person. Generally, body lice cause itching and the person who continuously itches his body has the germs in his hand which when comes in contact with a healthy person causes the same problem.



The common symptoms of body lice infestations are the red rashes on the skin. As we all know that body louse causes intense itching which gives rise to red bumps on the skin. Itching is the most common in the region where the clothing is tighter. Nits, which are lice eggs are the most common in this case. The symptom is followed by dark and thickened skin if the lice are there for a longer period of time.


The natural treatment means the use of the products which are available in nature. Here I am going to tell you how one can treat this problem using the naturally available products.

  1. NEEM LEAF: – Neem is one of the best medicinal herb used in the treatment of body lice. It has numerous medicinal qualities due to which it is used in the treatment of a numerous number of diseases. It has been the most trusted medicinal herb since the olden times followed by many people in the treatment of cold and cough, fever and much more. There are two ways in which we can cure body lice through Neem leaves. The very first way is that we can boil Neem leaves the insufficient amount of water and then we can take bath with that water. This would be very beneficial as the Neem water washes away all the lice present in our body. Another way is by applying the paste of Neem leaves on the affected area. This can be done by applying the paste on the affected area and then allowing it to dry for some time before one takes the bath.

body lice cure2. APRICOT LEAF: – Apricot leaf is used in the severe conditions when there is intense itching in our body. The intense itching gives rise to red bumps on the skin which further increases the risk of skin infections. Applying the paste of Apricot leaves on the affected area and then washing with warm water helps in curing the problem.

3. DRUMSTICK LEAF AND SESAME OIL: – Both of these plays a very crucial role in the treatment of body lice. Drumstick and Sesame oil has been used for centuries due to their healing and antibacterial properties. First of all, we have to extract the juice of the drumstick and then mix the same amount of sesame oil seeds into the juice and then heat the mixture until the water starts evaporating. Allow it to cool for some time and then applying it o affected area kills all the lice. The mixture must be applied twice a day.

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4. TEA TREE OIL: – This oil has numerous benefits and also helps in smoothing the damaged skin. Due to the antibacterial property of this oil, it has been widely used in the treatment of body lice. It can be also used for disinfecting the clothes and by washing the clothes in the oil-water mixture.

5. YOGHURT AND LAVENDER: – They are known to be the best combination to kill the lice. Lavender is best known for its antiseptic and antibacterial properties and yogurt is best known to give relief from itching. The above natural herb can be used by mixing yogurt and lavender in equal proportion and then applying it to the affected area of the body.

6. MUSTARD OIL: – Mustard oil along with fenugreek seeds are also used in the treatment of body lice. Fenugreek seeds are best known for its antiseptic and antibacterial properties and the pungent smell of mustard oil further adds to its property. Here the first thing we have to do is to soak one tablespoon of fenugreek seeds and then grind it to make the paste. Then add some quantity of mustard oil on it and then the paste will be ready to be applied on the body.

treatment of body lice

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First of all visit a doctor and he will completely examine your body and follow the treatment procedure told by him. The other way one can get rid of public lice by using the natural products like the Neem and Apricot leaves, mustard oil, lavender.


Bed bugs are larger in size as compared to body lice. A bed bug can be compared with the size of apple seed while the body lice grow up to 3mm in length. Bed bugs leave their signs on the body such as almond-like smell while such thing doesn’t happen with body lice. The bed bugs can be seen in the face, arms and other exposed parts of the body while body lice occur only in specific part of the body. The treatment of bed bugs requires best pest control method such as vacuuming while anti-lice solutions can easily remove the body lice.