Africa is the first name that comes to mind while you are planning an adventurous trip. The unending and exotic forests are going to make your hike something to remember. But health is surely one of your primary concerns. Staying healthy and safe is one of the most important issues in Africa. There are many diseases that you do not hear every day in other parts of the world which are quite common in Africa and fatal too. Thus, you need to practice extra precautionary measures. Here are some of the things that you must do while traveling in Africa.

how to stay healthy in africa

Things to do

Your stay and travel in Africa can be risky as it is an under-developed country and there are no proper medical facilities available. Thus, you need to take precautionary measures before any accident to happen.

Consult your doctor

Before visiting a strange place like Africa, you must first see an expert for the best advice. Seeing a doctor is quite crucial because the physician understands your body more than anybody. Thus, it may be able to suggest you the medicine or vaccination that is appropriate for you while going on your journey.

For example, according to Yen, Ghana is one of the most dangerous countries to travel in. The Hepatitis is one of the biggest problems that is faced in the cities. If you are going to Ghana, first of all, you must have proper vaccination of Hepatitis and yellow fever vaccination from your doctor.

 be your own nurse

Get some important vaccination

There are some of the diseases that spread in the major part of Africa, and they can be fatal. Imagine yourself away from home in a place with limited medical facilities; even a mild fever can be fatal. Thus, you must take these diseases seriously. You need to have vaccination of Polio, Cholera, Typhoid, Tetanus and Hepatitis. These are the diseases that will be a significant threat to your health in Africa.

Choose your food carefully

One of the biggest problems in Africa is the stomach disorder. The reason is that the food that is being sold in the market is often half cooked or of substandard. This unfortunate reality makes it too risky to eat from the streets. Due to poor economic conditions, you will not find healthy food everywhere. Thus, you must take precautions while opting for the food. It is true that the real fun in traveling is the local food, but in Africa, you have to be a bit careful about it. Try to eat the vegetables and food that does not have involvement of oil. Yogurt and Banana are the best remedies against the stomach disorders in Africa.


Mosquitos are the real threat in this part of the world. They carry so many fatal diseases with them that you must keep them away in every way possible. First of all, you must have vaccination of Malaria and other mosquito related diseases. Then you must use a mosquito net to avoid mosquitos as much as possible. There are gels available for your body keep the mosquitos away from your body. They can be helpful. You must wear this gel at all time especially while being in Tanzania. Keep first aid kit with you Africa is quite unpredictable when it comes to the health hazards. You may get a cut after almost every minute, and this cut can get infected in a minuscule time. This is because there is a lot of dust in the atmosphere. More than that the increased humidity of the atmosphere also catalyzes the infection process of the wounds. Thus, you need to have a first-aid kit so that you can take care of the wound as soon as it happens. You must have basic information of
the kit, and you must be able to do small stitches.

Your trip to Africa will be quite an adventure but only if you keep good care of your heath.

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