The biggest taxi service in the world owns no vehicles. Operating in more than 77 countries with more than 80 million users, there is almost no one who does not know about Uber. Founded in 2009, by Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp in San Francisco California USA, the franchise started out as an online taxi service, and since then they have scaled to including food delivery as well a transportation network company.

Without a doubt, Uber is the premier taxi service provider at the moment. This is the reason why there is numerous entrepreneur attempting their own Uber app. However, creating an uber app is not an easy task. You will need to create a useful app for cab hailers, a driver app where registered drivers can accept orders as well as a platform to manage and oversee all operations ongoing in your app. As such, you need a lot of funds, manpower as well as dedication to succeed in your local city. Even if you do succeed in your hometown, scaling your taxi business becomes a headache.

This is where Smart Car Tech comes in with Nikola. They provide launch ready Uber clone script that you can use to create your own taxi-hailing app. Their passenger app and driver app boast a multitude of features that are required for a fully functional uber like an app. Basic features such as register/login, trip history, profile, referral code, booking, invoice details and more are integrated into both the passenger and driver app. Furthermore, they have a super smooth web interface from where you can control all aspects of your taxi business.

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 The advent of self-driving cars has shaken the motor world. Almost all big brand motor companies such as Tesla, GM, Toyota, Mercedes, Ford and etc have already launched their own version of driver-less cars. Many experts are saying that it is only a matter of time before self-driving cars replace the population of self-driving cars. With smart car tech, they have already implemented their app such that your taxi app software is already compatible with driver-less cars. So when self-driving vehicles come into the picture, you do not need to spend more funds and resource to upgrade your existing taxi service app. Invest in the future with Smart Car Tech.

The company also integrates the Nikola script with facebook so that your consumers can request cabs through facebook. So whether your customer is on an iOS, Android, Tablet, Laptop or Desktop, they can hail a cab from anywhere. Furthermore, they have also included an AI Bot that can do everything that your taxi app can do.

Uber Clone script

Nikola also comes with a built-in Fleet management module. As you grow your taxi business and acquire an increasing number of vehicles under your app, it becomes a hassle to manage your growing fleet of vehicles. With Nikola, you have access to various modules such as asset management, vehicle inspection, driver tracking, fuel management and more. So keeping on top of your vehicles becomes an easier task.

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One of the most worrisome aspects of having your car being driven around by unknown drivers is the possibility of misuse and reckless driving. Well, Nikola comes with a built-in onboard diagnostic device called Trip Land. This hardware is present on all your cars and enables real-time tracking. You can also gain more data such as fuel consumption, driving habits and more. So you can rest easy, or if you are not, you can constantly check up on your vehicles with Nikola.

Car rental software

If you think that having a built in the smart wallet in your taxi app is an unnecessary addition to your taxi app, think again. Almost all online businesses these days have their own wallet and you should too. With Nikola, a smart e-wallet is already integrated so your customers can store money in the wallet and have their transactions be directly deducted from the smart e-wallet. They also provide a very visually appealing dashboard to manage your e-wallet.


With Nikola, you can acquire a top quality, white labelled ride-hailing app. White labelled means that the Nikola produced by Smart Car Tech can be rebranded any way that you choose to do so. Furthermore, Nikola is built such that with a one-time setup, it runs on auto-mode. Nikola make sure that your taxi dispatch is optimized, collects fares, distributes driver fees and deposits your commision into your account, all with one set-up!

Uber Clone

Overall, Nikola is one of the most exciting business ideas that we have come across. While most are emulating Uber by starting their own Uber-like app, Smart Car Tech is catering to this demand by creating a white label product (Nikola) that others can buy from them. Smart Car Tech sells Nikola to people who want to start a taxi app for a tidy sum of money while others get the software/app that they want without wasting months of their time waiting for custom software. Truly killing two birds with one stone.