Every time you relax your body leaning your backside on the wall, placing the colorful and the sound echoing earphone in your ears and watching the videos on YouTube is the way you want to spend your leisure time. No matter whatever the sound is echoing around you, No matter the world is fighting among themselves, you give a damn about it when you have your smartphone and earphone on the hands. But sometimes watching these exciting and the thrilling videos insist us to think about their past history and the reason that stands for its success. You might think about the things that forced them to become a successful You Tuber and so the topic is about. Here, I will be giving you the complete details of becoming a successful You Tuber.

starting own youtube channel

It is not that you will be directly flown to your destination without encountering the odds and the misfortunes instead, you have to lay down on the thorny paths to achieve something. Someone has rightly said that “Losing itself gives us enjoyment when we have the determination and a clear target to achieve in the life”. So, now without wasting any time let’s have a look at the tips that would pave the way from the darker path to a new step of shine and brightness. So, let’s have a look at the tips for starting a YouTube channel.

  1. THINK ABOUT THE VIDEO: – As you went through a number of YouTube channels, you will find that a specific channel is confined to the particular type of uploadings. It is not that you can upload a different from that but be sticking and smashing the videos on that unique topic can attract a lot of users towards it. Suppose you are thinking of creating a YouTube channel that covers all the mysterious things across the world, then you have to continue on that trail only.


2. HIGH-QUALITY CAMERA: – After you have thought of the videos, the next hurdle which comes into your way is the making of it. When you have a clear view of something, the part becomes much more interesting and fascinating to watch. The same principle applies to all the fields whether it is the live shooting of the games or the scenes of the actor jumping from the cliff, all depends on your camera and more upgraded is the quality, the things are easily visible to you and you want to look deeper and deeper into that imaginative world.  The new HTC 10 boasts one of the highest quality phone cameras to date, with Optical Image Stabilization features in both the frontend back cameras to ensure a sharp and steady visual. It also has 12 million Ultra Pixels, laser focus, and 24-Bit Hi-Res audio, making it ideal for outdoor vlogging. The HTC 10 boasts is one of the Prodigious camera phones that clicks the photos through the Optical Image Stabilization features presenting it in a manner you have never viewed before.

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3. EXTERNAL MICROPHONE: – Though your smartphone has an inbuilt microphone in it, it would not create the best out of it. There are interferences from the surrounding like the sound of the wind or the sound of waving leaves which creates hindrance on your way to success. Attaching an external microphone is always beneficial where it cuts the unwanted sounds of the surrounding and make your recordings much more crisp and clear. If you don’t have the external microphone then try shooting your video at a calm place where you are far away from the noise of the overpowering world.

starting your youtube channel

4. ASSIGNING A NAME: – The name of your YouTube channel accelerates you further on the way with the increasing number of viewers and the smashing the thrashing likes on it. The name should be created in such a manner so that the user would be automatically fascinated towards you and curious to peep deep into the videos. Selecting a unique name is not the easiest of the chore where you have to give a boost to your thinking and imagination power to dig out the best from it. A cool and a funky name always straightened the mind of the user towards itself thus making your video viral.

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5. SETTING A PROPER LOCATION: – Now, its time to choose a place where you want to shoot your videos. The selection of a place lays down on a couple of factors that has to be taken into consideration. Ignoring the facts can lead to catastrophic effects which you have not dreamt of. The first and the main thing which has to be kept in mind is the proper incoming of the light. Whether the light is sufficient enough to have a clear view of the video or you have to add extra to it. When you are thinking of shooting any video in the natural sunlight then you have to focus more on the light emitting devices to make the video of high quality.


6. REGULAR POSTING: – It should be not that whatever time you are free and feeling comfortable, you are set ready to flow your users high into the informative world. No, definitely not. In order to increase the demand for your channel, you have to regularly do the postings so that the users are tied to you waiting for your posts. Irregular postings create a bad impression in the mind of the user of your laziness and not desperate towards your goal.

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7. ACTIVE: – Once you are on the way of uploading the exciting videos on the YouTube channel, you have to be actively receiving the answers and the questions from the user. Sometimes there are requests from the user regarding a particular video and in order to fulfill the demand of the user you have to act. Giving no response to the video reactions, the facts will ultimately lead to your downfall from where a lot of time will be consumed in taking a stand.


8. UPDATED COMPUTER: – Once you have finished the chore of making the awesome videos, now the most important part comes, editing. To undertake the editing process, you need a perfect computer, a computer that can handle the bulk amount of data with the installation of the necessary software and once it is downloaded then get ready for the power pack response you are going to receive.

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9. DON’T EXPECT TOO MUCH: – Well, it is the sign of every successful YouTuber that he doesn’t beg for the subscription or the likes. They know that their videos are capable enough of creating a benchmark for others. Never expect for the likes and the views and as your video will be of fine quality, it will ultimately generate touch the increasing graph of the users.

So, that’s the list. Once you start working according to the points, success will kiss your feet and will fly you high into the world of new achievements from where you will observe the world too small to rest.