With employees working from multi-devices, you’ll want the programs to support your needs and to help your business grow. The good news is that there are plenty of modernized software on the market. Here are just five of the best business applications we think you should be using.

The 5 best business applications you should be using

End-to-end solution software

It’s time to do away with the traditional enterprise resource planning (ERP), and upgrade to a streamlined system. If you’re a medium or large-size business that combines the typical business format that includes marketing, accounting, sales, strategic planning as well as delivering a product, then you could benefit from combining your systems.

Applications such as QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise, streamlines to offer end-to-end solutions that integrate accounting software with features like, advanced tracking and management, which is ideal for advanced inventory. These types of systems are focused on staying online, which means cloud hosting and storage is widely available to help your business grow.

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Social media

A point to really hammer home, social media is where the customer is. If you’re not online, you’re missing out on benefiting from that connection. You may think that social media is not for you, but even if your business specializes in system development, financial support or manufacturing pencils, it can help build your brand by showcasing your ethos. You can use Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and even Pinterest, but you need to find the right platform to connect with the right audience.

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Collaborative tools

Innovation starts with collaboration, so it’s important to strengthen and support this type of working by building a community. From brainstorming to file sharing, Slack offers a platform to collaborate with ease. One of the great things about the Slack app is that it can be accessed from anywhere, which essentially means you can collaborate with anyone from around the world. With this remote working, the software will need to have enough storage to carry weighty business projects and support a range of plugins. Slack can link to well-known storage and be sharing systems like Google Drive so all your work can be accessed freely.

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Communication tools

There are a variety of communication plugins and apps that can ease the communication woes of any business. From conference calls to group videos, a simple system such as Skype for Business can be extremely beneficial. This software has instant messaging, video and phone calling at minimal costs, as it’s all done via your internet connection. Using systems like Skype for Business can reduce business travel costs as you can connect to meetings in the comfort of your own offices. This means it can increase productivity as it’s so mobile.

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Analytical tracker tools

If you create or sell on or off the web, you’ll need some sort of analytical tracker to study your progression and see what you’re creating works. Online popular systems such as Google Analytics can provide all the SEO data from your website. It’s highly intelligent and can tell you everything, from the success of pages to customer behavior. Open source, community-based model Python has become a lead favorite for its accessibility, usability and large space for data handling. Of course, not all analytical trackers will work for every company, but once you find one that meets your businesses’ needs, growth can be achieved.