In the modern digital age, writing becomes an essential tool for communication, learning process, and business ventures. The amount of written information online exceeds all previous years and in this highly competitive era writing well means a lot. However, it is not only about the text composing action itself, but it is also about the representation of your writings and the ability to adapt to the new environments and digital demands. So if you are a beginner writer, knowing writing apps and writing software is a vital step towards a successful and fulfilling career. In order to navigate your way in the tech world of mobile applications and trendy digital tools, we have created this humble guide that will direct you towards the best writing apps and considerably improve the chances of making it as a proficient and acknowledged specialist.

For your convenience, we have regrouped apps into 3 categories. First one deals with the perks of the process of writing, grammar, typos, etc. The second one focuses on the improvement of your writing skill and organizing a productive work schedule. The last one consists of apps that can inspire or create a good atmosphere for working, as well as helps to deal with other minor writing-related tasks.

Writing, Grammar, and Editing

Writing, Grammar, and Editing

⦁ Grammarly

This application is a reliable writing helper for anyone, but for the beginners, it is particularly useful. It is designed to eliminate all typos, orthographic mistakes, punctuation issues, and other grammar-related issues. If you want to get access to more options like plagiarism checker and stylistic reviews, then you should check out a pro-version. It is extremely easy to use and definitely will save you some time on editing and revision of your texts.

Tips and tricks: If you want to save formatting of your document, you can upload it directly to the app. If it doesn’t matter, then the copy paste action is for you.

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⦁ Hemingway

If you are familiar with the oeuvre of this great writer, then you might have guessed what this app is about. Ernest Hemingway was famous for his sharp, yet minimalistic writing style, so the application that bears his name highlights unnecessarily long and overloaded sentences. This technique will allow you to achieve clarity and precision in your work, which is something every good writer should strive for. Remember, it is not about length, it is about the meaning.

Tips and tricks: If you want to get acquainted with a perfect example of this technique, read Hemingway’s famous The Old Man and the Sea novel, for which he had received Pulitzer and Nobel Prize. This is the true power of a few words that mean a lot.

⦁ Evernote

Evernote is a handy tool that allows you to take notes at any time and any place. You can create a body of text, to do list, write down sudden ideas. One of the most useful features is that you can synchronize your content among various devices, so it really doesn’t matter which one you use, as long as it has Evernote. You can also easily save some information from online resources into the app. The slogan for this product really doesn’t tell a lie– it is just like the second brain!

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⦁ Word Hippo

This peculiarly named tool is basically a thesaurus that is a tremendous help for any beginner writer as well as an advanced one. You can easily find synonyms as well as antonyms while also having some fun with cute and colorful design. In the long run, the app will definitely enrich your vocabulary and make the whole process of composing texts more smooth and simple.

Tips and tricks: Word Hippo also has a feature of finding the rhyming option for the requested word, so it could be of some use even for poets!

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Growth and time-management

⦁ Self Control

This might be the best writing app you come across. All of us have a tendency to get distracted by the notification from social platforms and messaging, as well as news check-ups and email revision. However, this does not go well with a proper writing process, as it prevents concentration on your work and tremendously decreases the level of productivity. Self-Control designed specifically to prevent writers from going to the list of websites that divert attention the most. This list can be customized, and once you launch the program, it is impossible to stop it, even with the restart of the whole system.

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⦁ Write or Die

Sometimes it is hard to force yourself to work, especially when you have a writer’s block. Of course, these days you can get your assignment done online, so there is always a solution. The app’s name eloquently hints at the consequences of procrastination. Jokes aside, we all experience low energies from time to time, and the good decision is to find something or someone to encourage you by setting specific goals. Write or Die has a peculiar system of punishments and rewards that will definitely make you smile. At the same time, step by step it will help you do writing into a daily habit.

Tips and tricks: Try angering the program and see what happens in the Kamikaze mode. Beware, it is quite a disaster!

Write or Die

⦁ Writers App

To conclude a list of apps with versatile names, this particular program is, as you can see, is created specifically for writers. It helps those who struggle with a storyline and character development, allowing to make a list of characters with side notes about their personality, keeping track of major plot developments and laying a basis for a next story.

Creative, yet helpful

⦁ Agent Obvious

The app, created by the literary agent Laurie Abkemeier has an insight into a world of publishing with numerous tips and advice for anyone who is determined to get their works published. Humorous tone combined with plenty of useful information is a recipe for a perfectly helpful app.

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⦁ Canva


Writing is not only about words. It is more about sharing the set of ideas with an audience. So from time to time writers need to use visual tools to properly enframe their writings and convey the message. Canva has a rich variety of templates for creating infographics, book covers, graphs, page layouts, and basically any imagery possible.
Tips and tricks: It is extremely easy to use and require no technical knowledge. So if you are a bit hesitant to use Photoshop, Canva is a perfect choice for you. Also, you can create awesome resumes and cover letters that will definitely make employers notice you!

⦁ Brain.fm

We all have some special conditions that lead to the productive writing. Some need total silence and isolation, some prefer to work in the crowded cafes, other like to stay home. There is really no rule to this, but if you are the person who likes to have some kind of background music, this app is just for you. We are not sure about the scientific basis of its claims to improve focus and motivation, but it definitely helps in creating a relaxed mood and satisfying even the most demanding musical tastes.
Tips and tricks: The app can actually help you with sleep, as it is aimed at adjusting the music to calm you down. Why do we believe that it works? It operates with help from the AI. Yes, it is that cool!

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