Many people often wonder how to get rid of stress and you guys won’t believe that there are a thousand ways to get rid of stress. But we will discuss only 10 best ways of relieving stress. Firstly to get rid of what you are experiencing as stress, let us understand what does stress mean. Well, Stress is a state of a physical, mental or emotional state which is caused due to adverse or demanding circumstances. In other words, it is simply said as tension.

When a human being is in stress many physical, hormonal, and psychological changes take place. Man experiences a lot of turbulence in and out. The easy functioning of mind becomes more complex and hence affects the complete human self.



Stress causes Asthma, Obesity, Diabetes, Headaches, Depression, Gastrointestinal problems, Alzheimer’s diseases, Heart disease etc. Many people say that these diseases are developed through heredity, but it is not true in all cases. Doctors have come to a conclusion through their study that stress leads to these diseases.

We can reduce and overcome stress by adopting certain methods and a change in lifestyle.

1. Avoid caffeine, alcohol and aerated drinks and Nicotine – we often see people immediately rush to these things when they experience stress. These substances act as stimulants and increase stress rather than decreasing the stress level. It is on a man’s psychological set up that when they have caffeine or nicotine they become stress-free.


2. Involve yourself in a physical activity – The more you sit in a place and act like a couch potato the more you feel stressed and irritated. It is better to go into the open air and breathe fresh air and feel relaxed by inhaling more of oxygen into your lungs. This will supply more oxygen to your blood and carry oxygen to the brain and you will feel better.


3. Sleep well – There is a saying “early to bed early to rise is the way to be healthy, wealthy and wise”. People in the olden times were less stressed. It is not a myth it is a fact. They followed a regular timetable. They worked from dawn to dusk. They were extremely energetic and passionate about what they did. All this happened because they slept well.


  1. Be healthy – Today people work at night shifts, the time in which they have to sleep they work. It is actually sad that people are working at the cost of their health to earn the daily bread and butter. But later they spend the same money earned for gaining back their health.
  2. Pray, Meditate or Relax – we are well aware of our religious teachings. It is true that prayer helps a person to connect with GOD and this will, in turn, help him to be stress-free. Meditation helps in knowing and realizing our own self. Try relaxing by going to spas and body massage centers where they give you an exotic feeling and make you feel rejuvenated.


3. Talk to someone – It is true that God made Adam first and he sent him a partner. Human beings need a partner because “no man is an island”.
If you have a best friend or your loved ones then you can always talk out your heart to them and they will be the best as they don’t judge you for talking out your heart. This will help you overcome stress and you can also get expert advice for your problems from someone trustworthy.

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4. Take charge of your life – people often get stressed as they have to wait and depend on others for their work. Sometimes it is important to prioritize your actions and take complete charge of your actions. This will help you to be stress-free.

5. Manage your time – Time management plays a very critical role in dealing with stress. If you are late to work or you miss an appointment then it becomes a reason for your stress. Learn to manage time so that it helps you to reduce stress. A well planned day completes maximum work. This happens if the time is managed accurately.
Imagine if the airports or railway stations did not follow time accurately what would happen to the flights? They would all crash each other and there would be a mess. If time is not valued then we usually have to pay a huge cost for the losses.


6. Say NO – By learning to say ‘no’ you can avoid any unwanted situations. This will help you a lot in being stress-free and lead a better life.


7. Rest if you are ill – A short time of rest will cause no harm. It is better to rest than do something out of stress and tension. It saves a lot of double work.