Canine influenzaThe breaking news about the stretch of the Canine influenza across several states is known to all. Scientists are trying to be watchful about this disease. More than 1,000 pooches got affected with this flu in Chicago and Midwest countries. On the other hand, Atlanta had almost 55 cases confirmed by June 25. Various other states such as Indiana, Massachusetts, including Nowa too have shown positive results. The first case was seen in Minnesota.


Dog flu is caused by the two viruses- A H3N8 and A H3N2. The disease affects only animals as per the Center for disease control and prevention.


Are humans influenced by this?

According to experts there can be no transmission of the disease from dogs to humans.

Is it safe to take my dog to the park?dog flue

“Be wary of public places,” said Meredith Millwood, a spokesperson for Atlanta Humane Society. “Dog parks are a gamble you’re taking with dogs you don’t know.”

If you are residing in a disease spread state then it is better not to take your dog to the parks, grooming spots where there is gathering of other pets. According to scientists, the dogs living in kennels and shelters are prone to this virus.


What is the strain causing the U.S outbreak?

According to the Cornell University, the virus closely associated with H3N2 strain is the reason for the US outbreak. The disclosure spurred concerns about due to the strain which is typically found in Asia, was not even been detected in North America until last April.

What is the origin of the virus?

strain causing dog flu
strain causing dog flu

The H3N2 strain is an avian flu virus that is dissimilar from its human complement. It is the one that afflicted U.S most recently. It not only affects dogs but also affects cats, being the very first case reported by US. otherwise it was only restricted in the countries like China and Thailand.

H3N8 strain had its origin first in horses even before passing to the dogs, the very first case being reported in the year 2004 in US.

According to CDC, scientist believe that this virus gets jump to different species and has adapted to be the source of illness in dogs especially the ones living in kennels and shelters.

What are the symptoms?outbreak of dog flue or influenza

The symptoms in dogs are more or less similar to those of humans affected with fever. Like running nose, cough, high body temperature ,fever, lose appetite, etc.

According to the American veterinary Medical Association, dogs with higher temperatures of about 104 degree Fahrenheit to 106 degree Fahrenheit can become prone to pneumonia.

How is dog flu treated?How is dog flu treated

There is no specific cure or medicine for dog influenza as it is a viral disease, yet on diagnosis of the secondary bacterial infection, on visiting a veterinary doctor he can prescribe for some antibiotics in order to provide for supportive care and boosting up its immunity.

Is there any vaccine for canine influenza?How is dog flu treated

There is vaccine available in US only for H3N8 strain, however it still remains unidentified that it can prevent and cure the latest H3N2 virus.

Is dog flu fatal?

Only a small fraction of dogs die. Generally canine flu is not fatal. Nevertheless it can result in pneumonia due to illness and less immunity in worst cases . But some dogs show no symptoms at all according to CDC.