Do not like apps taking much of your phone space?


You do not want to pay for some apps before giving them a trial?


Well, then I have got the perfect app for you, Aptoide Lite.

Aptoide Lite is the ideal alternative to Play Store but with some additional features.

Google Play Store has its broad categories of apps to choose from, but not all are worth a shot. With Aptoide Lite you can try those paid apps for free and all that without consuming a lot of data on your phone.


Aptoide Lite provides you with latest and the best apps and with the app taking storage of your phone less than 1Mb it does help you save on a lot of things.


Aptoide Lite comes with excellent user experience and also provides with the list latest apk files, some hard to get applications on Play Store, Top Applications, Top Stories, Top likes along with most recent comments by users.

Aptoide claims to have more than 150 Million users worldwide with almost 3 Billion downloads and 700,000 apps on its store.

Here with this article, I will be telling you about the features, why you need to install Aptoide Lite Apk, what are the requirements and also on how to install the apk file on your Android device.

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Aptoide Lite Apk is the lite version of the original app going by the same name Aptoide.

The Aptoide Lite app will allow you to install the applications with rapid speed when compared to the Aptoide Lite version.

Initially aimed at providing the best available apps to the hindermost countries where there is not a lot to offer regarding connectivity. And for the users who are either on a 2G or 3G Network, Aptoide Lite uses fewer data and makes sure the Android users get the paid apps for free.

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  • Alternate

Aptoide Lite Apk is probably the best alternative to the Google Play Store, with almost the same number of apps but with less space and cost-free apps

  • Latest Apps

Aptoide Lite keeps an eye on its compatriot (Play Store), so whenever there is a new Apk in the market, you can see it under the Latest Applications section.

  • Hard to find Apps

It features some of the hard to find apps when compared to other App Stores. Some of the apps which are not even available in the Play Store are also available.

  • Storage

Well, I do not want to brag about this, but it would be unfair not to repeat it as well. Aptoide Lite Apk hardly takes 1 MB of storage on your phone.

  • Bandwidth

All the screenshots and icons Aptoide downloads are compressed versions allowing you to save data on your phone.

  • User Interface

You will never be missing Play Store as Aptoide Lite offers you a user-friendly experience. You will find a search bar on the main screen providing you for searching from the main screen only.

  • Sharing

With Aptoide Lite Apk, you can share your favorite apps with your friends from the app itself. All the sharing process will be used via Wi-Fi without using your phone’s data.


You can follow these simple steps to start sharing the apps:

      • Tap on the share APPS at the bottom left of the screen
      • It starts scanning any nearby devices, to begin with, the sharing
      • You can either create a group or join a group, both the icons are at the bottom of the screen.

So start sharing with your friend or create a group if you want your other friends to join in.

  • Delta Updates: with Delta based Update System, Aptoide Lite Apk only downloads the required parts of each app whenever the app has updates.

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There are only a few and requirements to start using the Aptoide Lite Apk.

Do not worry as this app does not require any particular requirement when compared to various other Apk file apps.

  • Firstly, set up an internet connection
  • Now with the link mentioned in the Download section download the app.

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Well if you are done with the requirements(Oh come on, how many were they)let’s start with the process of downloading.



  • The very first step is to download the Aptoide Lite Apk on your smartphone with the link given below

To Download, click here.

  • After downloading the Aptoide Lite Apk file on your smartphone, you need to enable “Unknown Sources.” Use the following steps to enable Unknown sources
      • Open Settings->Select Security
      • Tick the Unknown Sources box
      • After you tick, tap on OK to begin
  • Now you are done with allowing of Unknown Sources, Go to your download folder
  • Click on the “Aptoide Lite Apk” to install the Apk file.
  • Now that you are done with installing open the file to enjoy downloading Unlimited apps for free
  • All trending apps and games appear on the main screen of the store, Tap on the app you wish to download and tap on Install.
  • Or enter the keyword of the app you want to install, and as the app appears, you can choose it to install.


Aptoide Lite Apk is not available for PCs, but you can install it with an emulator.


  • First of all download Aptoide for pc from this link.
  • Now Install emulator Bluestacks for Windows PC.
  • Then search Aptoide Lite for windows at Bluestacks Homepage.
  • Now, you will see Aptoide App APK for PC.
  • Install the apk file and wait,
  • Aptoide app for PC is ready to use.

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Aptoide Lite is the fastest Android app store in the world. With Aptoide Lite you can install Android apps in a fast away, even if you have a low end, a low memory device, and slow internet connectivity.

It’s a great alternative to Aptoide in case you value a faster experience, or simply because you want to save your costs in terms of data bandwidth.

There are similar App Stores available online, but I guess with the additional features that Aptoide Lite Apk has, there might be none in its comparison. Regardless these are a few of the App sites:

  • 4shared
  • BlackMarket
  • GetJar

There are few other Aptoide products you would want to give it a try, and they are:

  •  Aptoide TV

If you hate watching content on your mobile device screen and want to enjoy the Aptoide app store on the larger screen, then you can opt for TV. Watch TV straight from your couch.

  • Aptoide Showbox

Showbox allows you to watch movies of your choice, with Showbox you can enjoy free movies and tv shows all under one platform.

  • Aptoide Bitcoin(App Coins)

App coin is Aptoide’s very own blockchain.


  • What are the operating systems that Aptoide Lite Apk can be installed?

Initially, Aptoide Lite Apk was only meant for the Android users. Now the store can also be installed on iOS, Mac and Windows devices.

  • Does Aptoide Lite require rooting?

No, Aptoide Lite Apk supports both the rooted and the non-rooted smartphones.

So there is no such requirement to root the phone.

  • Is Aptoide Lite Apk safe to use after I login with my account?

Well, it is if you download from a trusted source. But at the end, it all depends on from where you download the file.

  • What is the major difference between the Aptoide and Aptoide Lite Apk?

The major difference between Aptoide and Aptoide Lite Apk is that the Aptoide Lite uses less than 1 MB of space on your phone and also uses relatively less data when compared to just the Aptoide version.

  • Why should I download an app from Aptoide Lite when Google Play Store has the same apps?

The answer is simple you get paid apps for free and note that Aptoide Lite also features those apps which are even rare to find in other Play Stores.

Is there anything you feel that I haven’t mentioned, drop your comments in the comments section below and let me know.