For a moment, just imagine it’s your birthday, and you get delivery with an attractive package specifically for you. No wonder you will get excited to open it as the box looks pretty tied up with strings. Well, it’s human nature to get enthusiastic over a delivery.

Why don’t you use this psychological reaction to advance the sales of your business? Sounds strategic, doesn’t it? It’s been reported that 45% of Americans shop online and have the pleasure to open the boxes to unwrap their contents.



If you want to know how to further your business with custom packaging, then read along!

What is Custom Packaging in E-commerce? How Important is it When it Comes to Products?

Custom packaging is the process of designing the package of your unique products from scratch instead of choosing a ready-made box in which the product might fit right into. It is especially important in creating a brand new-box for every product in a customized way.

Why is it important for your products?

Your product might vary in size and other things significant to simply just choose a ready-made box, but with custom packaging, your shipment’s contents can fit in snugly as the measurement will be performed depending on its fragility.

Why Must You Go With Custom Packaging if You Have an Ecommerce Business?

Nowadays, online shopping is on fire, and the volume of packages being delivered is on the rise. Custom shipping boxes create a positive experience providing more visibility because customers’ first impressions should be dimensional within 100 milliseconds of looking at the package.

custom Packaging


Now, why custom Packaging?

It is important for the dear life of your company because the first impressions of the people form and heightens the expectation of your product. PakFactory has been a major solution provider in reviving customized printed boxes that can etch the design in users’ minds forever. 

And what more, it saves tons of money with the packaging experts taking care of all the minute details and customizing them in such a way to reduce the damage.

What Type of Custom Boxes can you Make With the Help of Custom Packaging?

Custom boxes offer innovative solutions in product packaging through a beautiful printed box that looks legit and eye-catching. Now, let’s see some of the types of custom boxes you can avail on the go!

  • Folding Carton

Folding cartons are one of the most cost-effective ways to package your product. The flexibility of the box helps it bear any kind of printing technique even though it’s a paperboard. It is suitable for cosmetic, food, and apparel collections.

  • Custom Corrugated Boxes

This custom cardboard box holds durable and sturdy material. It is well suited for popular heavy-duty products and is covered with fluted sheets to ensure safety.

  • Custom Rigid Setup Boxes

In the rigid boxes, there are a lot of choices available like book style, collapsible/foldable, custom shaped, hinged, detachable lid, magnetic lock, partial cover, round-shaped, etc. your luxury products are sure to enjoy a snug-fitting.

  • Custom Cardboard POP Displays

These kinds of POP displays are handy if you own a retail store giving a presentation of your products and services. It will be attractive and gives you maximum space for the store.

  • Inserts

The custom cardboard insert comes with precise creases and cuts with artistic shape and design. It’s protective and collapsible with a splash of your favorite prints and color.

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What is the Difference Between Custom Product Packaging and Custom Shipping Boxes? 

Custom shipping boxes are the star player and economical to carry your precious content to the end-user. It’s mostly used for shipping heavier and bulkier items. It’s extremely strong, thick, and secure with a splash of printed colors.

Whereas, custom product packaging is designing a box from scratch to pack your products instead of going with ready-made available larger boxes. It can be in the form of a foldable carton or plain paper bag.

How Custom Packaging Helps you to Represent Your Brand out in the Public?

All the business establishments, whether small or big, aim to grow their brand reputation to cutting heights. Custom shipping boxes come with intrinsic colors and logos which are printed to perfection. Whenever people look at it, they will recognize your brand.

Custom shipping boxes

If people make use of your box after receiving the product, those who have never seen or heard of your brand might come to know about your company. So, it all depends on how creative and unique your boxes have been portrayed.

3 Things You Must Know About Custom Packaging When it Comes to E-commerce.

Custom packaging can help you in a lot of ways that you didn’t even imagine. Let’s look at the three things that it can do for your business.

  • It can Create Social Media Buzz

Custom boxes can generate a buzz on your brand if you creatively insert social media references and kindly ask the customers to share an image of the product. It is a crucial touchpoint in branding your product in the market.

  • First Impressions

People’s first look at your custom boxes will rub off in a negative or a positive way. You must strive to make it unforgettable. For E.g., PakFactory, which specializes in printed customized boxes, uses certified facilities to make their box look incredible. 

  • Ecommerce is Distinct

It is an absolute necessity to customize packaging in an eCommerce business.  It completely differs from traditional packing.

What are the Benefits of Custom Packaging for Ecommerce?

You can recognize a brand from a shipping box; for instance, the Amazon shipping box is unbeatable in its brand recognition because they have put a lot of effort into creating distinct customized boxes.  

  • Custom packaging focuses on growing your brand name. With the logo and colors in the custom boxes, you can create awareness of your company.
  • When the custom packaging is ready to make boxes, you don’t need to use larger boxes than necessary. With the right box sizes and measurements, it will save a lot of money.
  • It’s very simple to store and ship the boxes.
  • Clears the confusion of buying standard boxes of different sizes.
  • Custom boxes can make your company and brand look more appealing and legitimate.

What are The People’s Thoughts on Custom Boxes? According to the Internet Research and People’s Review.

Let’s look at some of the reviews given by people using custom product packaging and blister packaging.

All in All

You must seriously consider using custom packaging if it’s not done still. It ensures that all your shipment contents fit well into standard boxes according to their size and measurements. 

Especially if you have an eCommerce business, your unique packaging will be a great touchpoint in interacting with the customers. What are you waiting for? Switch over to custom packaging by adding your personal touch.

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  • What is blister packaging?

Blister packaging is a specific method used to pack medications. Each medicine will have to be placed in a plastic bubble with a sheet of foil.

  • How much does a custom packaging cost?

Custom packaging along with advertising, adding staff and other lists may cost somewhere around thirty cents for a folding carton to thirty dollars per unit if it is a custom shipping box.

  • What types of bags are available in fully custom Luxury paper bags?

You can get SOS bags, Euro Totes, gift bags, die-cut bags, wine bags, tin-tie bags, gusset bags, kraft pouches in most of the custom packaging websites, and even more.

  • How should a custom cosmetic packaging box look?

Cosmetic bags must look beautiful and elegant with an eye-catching design. It should make the unboxing experience refreshing and memorable, for instance, like an eye cream box, eyelash extension box. You get the point.

  • Does it come with the inside design as well?

Yes, if you want to woo your customers not only from the outside of the box but inside, then custom packaging allows you to create a striking design in the interior as well.