Much of our existence has moved online. We shop online at Amazon, and we interact with our friends online on Facebook. We also get infected online. Not us personally but our laptops and computers. Just as a real virus makes us ill, a computer virus causes the computer malfunction. They make the computer change the way in which it functions, deletes important system files and worst of all can be ransomware and lock up the system till you agree to pay a hacker somewhere the amount he wants. It is not difficult to protect a computer from a virus, but you need Angular 6 training. That can be quickly done through an Angular 6 course.

Best tips to protect your computer from hackers

Ways to protect a computer from a virus

  •    Update the OS – Microsoft regularly releases security patches which help deflect virus attacks. It is essential that you have every security update installed at all times. These updates prevent any breach through an unknown security hole. It is possible to avoid any malware attack by learning from an Angular 6 course.
  •    Do not click on unknown links – The favorite tactic that hackers have is to send you spoof emails which appear to be coming from a genuine company with which you deal. Except that it is a false web address with a fake account made to look like the original. This type of attack is called phishing and usually tries to entice you to click a link which downloads some kind of malicious file to your computer. Check the email address before opening an email. According to Microsoft, an enormous 45% of infections happen due to clicking on a link. Angular 6 training helps you to prepare against such emails.
  •    Use good antivirus software – Buy high-quality antivirus software. There are very reputed companies such as Kaspersky offering high-quality protection. Not only that there are Microsoft Security Essentials available for free. AVG and Avast are other well-known firms providing good free antivirus. 

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  •    Use a good firewall program – A firewall program is precisely that – a boundary line between your computer and the web. It prevents any application from accessing the net if it is not authorized to do so. Since a virus always installs itself surreptitiously, it will not be recognized by the firewall when it tries to send out data. In the same way, a firewall prevents unknown computers from accessing your system and your data.
  •    Be careful when downloading drivers – The graphics card driver often needs to be updated. This is also true for other computer hardware. Do not allow automatic update of this driver software because you visited a website which said few of your drivers are out of date. This is a common trick to have computer users hand over their computer on a platter to hackers. Only download drivers from trusted manufacturer sites.

tips to bee save from hack

  •    Use sturdy browsers – Use high-quality browsers such as Chrome and Firefox. They are very capable of avoiding untrustworthy sites. Chrome does not run Flash since it believes Flash to be a security risk. They also insist you visit only https sites.

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These safeguards are very easy to adapt and almost completely removes the threat to your laptop and desktop. Most virus attacks succeed not because the hackers are smart but because users are lazy or careless. With a little bit of vigilance, you can save yourself from a lot of headaches.