Experts estimate that the average data breach can cost a company nearly $5 million. Rather than letting your company fall victim to one of these cyber-attacks, you need to do all you can to protect the sensitive information in your company database.

Choosing the right database security software is a vital part of protecting this important information. Often times, you will need to reach out to IT professionals for guidance when making this important decision. Most business owners know very little about what makes a piece of software effective. This is why having the help of a professional is vital.

The following are just some of the most common database security vulnerabilities you need to be aware of.

Deployment Issues Can Linger For a Long Time to Come

Most business owners fail to realize that improperly deploying or setting up databases can cause lots of security issues. Often times, these issues arise when an inexperienced business owner tries to take matters into their own hands. If you lack experience with database or software deployment, paying professionals to do this work is important.

An IT professional will not only be able to deploy a new database correctly, they can perform tests to ensure there are no issues. If problems are discovered, these professionals will handle them before they are able to cause any significant problems.

Broken Databases Are At Risk of Being Compromised

Broken Databases Are At Risk of Being Compromised

In the early 2000s, a computer bug known as the SQL Slammer worm was able to infect a slew of computers within ten minutes after it was deployed. The reason why this worm was so successful was due to a bug that hackers had discovered in the Microsoft server database software used by a number of businesses around the world.

The software being used to keep your database functional will require updates over time. Ignoring the need for these updates will put your company and the sensitive information in your database at risk. Rather than waiting until you are attacked to fix these issues, you need to act now by updating every piece of software on your company’s network.

Internal Database Backup Theft is More Common Than You Think

Business owners spend so much time trying to protect their data from external threats that they forget all about the dangers of internal theft. There have been a number of cases where disgruntled employees steal database backups for nefarious purposes.

Instead of leaving your database at risk, you need to work on restricting access to it. Not every employee needs access to the sensitive information found in your database. By working with IT support professionals, you can get a system in place that allows you to dictate who has access to this information. If you fire a person that once had access to these files, you need to move quickly to remove them from the system.

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Beware of SQL Injections

Hackers have used SQL injections for years to compromise company databases. These attacks involve hackers finding vulnerabilities within the code of a company’s network and using it to gain access. Once the hackers are in, they will deploy a virus that generally leaves a lot of destruction in its wake.

The best way to protect against these attacks is by maintaining an iron-clad firewall on any web-facing databases. You will also need to allow professionals to run penetration tests on your network to ensure the firewall is actually doing its job.

Abiding by the “it won’t happen to me” philosophy in regards to database security can lead to big problems. Taking preventative action will help you prevent these attacks with ease.

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