It might seem counterintuitive, but intense workout routines on a daily basis without a break do more harm than good. Even rigorous and demanding exercises such as high-intensity interval training (HIIT) are designed to alternate between short bursts of intense exercise and recovery periods. And while going to the gym might require high motivation, it takes a lot of determination to strike a good balance between the proper workout and recovery times.

Dr. Michael Lange Explains The Importance Of Muscle Recovery Supplements After A Workout

Dr. Michael Lange is a certified nutrition specialist and optometric physician with over 30 years of experience. As an extreme sports enthusiast and the owner of Fortifeye Vitamins, a company that specializes in promoting better ocular and general health, he has hands-on knowledge of the importance of post-workout rest and how supplements help with muscle recovery. Recently his focus has been on nutrition and the absorption and bioavailability of nutrients that improve the overall health of individuals and creating his own muscle recovery supplement – the Fortifeye FIT.


The Need for Recovery

Wear and tear is a normal part of exercising. Just like anything else, muscles get overworked and damaged if they are used to frequently without a chance for recovery. This is to be expected. In fact, the purpose of engaging in strenuous exercise routines is to break down the muscles so that they heal and in healing become stronger.

However, this process of breaking down and rebuilding of the muscles wouldn’t be possible without taking much-needed time off between sessions. “For one thing,” Dr. Michael Lange explains, “excessive activity tends to deplete one’s energy stores. Our bodies produce energy in either of two ways: the phosphagen system using creatine phosphate or the glycolytic system which breaks down glycogen.” Both of those systems release energy in the form of a chemical called adenosine triphosphate (ATP). “When the body runs short of either creatine phosphate or glycogen, the body’s performance suffers.” Recovery and rest allow the body to replenish these valuable sources.

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What Happens During Recovery?

But it’s not just precious energy resources that get a refill; an array of important physiological changes takes place when the body is resting after a heavy set of exercises. According to Dr. Michael Lange, muscle growth takes place during recovery time not during the workout routine itself. “After a session of weightlifting,” he elaborates, “or any form of resistance training, it takes the body about 4 hours before it starts producing muscle protein synthesis at a high rate. The increase, which is about 50 percent, is responsible for the building of the muscles.”

The body also takes advantage of the hiatus to rebuild damaged muscle fibers and restore lost fluids. In addition, as acids build up inside the body and reach unhealthy levels, intramuscular pH needs to be rebalanced to facilitate the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles via the bloodstream.


Muscle Recovery Supplements to the Rescue

The body’s ability to perform all these processes during recovery is greatly impacted by such factors as age, general health, and fitness levels among others. In other words, while the body will try its best to rebuild the muscles, restore depleted energy, and remove metabolic waste products, there’s no guarantee of how long these complex and vital tasks would take.

“This is where muscle recovery supplements come in,” Dr. Michael Lange chimes in. “In fact, supplements that contain omega-3, BCAAs, and protein help facilitate and speed up muscle recovery with optimum and satisfying results.”

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Muscle damage needs branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) and protein to heal and reinforce muscle synthesis. Such supplements also optimize the replacement of glycogen and reduce healing time for muscle inflammation.

Among the many workout supplements in the market, Fortifeye FIT stands out. It’s the latest product to roll out of Fortifeye Vitamins. With his passion for sports and vast knowledge in the nutrition field, Dr. Michael Lange was able to develop a workout supplement with a formula firmly rooted in the latest sports nutrition science and credible clinical studies.

Containing no artificial sweeteners, carrageenans, dyes, or artificial flavors the Fortifeye FIT can be used as a pre-workout and post-workout supplement and is suited for both the professional athlete and layperson alike. As the result of years of research, the recovery drink is made of high-quality ingredients and can be mixed with water or any beverage for convenience. One scoop before the gym session and another after is all the body needs to replenish its energy, restore its lost fluids, and rebuild stronger muscles.

Dr. Michael Lange concludes that muscle recovery is one of the most important aspects of an active lifestyle and supplements are able to enhance that recovery to ensure that you are receiving the full benefit of your workout.